Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.


In an Aug. 26 e-mail, associate athletic director for compliance Scott Williams mentions that Oklahoma State’s season opener was approaching — at that point 10 days away — and the school would need to make “a determination on Dez’s playing status.”

Five days later, still before a season-opening win against Georgia, Marcus M. Wilson, the NCAA’s assistant director of agent, gambling and amateurism activities, asks Williams about Bryant: “Why does his story keep changing?”

Bryant played; Oklahoma State won, in large part because of his effort on the field.  I have no idea how a man as good as Mark Richt is can have the kind of bad karma he’s suffering through this year, but there it is.


UPDATE: Matt Hinton games this out.


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14 responses to “Sometimes, all you can do is laugh.

  1. SilverDawgFrank

    Seems we can’t catch a break on the field or off this year. Statistically speaking, odds of our luck changing soon is quite good.

    Don’t take it to the bank.


  2. Turd Ferguson

    So, in other words, the only two Oklahoma State players that actually gave us any trouble that day — Bryant and that DB Parrish — probably should not have even been on the field to begin with.


    I think I actually prefer the disappointment that was 2008 over the frustration that has become 2009.


  3. aristoggle

    Need we be reminded that Karma is a bitch?


  4. …Especially if/when you don’t do anything about it. Why isn’t someone in the UGA atheletic department-Richt, Evans, Bobo, Owens – ANYBODY raising a stink about this?

    This “Karma” happens to Mark Richt because he’s letting it happen to him.


  5. UFTimmy

    Excuse me while I devolve into a typical rival for a moment..

    One might say both Sturdivant and Richt have received their karma for that incident.

    Okay, back to normal. My apologies.


    • The only thing that amazes me more these days than Georgia fans’ paranoia over SEC officiating is Gator fans’ inability, despite the most convincing win in the history of the series and Urban getting to pull his “I’ll show you how to be a total dick” act last year, to get over the Celebration.

      Which means, of course, it was totally worth it. 😉


      • UFTimmy


        It honestly doesn’t bother me as much as it does bother other Florida fans. I understand why he did it and I think it was a good move considering the state of the rivalry at that point.

        But, that picture with Sturdivant front and center just made the post so perfectly..


    • Prov


      Okay, back to normal!! No apologies!


  6. Biggity Ben

    Typical Florida fan….

    Yeah I’d say Sturdivant got his by getting TWO season ending knee injuries for dancing in the endzone…

    I guess Timmy ‘got his’ for all those obnoxious gator chomps that he doesn’t get called for.

    jeez…I get the intent of the post…but that’s just rude


  7. Kent Mercker Skew

    I’m glad nothing extremely serious happened to Timothy Richard (Dick) Tebow, but I am also glad he got the daylights knocked out of him to show the world he is, in fact, human….imagine that.