Tuesday morning buffet

Grab that plate and silverware… coffee’s on the table, hon.

  • Ed Gunther tells a good story.
  • Charlie Weis demands to know why his team isn’t ranked.  Good grief.
  • If I recall, this kind of behavior didn’t work out too well for LSU fans last time Florida came to Baton Rouge.
  • Here’s your Week Six TV schedule.
  • One thing that’s gotta cheer Willie Martinez up this week – David Cutcliffe won’t be wearing orange and white.
  • With a stat like this – of Georgia Tech’s 35 completions this season, 24 have gone to Demaryius Thomas – you’d think it wouldn’t be too much of a mystery on how to defend the Jackets’ passing game, but then again, you aren’t Carl Torbush.
  • And the Stan Parrish Watch continues:

Stan Parrish hasn’t been the winning head coach in a game since Oct. 18, 1986, when his Kansas State team whipped Kansas. Since then, as a head coach at K-State and now Ball State, he has been involved in 33 consecutive games in which his team has lost (32) or tied. Ball State looked as if it was going to win Saturday, but it went south suddenly. The Cardinals took a 30-29 lead over Toledo with 42 seconds left on a 10-yard TD pass from Kelly Page to Torieal Gibson and a two-point conversion run by MiQuale Lewis. But Toledo’s Kenny Veal returned the ensuing kickoff 34 yards to his 49, then Rockets quarterback Aaron Opelt hit Stephen Williams on a 51-yard touchdown pass on first down. Ball State’s safeties were in the middle of the field, and Williams blew by cornerback Koreen Burch on a go route down the sideline. It was Opelt’s fifth TD pass of the day and Williams’ second TD catch to go with 231 yards on 10 receptions. “I’m strapped to a degree because some of what I’ve got is what I’ve got,” Parrish told the Muncie (Ind.) Star Press about his defense after the game. Ball State started 12-0 last season before finishing the season with two losses, and the Cardinals are 0-5 this season. It’s not inconceivable that they finish 0-12, though 2-10 seems more likely.


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6 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Pretty sure that the last time Florida went to BR LSU won and Tebow went off the field crying.


  2. Hackerdog

    I think the senator was referring to LSU fans sending Knowshon taunting texts last year before the game. It was bad strategy then too.


  3. D.N. Nation

    Tebow, Knowshon, and Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson all did the phone signal to the LSU student section in 2007 and 2008. Tebow (of course) and Knowshon (surprisingly) weren’t flagged. SJPW was.


  4. I actually think the calling thing is/waslame, but, the last time it was done to Florida players, LSU did in fact win.

    Didn’t work out so well in 2008, but then, few things did.


    • Billy, you’re correct about the result, of course. I was just thinking of the three TDs the GPOOE produced that day.


      • Fair enough, but when you compare it to some of his other games, that was actually one of Tebow’s worst games in 2007. And he sat down on the field and cried after.

        Of course, you could easily say that’s a testament to just how insanely good the GPOOE was in ’07 that a 3-TD game wasn’t up there with his best efforts.

        Either way, the phone thing was funny once, but needs to stop.