Death of an insult

It’s a sad day, SEC fans, as the conference announces a new affiliation with the Gator Bowl.  That’s not the sad part, of course.  It’s that the move precludes the conference from maintaining a relationship with the Independence Bowl, which moves on to match up schools from the ACC and the Mountain West.

And that eliminates the word “Shreveport” from the lexicon of SEC mockery.  Nothing says “gee, your program sure is mediocre this season” quite as efficiently as referencing that Louisiana metropolis.

You will be forever in our hearts, Shreveport.  Take care.


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5 responses to “Death of an insult

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Shouldn’t we let our ACC and Mountain West brothers know the IMPORTANCE of the put down? I mean, we can’t just let it die.


  2. Christian

    As one of the few people to admit this, I was at the Independence Bowl in 1992 when we beat Arkansas.

    It actually was not horrible.

    The Falcons beat the Saints in the Wild Card playoff game the day before (Michael Haynes big game) and we watched with a big group of people. Bossier City had a couple of decent bars.

    Oh, and we beat the snot out of Arky that day as well.

    RIP Independence Bowl.


  3. The Vols thankfully never got to see
    the stadium and bowl of that city.
    But what is apparently soon-to-be
    Bestows MWC and ACC with pity.


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