Mama tried.

And while we’re on the subject of lexicons, it’s time to realize that “Mustained” needs to become a verb.

Really, this is descending into self-parody.

With USC quarterback Mitch Mustain buried on the depth chart, the junior is considering another way to use his arm to get playing time.

Mustain said he is thinking of becoming a pitcher for the USC baseball team next spring.

“I’ve kind of missed baseball,” Mustain said. “It’s been six years since I played competitively.”

Mustain said he had a 0.90 ERA the last time he pitched in high school and spoke to USC pitching coach Tom House several times about playing baseball.

“I’ll figure it out in the next month,” Mustain said…

… Mustain said he did not anticipate his status with football changing.

“I think I’ve tried everything,” he said. “I’ve done all I could.”


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4 responses to “Mama tried.

  1. Will Q

    I really want to feel sorry for this kid, but what kind of hubris do you have to have to leave Arkansas because you aren’t getting the kind of playing time you want, so you go to. . .USC? Now I realize that it was partially Nutt’s offensive philosophy that limited Mustain’s playing time, but the kid was going to be going up against some of the best QBs in the country for time at USC.

    Contrast this to Jevan Snead. He may being sucking to the Nth degree right now, but he chose wisely and picked a situation where he would be very likely to get playing time when he transferred.


    • Dog in Fla

      Correct. Initial and transfer school selection was a big part of Mitch’s problem. I think the tough thing for him is to compare his status now to the status of the other top QB recruits with him out of high school, such as Stafford and Tebow, both of whom signed with schools that had head coaches with particular expertise in developing the talent of each. I think even Jevan Snead may have been in that class and may have ended up at Florida with Tebow before his transfer to Ole Miss but am not sure.

      Mitch first chose to stay in Arkansas with Nutt. That didn’t work out because it became main part of the larger Houston Nutt soap opera. Mitch then chose to transfer to USC. While that was ballsy given the caliber of competition he would face there, at least he thought he could do it. Also, a huge part of it was probably an incredible salesmanship job done on him by Pete Carroll.

      Had Stafford chosen to go elsewhere and Mustain elected to be coached by someone with as much expertise in developing quarterbacks as Richt, Mustain would probably be in the NFL by now or at least getting ready to be drafted next year rather than considering trying out for the USC baseball team where the competition for playing time is probably just as fierce as it is on the USC football team.


      • Hackerdog

        Snead was in the 2006 class of high school QBs. His final high school game was a loss to Stafford’s Highland Park team in the TX state playoffs.

        Snead initially committed to Florida, after being told that Tebow would be a linebacker, but changed his mind and enrolled at Texas. After McCoy claimed the starting job, Snead transferred to Ole Miss.