Our long national nightmare is over.

They’ve arrested somebody for the Erin Andrews nude videos.

The moron didn’t exactly try to cover his tracks.

FBI agents said they believe Barrett called many hotels to find out where Andrews was staying and requested a hotel room next to hers. Investigators said the eighth video was likely taken at another hotel, which Andrews couldn’t identify.

Agents said Barrett, 48, also made reservations at a Milwaukee hotel where she stayed in July 2008. They found her door’s peephole similarly rigged, but he didn’t check in at that hotel and the furniture in the room did not match furniture seen on the eighth video.

Barrett tried to sell the videos to TMZ, but an employee there informed Andrews’ attorneys, according to the complaint.


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10 responses to “Our long national nightmare is over.

  1. Frank

    Barrett graduated from UTRockyTopless in 1994, I am told.

    Not sure if it’s true or not.

    Doesn’t matter. Tell your neighbor during the game today.


  2. HVL Dawg

    Wow. A good hotel acknowledged over the phone that a celebrity was in the house and then let some one request and have the room next door.

    The hotel manager needs to make some important phone calls: 1 the hotel law firm, 2 the hotel insurance company, 3 the hotel pr firm, and 4 his headhunter.


  3. rbubp

    She’s too stupid to check in under a false name?
    And, as HVL says, they’re too stupid to not give out her room number?


    • “She’s too stupid to check in under a false name”? So by that rationale, anyone checking into a hotel under their real name forfeits their right to privacy?


  4. Gregatron

    I’m glad they got this creep.


  5. Prov

    If TMZ turns you in you MUST be scum of the earth.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I wish they would dedicate this many resources to uncovering why the refs are cheating the Dawgs at every opportunity and bringing the persons responsible to justice. Put them in the same cell with this perv.