Born that way.

James Carville (a huge LSU fan), in response to Tony Barnhart’s question “how did you become a college football fan?”, had this to say last night:

How did I become a college football fan?  How did I become a heterosexual?

I totally get that.


UPDATE: In case you’re interested, here’s the second half of Barnhart’s interview with Carville (the quote above is from the first half, which isn’t on YouTube).

I agree with Carville’s playoff proposal, by the way.



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24 responses to “Born that way.

  1. Brandon

    Old Serpenthead is a pretty funny guy.


  2. Frank

    How did I become Hairy? Or have the face of a Dawg?

    Darwin was right on. Survival of the fittest. And good jeans.


  3. Ronald Thomas

    Did James try college baseball and not like it?


  4. bill

    watching college football for the first time and truely understanding it is like watching baywatch your first time and enjoying girls running on the beach.


    • Ty Durden

      pretty much… It’s one of those things where you’re like, “Aw shit, this is totally going to consume my life now isn’t it?”


  5. Macallanlover

    Loving college football and being a heterosexual male has to be everything I have in common with this person. Given his politics, I would be much more comfortable if he were queer and thought soccer was the end all.


    • I’ve got to tell you, if you get Carville in a non-partisan setting, he’s a fantastic, funny speaker.

      I heard him speak at a Southeastern mortgage brokers convention once – trust me, those were not folks who were in any way, shape or form his natural constituents – and bring the house down. He left to a standing ovation.


      • Dog in Fla

        He is a very good speaker even in a partisan setting. Not as funny live as a Lewis Grizzard maybe but still plenty good.

        Like Coach O he may overdo the Cajun bayou bit a little when in entertainment style mode but we’re all from the South y’all so that’s understandable for theatrical effect even if we can’t understand what they’re saying.

        When you’re raised in the town named after your family and that town has the state leper colony, you develop a good sense of humor and he has one even though he did go to LSU but his saving grace is that he is teaching at Tulane now.


      • Macallanlover

        I realize Carville can be clever and entertaining. I said given how much I detest his politics, I wish I had nothing in common with him. It scares me that anyone as totally ignorant as liberals can have ANYTHING in common with me. It’s like finding out a serial killer doesn’t look like a monster, they actually appear normal in some phases of their lives.

        You can have a high IQ and still be a total fool in life. As acceptable as Carville may be to some, he and his cronies are tearing America to shreds and that is a direct threat to my kids’ future. I take that very seriously, so screw him.


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  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    James Carville is a heteosexual?


  8. Joseph

    I agree with the Senator on this one. I saw Carville speak at UGA about 10-12 years ago and he was fantastic.


  9. Cotton Hill's Shins

    How the hell has Carville managed to live with Mary Matalin this long. I figured they would have been divorced by now but they’re still together. She’s as red state as Carville is blue. Go figure. I figure they’re both taking massive amounts of xanax.


  10. NRBQ

    A reality show I would actually watch: Fly-on-the wall at home with Carville and Matalin the Heartless.


  11. I bet watching the game with him would be quite the experience.


  12. Dog in Fla

    Unlike everything else I post here, this one is true, I **** you not.

    Back when Bill was not having sex with Monica, I had, not in the Biblical sense or in a Bill sense, a secretary who told me I looked just like James Carville. I told her she must be blind. She disagreed, laughed at me and told me I looked just like him. I told her no, I was not bald and was nowhere nearly as ugly as Carville.

    After letting the dust clear for a few days, I fired her. She asked why and I told her she was making too much money. She wanted to know whether I was getting back at her for the Carville remark and could she just take a pay cut and I said who and no.

    She did end up collecting a lot of unemployment compensation that I ultimately had to pay back over the years to the state because looking like Carville or paying somebody too much or getting your feelings hurt were not sufficient grounds to beat an unemployment comp claim.

    She was not even as good looking as Monica but she was much skinnier. It was then I realized that although I did one thing a heterosexual should always do, never hire a fat woman, I still made a mistake that a heterosexual should never make, hire a skinny woman who was not only ugly but mean too.


    • chg

      Why would you want to beat the unemployment claim? You fired her.

      Despite the man’s politics, I think I’d much rather hang out with James Carville than dog in fla.


    • Jason

      Um, you sound like a lousy boss. Seriously, that’s how you run a small business? You also sound like a total ass of a human being.

      You didn’t fire her for cause…of course you didn’t win the unemployment comp claim. “You make too much money” isn’t a for-cause option. Dur.


      • Macallanlover

        You have to be kidding. You may take exception to this story (I am not sure I believe it as it was told anyway) but Dog in Florida is one of the best posters on this site when you consider how much thought goes into his posts. Hardly seems “like a total ass of a human being” to me. If I could pick five posters here to have a drink with some evening, Dog in Florida is definitely on the list.

        Not sure anyone that is homely enough to be compared to Carville in appearance isn’t entitled to some bitterness, similar to justifiable homocide.