SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Four

Every team in the SEC has now played at least one conference game, so these rankings start taking on more focus.

  1. Florida. That first quarter against Kentucky was the most dominant performance I’ve seen from an SEC team this season.  Then the Gators kinda wanked around for the rest of the day and got their quarterback hurt.  I bet Tebow doesn’t play in a similar situation the rest of the season.
  2. Alabama. Really, it’s 1 and 1A right now between the Tide and Florida.  And the gap between the first two teams and the rest of the conference is large.
  3. LSU. I’m beginning to wonder if this team is ever going to show up.  The good thing is that they’re not turning the ball over like they were last year.  But the defense hasn’t improved as much as I thought it might and the Tigers look soft on offense.
  4. Georgia. This team does more dumb stuff than the rest of the SEC put together.  That 3-1 mark is a testament to how much talent there is in Athens.  A.J. Green is the conference MVP to date.
  5. Auburn. The yin to Georgia’s yang.  Chizik gets my vote as SEC coach of the year so far.  This, too, is a 4 and 4A ranking with the Dawgs.  And why isn’t this team getting its share of love from the poll voters?
  6. South Carolina. I’m not as impressed with the team overall as many seem to be.  Yes, the defense is good.  But that offense is still shaky – if you can play man-to-man and get a pass rush, you can muck up Garcia’s game pretty well.
  7. Ole Miss. Another good defense, questionable offense team.  Snead is turning into the biggest disappointment in the conference.
  8. Tennessee. I suppose the letdown after the biggest moral victory in the program’s history was inevitable.  The Vols move up only because the other mediocrities lost badly last weekend.
  9. Arkansas. So Bobby Petrino said his team played badly because it didn’t think it could beat Alabama and that mindset was his fault.  Anybody else think that’s a bad sign with the Hogs’ remaining schedule?
  10. Kentucky. That first quarter was wretched.  The Cats can’t be that bad, can they?
  11. Mississippi State. Mullen’s done a good job getting what little talent he’s got to play hard every week.  That playcalling at the end of the drive to pull off the upset shows that he’s not quite yet ready for prime time, though.
  12. Vanderbilt. Sorry, ‘Dores, but beating Rice isn’t going to get you out of the cellar.


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9 responses to “SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Four

  1. fisheriesdawg

    Arkansas was probably just looking forward to their SWC opener against Texas A&M.


    • Obviously Doesn't Get the Joke Guy

      Dude….Arkansas plays in the SEC. What’s the SWC?


      • dudetheplayer

        Arkansas used to play in the Southwestern Conference where it played rivals like Texas A&M, UT, and OU.

        They joined the SEC in 1992, I believe (along with South Carolina).


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Arkansas joined the SEC when the SWC (a great conference in my opinion) dissolved. The other teams went to the Big 8 (making it the Big 12), Conference USA and the WAC, I believe. An interesting side note: One year a long time ago LSU (an SEC member) played so many OOC games against SWC schools and won them that if LSU had been a SWC member it would have been co-champion of the SWC. True story.


          • Obviously Doesn't Get The Joke Guy

            Obviously doesn’t get the joke guy got the joke. He knows the history…he was make a joke about people who obviously don’t get jokes…

            It was a pre-emptive strike against somebody saying that…

            Some things just don’t translate well to the internet.


  2. JasonC

    I agree about Auburn for all the publicity that Laner got with the Florida loss and all the attention that is supposed to be paying off. The Chizik-Mazlahn (sp?) hires seem to be a much better decision at least in the short-term. I mean, Chris Todd is at the top of the SEC QB list in stats and Crompton… well, he is too (for INTs).


  3. D.N. Nation

    Know what’s gonna be interesting? The Iron Bowl. Bama’s better, but all the Tide fans I know are worried sick.


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