There’s something lacking on the other sideline, too.

The orange and white (or orange creamsicle, if they’re wearing those home jerseys) analogue to Georgia’s anemic running game is Jonathan Crompton.  If you take out his epic performance against Western Kentucky (currently #151 in Sagarin’s ratings, with a bullet), here’s what the rest of his seasonal stats look like:  61-122, 667 yards, 5.47 ypa, 4 TDs, 6 INTs.

That adds up to a 96.91 passer rating.  For some perspective, the 100th ranked QB nationally has a passer rating of 107.81 (and even with the WKU stats, Crompton ranks an anemic 91st).

Here are the passer ratings for the other quarterbacks Georgia has faced this year:

  • Mallett, 159.13
  • Robinson, 155.33
  • Jefferson, 137.80
  • Garcia, 126.28
  • Sullivan, 103.71

Joe Cox currently sports a 146.43 passer rating, in case you were wondering.

In short, Crompton is someone whom Georgia should be able to defend with success.  Get it done, guys.


UPDATE: Year2 has some more data on this year’s Tennessee offense.


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11 responses to “There’s something lacking on the other sideline, too.

  1. Dog in Fla

    From what little I saw of Auburn v. Tennessee, Crompton owes a lot of his low rating to his receivers not catching balls thrown directly at them, a problem that we consistently had before the start of last season. We’ve been the coming out games for Garcia and Mallett and still managed to win. I hope we’re not the coming out game for what’s left of Tennessee’s receivers.


  2. Left to Right

    What an ugly looking game this should be.


  3. Josh Lane

    We will be Crompton’s game of the year… count on it.

    We may even win… but we will make him look good in the process.



  4. BeerMoney

    The Catfish has the game of his life on Saturday. The Vols will play their best defense of the year Saturday and it will be a bitter struggle to the end. I am sure they circled it on the schedule and have been awaiting it for 8 months like OSU, SCU, ARK, ASU, and LSU all have.


  5. Stephen Hawking

    One could argue that the reason the other QB’s ratings are so high is because they have already faced the Dawgs defense. I would be surprised if Crompton has a career day on Saturday.


  6. georgiadawg85

    Who the hell is Sullivan, Senator? Shouldn’t that be Jefferson?


  7. Brandon

    Well, I fully expect to see recievers running free unmolested in our secondary on Saturday. Whether Crompton will deliver a catchable ball and whether the UT recievers will actually catch the passes thrown to them is another matter.


  8. 69Dawg

    Nobody ever lowered their passing rating playing UGA except that kid from Hawaii.