Let’s play two.

Give Southern Cal credit for one thing – the Trojans don’t shy away from trying to put together credible schedules.

… Steve Lopes, a senior associate athletic director who handles scheduling, said playing nonconference opponents such as Ohio State and Notre Dame on the road in the same season was “not something you’d really like to do very often.”

Lopes confirmed that he has “had conversations” with Texas and other teams from Bowl Championship Series conferences about possible home-and-home series.

USC is trying to fill dates in two-year cycles for 2015-2016, 2017-2018, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Pick up the phone, Damon.


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18 responses to “Let’s play two.

  1. Lt. Smash

    Cant. We have a noose around our neck with the Jacksonville game, so we’ll just stick with New Mexico State.

    Wait, there’s a NEW Mexico, now?

  2. SilverDawgFrank

    Senator, wear a sandwich board—“USC/Dawgs 2015-2016— to Butts-Mehre and parade outside.

    Throw a stone or two against Damon’s window.

    PS: Wear clothing underneath the board, please.

  3. Brandon

    I’m all for it, it would not be a disgrace to lose to USC and it would be huge to beat them, sounds like a winner.

  4. Dog in Fla

    Pretty sure Arkansas or Auburn won’t be signing on for any more USC duty but they would be happy if Georgia did.

  5. Russ

    Where are all the people that were whining about us opening up at Ok State? Seems like they’d be against this move.

    I’m fine with it, as long as we consider the overall schedule in context. We don’t need a death march, just a competitive schedule.

    • Will Q

      I would think that even those people would be in favor of this one. The perception problem with Oklahoma State and Boise State, and the upcoming games against Oregon and Louisville, is that they are all still second-tier teams. If we beat them, we don’t really prove anything, and if we lose, we obviously don’t deserve mention with the upper echelon of teams.

      Playing against USC, on the other hand, well, if we win, it’s huge, and if we lose, they’re USC, and that’s what was supposed to happen.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If something like Southern Cal as an opener were to happen it needs to be 1 time, first game, neutral site–not home and home. Do NOT let the Dawgs go to LA first game, get blown out, the kids lose confidence and screw up the entire season.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          As a venue how about the Louisiana Superdome? Or the new Dallas Cowboy stadium?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            By the way, what started this mess we find ourselves in was opening the season at another nationally ranked team’s place as cannonfodder to dedicate the grand opening of their renovated stadium. This team was fragile, with a lot of talent at the skill positions, but no real game experience there. It desperately needed a walkover game to work out the kinks before it started playing serious teams. Never got it. This is what you end up with when you have an idiot as AD.

  6. Macallanlover

    You have to give Pete his due, he realizes the PAC10 isn’t pushing his team and they need more credible OOC foes. He is stuck with the ND thing, but he has not shied away from taking on at least one challenging OOC game. It isn’t his fault a few PAC10 teams have faded in the past decade, and he never knows when they might be back either (UW maybe?). It would be a great job of scheduling for both if they could get it done.

  7. Rocketdawg

    I have heard (from little birdies) and read a couple of places that we have floated playing USC, ND, and Michigan and we politely told to GFY by each school. They don’t want to play in the South (although I can’t understand why USC wouldn’t since they went to Auburn and Arky).

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      In the case of ND and Michigan they don’t want to get the crap beaten out of themselves twice (home and away).

  8. Smitty

    Maybe going to Auburn once was enough. I know it was for me.