Georgia-LSU: a brief look back, a question for Saturday

We all asked the question in the offseason:  who would Georgia miss more, Stafford or Moreno?  Up until now, I think the answer’s clearly been Knowshon.  But I’m wondering if that’ll be the case with LSU.

Certainly Moreno played a big role in the win last year.

Gamble had a huge game, as well.  But I thought Stafford was the big story in Baton Rouge.  He played brilliantly in that game, both in terms of his game management and in terms of his production (two TD passes, one rushing TD).  And even though Gary Danielson’s timing in that Moreno clip was unfortunate, he was spot on in pointing out earlier that Stafford forced LSU out of its initial coverage scheme because of the strength and accuracy of his throwing (Bobo’s game plan took advantage of that, too).

Cox doesn’t have that kind of arm (duh).  That doesn’t mean he and Bobo can’t be effective in the passing game, of course.   But it’s going to take a very different approach to pull that off this Saturday, especially given the rapid improvement of Patrick Peterson at cornerback for LSU.


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11 responses to “Georgia-LSU: a brief look back, a question for Saturday

  1. Batdawg

    Not only did Danielson just get finished saying that, which is still pretty funny to see, but Uncles Vern’s first comment when he breaks away is, “He does not have great speed” as he’s outrunning people to the endzone.


    • The Realist

      How fast is he? Fast enough.

      Straight-line speed is useful, but Knowshon was elusive. Like chasing a rabbit. I miss #24.


    • D.N. Nation

      To be fair to Uncle Verne, Knowshon doesn’t exactly have great N-S speed…hence why a fatass LB almost got to him. What he does have, however, is sick moves and “elusiveness” to the point that he’s most deadly when there’s dudes around him. (See also: Pretty much every highlight from Georgia/Auburn ’07)


    • A friend of mine was mocking me for going to the gym and getting in better shape.
      I told my friend, “When the zombie apocalypse comes, I don’t have to be the fastest. I just have to be faster than you.”


  2. rbubp

    We’ve seen how important his balance was, too, with a young RB now who clearly has none of it. I always felt like that was not noted enough–it seemed like only Brandon Spikes ever got a clean hit on him in part because of his ability to bounce off and still stay on his feet.


  3. baltimore dawg

    knowshon had (has) great vision, too. rs runs too upright; he just doesn’t seem to have that instinct for pad-level that great runners have (although to be fair rs is bigger than km, so that’s tougher for him (although to be toughon rs, hw was a damn big guy who had no trouble getting low and small in traffic)).

    but what i’d most like to see this year is the kind of blocking km got on that play.


  4. Turd Ferguson

    Not really important, but …

    Everyone keeps talking about this Patrick Peterson kid. Did he change his last name or something? I remember them recruiting a stud DB named Patrick Johnson. Same guy?

    Either way, I’m looking forward to the match-up. If someone out there can genuinely shut A. J. Green down, he’ll get some serious props from me.


  5. Toom

    watching the instant replay, Moreno got past that safety for one fundamental reason, the safety was unable to get his head across Knowshon’s body. And KM does an awesome job of getting low right as he gets hit so that it doesn’t happen. football is still a game of fundamentals and this is a huge example.


    • Prosticutor

      So the question is: could any of our RB’s stay upright after that last hit? That was just smooth to watch when they replayed in slo-mo.


  6. Pause it at 1:31. Right there, it looks like a big hole and 1 man to beat to the right. But Moreno sees or senses something in that giant pile of mess to the left.

    How does he know that its going to open up for him over there? I mean wow…. that’s some insane vision.

    And then the way he lowers his left shoulder to absorb the tackle and send it glancing off. Just amazing.

    This guy is going to be a stud in the NFL with that kind of instinct and vision.