You can’t blame all the angst on turnovers.

I couldn’t see the end of this amazing play from my vantage point in the stands, but that’s no excuse for the officials who were in position to call it.

And exactly how does the replay official miss that?


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  1. JaxDawg

    An amazing catch by the greatest receiver we’ve ever had.

    And he’s only a soph.

  2. The Realist

    How do you blow that call?

    You have a blinding hatred of a team, a coach, and a fanbase.

    Not to sound too Penn State fan-ish, but Georgia is still reaping what they sowed in Jax 2007.

    • Macallanlover

      That statement is very “unrealist”, and paranoid, sounding. Tough call that went against us and is much easier to criticize after multiple slow motion reviews, angles, and even still photography. Decision had nothing to do with JAX, nada. That photo shows me what I suspected Saturday night, the ref was watching the possession of the ball, not his feet. Replay officials could have easily reversed it, but the emphasis is too heavy on “conclusive”, and not on making a better decision.

  3. DirkDawggler

    How could the official(s) miss the call? Because from the looks of them, the average age is around 76.5 years old. Seriously…get some younger guys with keener eyesight calling the game. The game is too fast for these old farts.

  4. keith

    They missed the call because they don’t have the luxury of a still photograph. They had the same replays we had and those weren’t very good. I believe that either way, the replays weren’t conclusive enough to overturn it even though the still photo shows otherwise.

    • The Realist

      The replay they showed on the big screen in the stadium was plenty conclusive. Add to that the line his foot made in the grass, and you have all the conclusive evidence you need.

      Did he catch the ball? Yes. Did he get a foot in? Yes. Is there ample evidence on the field and on video to prove these two facts happened? Yes. Did they blow the call? Yes.

      • Chuck

        Wait a second, you call yourself The Realist? I love the photograph, and I personally believe he made the catch, but even in the photo, he still has both feet off the ground, and the ref’s actual view is screened by the feet of the ASU defender. The ref may have missed the call, but the replays (which, trust me, I watched several times) were not conclusive. If you want to blame it on someone blame it on the fact that we were on ESPNU and had maybe the 8th or 9th best production crew available working the game. That’s reality.

        • Prov

          I could be wrong, but after looking at this photo yesterday and today it appears his right toe is in the turf.

          • Pete Holiday

            If he were touching the ground, his shadows would be touching his feet instead of sitting several inches away.

            I didn’t see the play live, or the replays, but in this photo, Green still hasn’t made a catch, even if we assume he has control of the ball that he has pressed against his chest with one hand.

        • The Realist

          Unless AJ is missing about two inches on his right shoe, then his foot is clearly in the turf. Also, there is another official mirroring the other official in the back corner of the endzone whose view is not obstructed. What’s his excuse?

        • D.N. Nation

          His right foot is on the ground.

  5. D.N. Nation

    It was obvious AJ was in, just by looking at non-HD replays on the freaking U.

  6. Will Q

    I was at the game, and at the time, I thought the replay showed that he was inbounds. Looking at the still. . .I hate to say it, but it looks like his are still a few inches off the ground.

    It’s almost like looking at an optical illusion. I can see the line that The Realist refers to, but to me it simultaneously looks like a line left by his foot dragging AND a shadow being cast by his leg.

    Of course, even if his feet are off the ground in the still, he’s a good foot inside line, so my first impression of the replay that he was inbounds may still be correct.

    Either way, it was an amazing catch.

    • Prov

      You may be right, however, why is so much white on his left toe visible and no white visible on right toe? It doesn’t really matter since they won the game but he sure looks in to me in this photo.

    • The Realist

      The line I’m referring to had not been made yet when this picture was taken. He dragged his foot across the out of bounds line, and there was a line visible to the people standing on the sideline that stretched from in-bounds (about where AJ is now) across the out-of-bounds line about eighteen inches long.

      Of course, I could be wrong.

  7. keith

    Well, if you saw inconclusive evidence from the replays on TV then you are seeing something that I couldn’t see. The key word is inconclusive to overturn the original call. Just like if the ref had called a TD, I believe it would have stood up.

  8. Rival

    Anyone have a link to the replay of that TD?

  9. WhiskeySean

    I recollect that the the video shows his feet hitting about a half inch inside the line, maybe less. In this picture he is very much airborn.

    • Turd Ferguson

      If he’s airborn, then his right foot isn’t nearly as long, or as pointy, as his left.

      He’s not airborn.

      • kevinsauer

        If he’s airborne, he’s wearing two different shoes.
        Check and see the black of his left shoe, how it sits a full inch above the white lining of the bottom part of his shoe, now notice that on his right foot, the black portion is in the ground…and that the shoe cuts significantly straight back from the black point end. Now comparing both shoes, there should be a white toe section extending another inch or two.. unless he’s wearing 2 different shoes, unless the shoes are made crappy and don’t match, unless he’s missing his right toes, or unless that inch of his toe is in the ground..

        When I first saw this photo, it definitely looked as though he was still airborne, however, just take two seconds too look at it you’ll see that ‘its gotta be the shoes’.

        it’s moot.. but frustrating nonetheless to read the idiotic comments when it’s pretty obvious

  10. kevinsauer

    The officials don’t make that replay call. The booth does. Maybe the officials missed it the first time (don’t lie, you would have too), but it’s the people in the box reviewing the play… not the officials… who should have overturned it.

    -the fo’reals-realist

  11. cookinandsmilin

    The ref does have a difficult job on those plays…

    He has about 1/1,000,000 of a second to see the catch completion including control of the ball AND then look to see where the feet land, if necessary… The ref in the photo is accomplishing his primary task of possesion, making a determination of if/any infractions of the rules occured before he is able to look for the boundary and make a judgement on that…

    All that said, they blew the call…

  12. almightytmc1

    Have you got a picture of his feet down inbounds?

  13. Turd Ferguson

    It kind of shocks me that people actually still dispute whether or not he made this catch. His right foot is off the ground? If that’s the case, then his right foot is about an inch shorter than his left foot … and it just comes to an abrupt, flat end, like he’s got no toes.

    Either that, or his right toes are buried in the turf. Which they are. Touchdown.

    It was obvious to me in real-time. It was even more obvious to me in slow-motion. And this just confirms it.

    • pipes

      or maybe his foot is turned at an angle from the camera that makes his foot look shorter.

      i’m 100% positive he was in based on the video, based on his right foot going down and then suddenly stopping before being dragged across the line. but, in my opinion, in this picture his feet are still a few inches off the ground.

      • kevinsauer

        pipes = idiot…

        hes toes are magically turned away from the camera? he’s even more amazing than i thought.

        • I love it. Name calling towards fellow Dawg fans on what I’m still hoping is a place for civil discussion and debate. Grow up.

        • pipes

          haha, cute. “hes” feet are certainly NOT on the ground in this picture. the shadow of his right foot is right above the “Zan” of zanine, which is well below his toes. who said anything about magic? his foot bounced in the video shot, but that was within and inch or two of the sideline. this shot is nowhere near on the ground. glad you liked my comment though. maybe we can meet in person sometime and discuss it, tough guy keven sauer, st marys, ga.

          • Turd Ferguson

            “this shot is nowhere near on the ground.”

            Did you seriously just write that? I pray that your vocation doesn’t require anything even in the neighborhood of decent eyesight.

            There is simply no good reason to actually believe that, despite every other part of his right foot being at very much the same angle as his left, his right toes are somehow magically turned inward, thus keeping his foot “nowhere near” the ground.

            And when you factor in the fact that Green’s far too talented a receiver not to think to actually point his toes straight downward before even making the catch, what you’re saying sounds even more ridiculous.

  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    Officials are ordinary people, from whom we demand perfection. Fortunately, this mistake wasn’t decisive.

    Most officials are decent folk who do their jobs with the dedication they deserve. The really bad ones are those who want that dramatic call, or are insecure and worry about losing control of the game. You get one of those Barney Fifes, and it can be a long day.

    A few years ago I was coaching a youth baseball game. One of the umps went on and on before the game about how he worked NCAA baseball. He answered his cell phone during the game and called a stolen base play with phone at ear. Now that’ll get your temperature up.

  15. From the sounds of these comments it’s still inconclusive.

    • Turd Ferguson

      There are people who still think the earth is flat, too.

        • Turd Ferguson

          Haha … I’d never heard of that. I assume it’s a joke.

          My point, of course, was just this: if the mere presence of differing opinions is proof that something is inconclusive, then pretty much everything — from the shape of the earth, to our having landed on the moon, to this obvious touchdown reception — is “inconclusive.” In other words, by that standard, it’s just WAY TOO EASY for something to be passed off “inconclusive.”

          Obvious touchdown … regardless of how many people are apparently incapable of seeing it.

          • IMO he was clearly in. But if biased UGA fans (biased towards all that is good, that is) are seeing this picture differently I can only guess what the refs were seeing. It’s still a shitty call but not so shitty I would want to see them tortured in public. (Maybe just a slight maiming in front of a few select fans.)

  16. Russ

    One thing I do know is that’s a great photo. Kudos to the photographer.

    Oh, and I thought AJ made the catch. Can’t be too hard on the officials, though. How often do they see someone as gifted as AJ? They expected him to miss it, just like 99% of all the other receivers out there.

  17. The Realist

    For the record, I’ve been The Realist on these here intertubes for the better part of four years. If you disagree with me, then that’s okay. But, uh, keep the personal attacks to yourselves. And if you don’t like the moniker I have used for four years, then perhaps I should change it to something more intellectually stimulating (or at least honest)… like Jim or IDGAFWYT.

    Also, if you truly believe in your heart of hearts that Georgia has reaped no consequences from officiating crews since Jax 2007, then you, sir, must also believe NBA officials are entirely above board, Major leaguers don’t use PED’s and Tim Tebow only shits rainbows. Well, that last one might be true.

    • Recent studies have in fact shown Tebow does shit rainbows and pisses excellence.

    • I agree with your assessment since Jax 2007, buddy. It seems that every new set of officials we see from each different conference (but in particular the SEC) wants to exact their pound of flesh for us showing them up in the end zone on that fateful and awesome day. I thought that once we had lost the Tech game due to overly-stringent-towards-us-but-fairly-lax-towards-our-opponents officiating, that it would be done. Apparently, they just couldn’t get enough of the game-changing power trip (see also R. Jones getting flagged for aggressive play in Stillwater). Maybe next year?

      • willwc

        ‘I thought that once we had lost the Tech game due to overly-stringent-towards-us-but-fairly-lax-towards-our-opponents officiating, that it would be done.’

        You’re blaming that loss on the REFS?!?

        • No, of course not, but you cannot honestly believe that they didn’t play a part when there was a false start/illegal block/hold on every fourth or fifth play. Ever since that day in Jax we have been held to the strictest standards while our opponents play on normally. Again, I’m not even saying that we are flagged with bad calls just EVERY call. Nothing gets missed against us and stuff does get missed that would favor us. I hate Tech.

  18. jeff

    Watch the replay. AJ’s foot clearly bounces and you can see his heel move when he hits the ground. He was in. TD UGA.

  19. Xon

    The announcer said about three times while watching this one angle that he was in, though it was mighty close and from one angle it was almost impossible to tell whether his right foot tapped first inbounds or his left foot tapped out of bounds. But there was a motion angle from a similar angle to this photo, and that one made it pretty clear that he got his toe in, just baretly. The announcer was surprised when they did not overturn the call.

  20. Tenn_Dawg

    They did show one replay angle were you could see the water from the grass kick up as he was dragging his toe across the ground. It was very similar to the replays you get at the Dome when you can see the black rubber kick up. They only showed it once though and never went back to it. It is pretty conclusive to me that he made the catch. I thought so in real time and it was confirmed to me after watching the replays. The Dawgs won anyway so let’s move on to LSU. AJ is without a doubt the real deal though.

  21. Rbubp

    The only reason I can see, after watching the same replays you all did except with a crappy stream on a small screen on the internets and seeing clearly that his toe was in, is that the replay officials had no view of the ball. The foot was in but there was no way to tell from those replays if he had secure possession when the toe hit.

  22. Steve Perdue

    I agree with everyone that our production has been up and down but we have played a damn tough schedule no one else has played.

    We can play much better without turnovers but so could everyone else. My point is…..we have played one hell of an early schedule nobody in the country could handle, even gators, and we’re 3-1.

    Our one loss came when our “new” qb was sick and still here we are. Let’s play it out.

    I expect a great game Saturday. Hope anyway.

  23. almightytmc1

    The ASU player’s foot is closer to the ground.
    Look closer and you will se the shadow of his feet. Turd.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Wrong again. The ASU player’s foot is about as close to the ground as Green’s left foot. But Green’s right foot is definitely touching the ground. That is, unless you buy the incredible foot-bending story told by another guy in this thread.

  24. almightytmc1

    Luckily, UGA wasnt playing AU @ Auburn.
    The ref wouldn’t have given the TD and probably called Green for offensive interference for being that close to a ball that an Auburn player wanted.