Just so you know it’s not only us rabid red and black partisans…

take a minute to read this terrific post at Black Shoe Diaries.

Note that it’s from last season.  Did it give the NCAA any pause for thought?  Not if you recall this little tidbit that got tossed out a couple of months ago:

… The NCAA’s football rules committee, meanwhile, is weighing its own sportsmanship-related measure. Taunts or showboating by players in mid-play — for instance, as a ball carrier is five or 10 yards from crossing the goal line — could be treated as live-ball rather than dead-ball fouls, potentially wiping out scores in the same way holding and clipping do.

The panel considered the change for the coming season and passed, but will look at the issue again next year, say its secretary and rules editor, Rogers Redding.

Could you imagine the uproar if something like Green’s TD were reversed over a call like that?

These guys are threatening to cross over from the realm of the merely stubborn to that of the truly insane.


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20 responses to “Just so you know it’s not only us rabid red and black partisans…

  1. Will Q

    I thought I had crossed over into the Bizarro universe yesterday evening when I was watching College Football Live (no, I don’t know why) only to see and hear both John Saunders and Kirk Herbstreit say that not only did they think the flag on AJ was a bad call, but they thought it cost Georgia the game.

    What? I thought only we whiny Georgia fans were saying that.

    By the way, does anybody know what down AJ’s catch was on? Wiping out the TD might have done us more good: if it wasn’t 4th down, we’d get at least one more shot (and presumably would so much as smile if we got the TD a second time), plus we’d be able to bleed some more time off the clock.

  2. Mike

    The ironic thing is this; UGA’s own Vince Dooley is the founding father of this madness

    • Dog in Fla

      Which just goes to show that you can take Vince out of Mobile but you can’t take Mobile out of Vince.

      • The Penis Mightier

        And Vince defended the rule after the game.

        • dean

          I agree with Vince. I don’t think the rule is the problem. It’s the interpretation of the rule that is flawed. It’s too subjective.

          • Will Q

            I would say the spirit of the rule is okay, but the rule itself and its interpretation are both too subjective. Limit it to taunting the opposing team or their fans, or something.

          • Macallanlover

            I also agree with Vince, the rule is fine, but we have gotten away from what it’s intent was. Taunting, which is relatively clear is unsportsmanlike, no issue from me. Planned celebrations and taking the helmet off also seems clear and I see why we need it (see NFL). Celebrating with teammates was never meant to be knocked out, and that is what AJ did. I just don’t see how this is a problem to interpret.

            Tp me the celebration with teammates due to emotion/enthusiasm should be a delay of game penalty IF the team cannot be ready for the next play whether it be a kickoff or exptra point. I doubt many would dispute this application of celebration since it has always been in the rules of football. You have X amount of time, or you get a 5 yard penalty. If used this way, I don’t see near the amount of angst and it would be the gamechanger it has been…including Saturday afternoon. For once Herbie, Lou, Mark, Brando, Verne, Danielson,Golic, Meyer, etc., were right. When have you ever seen such wide agreement on anything relating to football before?

            • Dog in Fla

              If you take Georgia fans out of the equation, how about the Snipper?

              • Macallanlover

                Hard for me to seperate The Chomp from The Hook’em, or the FSU Chop, or any other team specific gesture for that matter. If it is done in an opponent’s face, or at the other team’s fans, I would say that is taunting. Running off the field with your teammates AND moving back to the bench, I don’t have that big an issue with any of those. The Florida Chomp is hated by the UGA fans, but Texas consistently displays the Hook’em symbol after scores. I would think redefining the specifics of the rule as to what is allowed, or not, would be the right time to address that.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Which means the rule is bad because it is too subjective.

  3. Macallanlover

    Sorry, NOT be the gamechanger it has been. Edit.

  4. JR

    I’m still a bit cloudy as to why this penalty causes the enforcement to be on the kickoff, and not the ensuing extra point.

    Are any other penalties enforced on the 2nd play after they happen?

    Or is that just the way the rule is written?

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Why is the NCAA wasting time on this insignificant matter. There are much more important things for it to think about. It needs to spend more time forcing schools to change Indian nicknames and making sure it complies with the NAACP Confederate Flag boycott of South Carolina.

    • Dog in Fla

      And making sure the Ole Miss band stops trying to come up with different ways to sneak in playing ‘Dixie’, making sure no one yells for more cowbell at Mississippi State and making sure no one, especially the two hot coeds, yell for more Cocks in Williams-Brice. They never even thought about trying to make sure LSU fans weren’t totally wasted, trying to stop the Tennessee band from playing the worst song known to mankind for four straight hours, giving Meyer a sense of humor to match his delightful personality or keeping Bear Bryant impersonators out of Bryant-Denney because they know that some things are just genetic.

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is the worst idea ever. It gives refs total control over who wins the game. After seeing what Mike Watson did to UGA on Saturday (completely make up a penalty out of thin air) do you want these crooks (yes, I said CROOKS) to have total control over who wins and loses? Can you spell P-A-Y-O-F-F? How about F-I-X?