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Our long national nightmare is over.

They’ve arrested somebody for the Erin Andrews nude videos.

The moron didn’t exactly try to cover his tracks.

FBI agents said they believe Barrett called many hotels to find out where Andrews was staying and requested a hotel room next to hers. Investigators said the eighth video was likely taken at another hotel, which Andrews couldn’t identify.

Agents said Barrett, 48, also made reservations at a Milwaukee hotel where she stayed in July 2008. They found her door’s peephole similarly rigged, but he didn’t check in at that hotel and the furniture in the room did not match furniture seen on the eighth video.

Barrett tried to sell the videos to TMZ, but an employee there informed Andrews’ attorneys, according to the complaint.



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Mumme Poll update

As of this morning, we’ve got more than 450 folks signed up as voters at the new site.  Given that we limped across the finish line last season with about 30, you could say I’m pleased.  In fact, you could say I’m semi-stunned (apologies to Dan Jenkins).

I’m not a statistician, but my experience from last year tells me that increase should result in two plusses:  less ties this season and a full listing of a top 25.

The Georgia contingent is still the single largest (woof!), but comprises less than half the total, which, if you can remember last year’s breakdown, means that we’ve got a much better balance of voters in 2009.  We’ve got excellent representation from SEC schools and from the Big Ten, some ACC interest and a smattering from elsewhere.  In fact, if you know any Pac-10 or Big XII fans, tell ’em to drop by and sign up.

Don’t forget it’s not too late to register.  And the ballot section will be unlocked tomorrow morning so you can cast your dry run vote.  If you wouldn’t mind, please leave us a comment or two, either with your ballot or at the comments section, about what you think of the mechanics of the voting, particularly if you were a voter last season.  Of course, any other thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed, as we’re still feeling our way around what we can do with our project.

Oh yeah… have fun with it.


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