If you’re gonna talk the talk…

If you remember, Arkansas cornerback Ramon Broadway had a few words of warning for A.J. Green a couple of weeks ago.  Seven catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns (one of which was a gorgeous grab over Ramon himself) later, it’s fair to say that A.J. took those words to heart.

As did the Alabama offense (291 yards passing), for that matter.

So what’s the haps with Mr. Broadway now?  About what you might expect.

… In a sign that Arkansas might be planning to shake up its secondary, backup safety Elton Ford and cornerback Andru Stewart worked with the first-team defense during Tuesday’s practice. Stewart took snaps at junior Ramon Broadway’s cornerback spot, and Ford replaced sophomore Tramain Thomas at safety.

Broadway has gotten beat on several big plays over the past two games…

I guess he’ll need to do a “little bit more”.



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3 responses to “If you’re gonna talk the talk…

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  2. Dog in Fla

    Ramon is due a little bit more credit. He got beat by the best, A.J., and by the second best, Julio. Although Petrino is temporarily off Broadway, the worst part of Ramon’s season in terms of the quality of the enemy receivers that Arkansas will face has passed. Now if Ramon can only win his starting job back, learn some forced variety Spurrieresque humility and somehow manage to keep his mouth shut, look for Petrino to pull the understudy and put Ramon back on Broadway and Ramon will be the hit show he should have been before the latest reviews.


  3. RedCrake

    Either way, I think the lesson here is don’t talk smack before you try to cover a guy that’s 7 inches taller than you.