If it’s not saved, it never happened.

Thith, ath they thay, ith not thurprithing.

Last season we twice checked on the picking prowess of ESPN’s Lou Holtz and Mark May during a bonus segment called “Take Your Pick.” The dynamic duo combined to go a disastrous 3-17 picking winners straight up in a two-week stretch. Unfortunately those precious videos are now “unavailable.”

Certainly the new season would bring clarity to their selections and restore some level of credibility, wouldn’t it? Jiminy Christmas, were we wrong.

Holtz and May went a combined 2-6 this past week, including a perfect 0-4 by Lou-Do. We’d love to embed the video, but get this — embedding has been disabled by request! Seriously, has come to this? Are their straight-up selections so god-awful that the World Wide Leader is too embarrassed to allow embedding?

I’m going to assume that’s a rhetorical question.


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5 responses to “If it’s not saved, it never happened.

  1. SilverDawgFrank

    Lou is teetering toward irrelevance.

    His “picking prowess” is nearly non-existant.

    ESPN needs to revisit his contract.

    Lou needs to revisit the home.


  2. GumpDawg

    Mark May is a douche

    …and BAD at picking games


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    On the one hand ESPN is private and Lou’s predictions are its intellectual property, so it should be able to do what it wants. On the other hand, why does everybody have to spin everything in this world.


  4. Pumpdawg

    In no way am I speaking up for Holtz but I think he did pick LSU didn’t he?As for May he seems to like Georgia a little more than in previous years.Just last week at the end of the segment when they were talking about Georgia he said,”I love Cox.”But then again he may not have been talking about Joe.It may have been a Freudian slip.


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