That’s all the breakdown you need from today’s game.

The rate of regression we’re seeing is alarming.  Especially since they weren’t exactly hitting on all cylinders to start out the season.

More tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts.


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  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Bottom line for me:

    Our coaches aren’t putting our players in a position to win.

    Next week should be a thriller (wish I was being sarcastic).


  2. Dog in Fla

    We are truly blessed that Lane and Monte showed good sportsmanship and did not hang 60+ on us today.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, the uhhh . . . . oh forget it, they stunk up the joint.


  4. DWH

    Seriously though, is there a more classless bunch of dopes as Vol fans. Good God, they are something else.


    • Fan with Class

      Yes, DWH. …you! Look in the mirror, like CMR suggests.

      Wikipedia – ‘sore looser’, “Behavior includes reacting immaturely or improperly, making excuses for their loss, referring to unfavorable conditions or other petty issues”.

      What was it this week? … a nothing to Celebrate Penalty?

      Grow up and stop acting like a Florida fan with your finger pointing! …like so many other witless fools that post similar crap, you probably never attended UGA, let alone any other College or University.

      Look in the mirror and get a life (i.e. find something positive to say, or keep your drivle to yourself)!

      Have a nice day. 😉


  5. The Kiffin’s EASILY could have scored 1 or 2 more TDs if they wanted to. EASILY.

    I’ve been saying this all year. OC, DC need to go, and so does Fabris. Fabris doesn’t get credit for the absolute brilliance of our KReturners or Butler’s boy.


    • D.N. Nation

      Know what? I apologize for talking smack on you earlier this year. This team stinks on ice.


    • Will (the other one)

      That’s being too kind to the staff really.
      Bobo, Martinez, Fabris, and Jancek and really anyone that isn’t Stacy Searles or John Lilly (TEs didn’t do much today, but I think Bobo forget they exist) should have their resumes in order.
      Damon’s got a good financial position to upgrade the assistant coaching talent…but who? I can think of a lot of options for defense…not as much on offense.


      • JasonC

        I hate to say this, but you know who was promoted to “Running Game Coordinator”, don’t you? You which part of the offense was supposed to be the strength, right?

        I’m just saying no one, NO ONE, is above scorn now.


      • Sutpen

        not Searles, really? because the O line did such a bang up job today and has been tearing it up all season? opening up lines for our RBs and whatnot?


  6. NebraskaDawg

    No fear, Dawg fans. I’m sure Richt (Bobby Bowden Jr.) will tell us that everything is fine and look at the good things we did. All the coaches are safe so no worries! Even one member of the radio crew from the Vols station wondered if Richt was the next Phil Fulmer. The other guy said no because Phil Fulmer had won a National Championship. HA! Fact is the Dawgs are the same every week with no improvement. Sloppy. They played with no heart or desire. Richt’s schtick has worn thin and the players are not responding.


  7. baltimore dawg

    at least this most recent embarrassment wasn’t on national tv.


  8. DawgCrap

    We just made Lane Kiffin look like a genius. No easy task. We should get used to the middle of the pack in the SEC. I hear Ray Goff is still available.


    • Oh, the drama.

      This will be only the 2nd team in 9 seasons under Richt that is “middle of the pack” in the SEC.

      It happens. Especially with bad QBs and bad RBs. (Not that they are the only problem with this team.)

      Watch more CFB, dude.


      • Kansas_Dawg

        Two too many. If you want to settle for mediocrity, start following South Carolina.


      • Will (the other one)

        The bad QBs and RBs were the reason eweT’s bad QB looked like Peyton Manning against us?
        The guy that completed 50% passing was nearly 70% against us.
        40+ scored on us six times and counting in less than a season’s worth of games dating back to Bama last year.


        • Dawg12

          I agree 100% with Texasdawg. This team sucks but please do not loose sight of the success Richt has had. Yes- Willie has to go and I think Richt needs to go back to calling the plays. But all of the Fire Richt BS is crazy talk.


      • Brandon

        The defense is the main problem, there has been a steady decline ever since BVG left, offense very much depends on your skill players and ours aren’t very good with the exception of AJ, no team could lose Stafford and Moreno and expect no decline, I can cut Bobo some slack but Martinez’s defenses are getting worse and worse, I feel damn sorry for Rennie Curran, he is a great player stuck on a wretched defense


    • Ben

      I don’t think anyone has said Fire Richt yet. But to look at what he’s done in the past 4-5 seasons is moot. It’s time to look ahead and to where the team is headed, and given last year and 6 games this year, it doesn’t look too hot. The only thing positive from today is that hopefully we finish 5-7 or 6-6 and there is no choice to, at the very least, get rid of Martinez. At the least. We are a team that has outstanding talent yet don’t have the men in place, from a leadership standpoint, to effectively use them. I can’t remember the last time I felt more embarrassed watching a game.


  9. SilverDawgFrank

    Just got in from cutting the lawn. Was gonna mow it on Sunday afternoon.

    But, the Spirit of the Laud moved me and just felt like getting outside and getting it done today………

    ….about the end of the 3rd quarter.


  10. baltimore dawg

    observation from the wife just before the half:

    “willie was richt’s best man in his wedding. was bryan evans willie’s best man at his wedding?”

    (i realize he sat most of the second half, but her logic tickled me).


    • Robert

      …well, he’s definately not the best man at safety.

      Hell, put Marlon Brown out there. At least I could see him for more than 2 plays and he’s pretty big.

      (Although he should have had a catch. Oh, wait. The officials didn’t blow that false start play dead…riiight.)


  11. D.N. Nation

    Congrats, Georgia. You’ve successfully made me side with the haters.

    So, haters. Where do we meet? Is punch served?


  12. Boy, I picked a good day to go with the family to Taste of Atlanta and miss this poop-a-thon.


  13. Surely, you are grading on a curve.

    Sorry, I forgot there is nothing worse than “F”.



  14. scott

    Chalk up another defensive collapse in the CWM defensive era.

    If you want to see what level UGA should be performing, then watch Alabama play each week. Do any of you really think Bama has better players than us? NO. Look where that program was two years ago. They are just better coached.

    Even Tennessee is a better coached team.

    Tennessee has humiliated us 3 of the last 4 years (51-33; 35-14, and 45-19), and the Vols are in the down cycle of its program.

    Once in 53 games did a team score 30 points on Van Gorder. It has now happened 15 times under CWM.

    If Richt won’t fire Martinez and Fabris at the end of the season, then we need fire Mark Richt. This team will never be better than a three loss team with Martinez as DC. If Richt is too nice to fire his college buddy, then Richt must go.

    I don’t even get upset watching UGA play anyomore. We are so embarrassingly bad that I have no expectations. We are the equivalent of Kentucky football as this point.

    One more thing. We are averaging fewer offensive plays than every single team in college football. I think its right at 54 or 55 offensive plays per game. For comparison, Auburn is averaging 78 offensive plays. I attribute this to our opponents churning out first downs and giving up long drives. Turnovers are a factor as well. It is tough to score a ton of points or even get in a groove when you never get on the field. With so few possessions per half, its creates a lot of pressure on the offence.

    P.S. Who calls a “spike the football play” with one second on the clock


  15. Prosticutor

    Think about it…so far our D has made Garcia and Crompton look like Joe Montana this year. Pitiful. Rewatch the games…UGA’s WR’s had DB’s breathing down their necks on every pass atempt. UT’s WR’s had a 5-10 yard cushion every. single. time. Pitiful.

    How about just some basic fundamentals…for 100 years, if you’re fielding a punt and step inside the 10, let it go. UNLESS IT’S AT THE ONE??? Last week–you intercept a ball 9 yards deep in the end zone, take a knee. Same with kickoffs. Is anyone out there slapping guys in their helmets at practice for stupid mistakes, or do they just take them over to the Botanical Gardens for a serenity walk?

    There is something really wrong here. Stupid penalties for two years. A complete lack of fundamentals from every side of the ball, mostly D and special teams. Now don’t get me started on Bobo’s brilliant play calling or history of bar fights.


  16. Turd Ferguson

    When does basketball season start?

    Go Tarheels!


  17. David Banner

    Donnan 97-00: 35-13

    Richt 06-09: 33-12


    • Prosticutor

      Ouch. Those numbers are like a knife in my chest.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      At least wait until the end of the season to make that comparison.


    • Daniel

      You know, that statistic demonstrates that Donnan’s *best* four years were still worse than Richt’s *worst* four.

      What are you trying to imply? By itself, that stat says to me that everything is fine. I don’t think it is, of course, but that stat is actually comforting.


  18. Turd Ferguson

    Richt’s already been pretty defiant in post-game interviews in his defense of Mike Bobo.


  19. drunk dawg

    In a sick way I kinda want Richt fired just so these fire-breathing “what have you done for me lately” assholes that call themselves Dawg fans can see the coaching dropoff from whoever comes after him.

    Alot of problems on the offense can be traced to the fact we have the worst starting QB of the Richt era. In the 3rd quarter Joe Cox was 2/9 for -2 yards and 1 int. What the hell is Bobo supposed to do with that?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      In Cox’s defense, what is a QB supposed to do when he’s got no running game and no pass protection. I don’t care if Joe Namath is back there, if you got no run threat and “ole” blocking you can’t make many good throws. This really gets back to the o-line which was supposed to be the strength of the team but, sadly, is not.


    • drunk dawg,

      “Alot of problems on the offense can be traced to the fact we have the worst starting QB of the Richt era. In the 3rd quarter Joe Cox was 2/9 for -2 yards and 1 int. What the hell is Bobo supposed to do with that?”

      You change quarterbacks for an entire series, not just a single play


    • SilverDawgFrank

      I suppose I should be considered an “asshole”, according to your rather loose definition.

      Let me point out, Sir, that our passion for the Georgia program is just that, passionate.

      The leader of any organization comes under fire when the organization he leads and is responsible for falls into disrepair or worse.

      I will refer you, Sir, to Richard Nixon’s cabinet and staff.

      Richt can right the ship. It’s his choice to take on more water, or start the bailing.


      • Ben

        Perfect point here. UGA is at a crux, which is ok. All programs, at some point or another, will reach one. What will define this moment for us is whether Richt makes a CHOICE to step away from how personal this has become, and treat it like a business, or keep his friends on staff, and only last 1-2 more years. I have to believe that the “powers that be” at UGA won’t sit idly by and let much more of this happen. The season might be a goner, but the program is not. I can suffer through one horsecrap season if that means true steps are taken by next season to right the ship.


  20. Randall

    The real question for the season at this point is whether the Dawgs will even be bowl eligible. Tennessee Tech is the only sure win left on the schedule.

    Vandy lost to Army today – how embarrassing will it be to lose to the ‘Dores next week?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It is a little nerve wracking to look at the remaining schedule, given where the Dawgs’ record stands right now. Tennessee Tech looks to be a safe win. I think we can get past Vandy. That means we have to win 2 games out of the Ky, Fl, Aub and GT games to have a winning season. Beating Fl does not look feasible. I just watched GT run for over 400 yards against FSU. Not a likely win for UGA there. Aub lost to Arkie but is 5-1 and that was probably just a bad game. Ky looks like the best shot at a win we have but not a lock. Maybe 6-6 and a berth against another 6-6 team in something like the Emerald Nut bowl? Prospects do not look good for the rest of the year, unfortunately.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. When we need wins the most, our brilliant AD has the Dawgs finishing the season against KY and GT back to back and each of them has a bye week before the game with UGA but UGA does not. It looks like he put the team at a scheduling disadvantage again. If we are going to be looking at how well the football staff has been doing their jobs, we ought to look at the AD, too.


        • John

          SEC sets the SEC game schedule.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Thank you for pointing that out. In this instance the situation was caused by an agreement between UGA and UK to move that game from its traditional date the Saturday before the GA-FL game (to create a bye week for UGA before its game with FL, a noble goal) to its present position the week before the Tech game. The KY-UGA game reverts to its old place on the schedule next year.


  21. JasonC

    A lot of us did a lot of crowing on this site about Lane. Personally, I still think he is an @$$, but I would be wrong if I didn’t acknowledge that apparently part of the “Masterplan” was to beat the $h!t out of the Dogs.


  22. Dog in Fla

    Richt post-game conference


  23. drunk dawg:

    > “In a sick way I kinda want Richt fired just
    > so these fire-breathing “what have you done
    > for me lately” assholes that call themselves
    > Dawg fans can see the coaching dropoff from
    > whoever comes after him.”

    Then you aren’t paying attention.

    I know of VERY few people who don’t like Richt and actually want him fired.

    But the problem is, he INSISTS on clinging to three boat anchors: Martinez, Bobo, and Fabris.

    No amount of life preservers can keep you afloat if you chain yourself to three boat anchors.

    And what’s this “lately” crap? We haven’t even PLAYED for the SEC champsionship in 4 years.

    > “Alot of problems on the offense can be
    > traced to the fact we have the worst starting
    > QB of the Richt era. In the 3rd quarter Joe
    > Cox was 2/9 for -2 yards and 1 int. What the
    > hell is Bobo supposed to do with that?”

    Really? Joe Cox is worse than Greg McElroy, for example? Sorry, I don’t see it.

    With a decent offensive gameplan, a running game that can do better than 2 yards a carry, and a non-suck offensive line, and he’d do pretty well.


    • drunk dawg

      I was referring to the worst starting QB UGA has had while under Richt. Joe T was probably worse but he was eventually benched, but the thing about him is there wasn’t a large portion of UGA fans convinced he would lead us to great things due to his “intangibles”. I’d prefer a quarterback with great tangibles, thank you.

      McElroy can be summed up in one stat. 1 interception in 6 games. I wish our 5th year senior QB was as careful with the football.


  24. Just reposting what someone else wrote in case anyone missed it:

    Jim Donnan 1997-2000: 35-13

    End of 2000: Fired.

    Mark Richt 2006-2009: 33-12

    End of 2009: ???


  25. NRBQ

    My wife won’t watch the Dogs with me. But I can assure all that she knows more about the team than Andre Ware. R. Jones if one of the leading safeties in CFB?

    I was late from a business trip and watched on Tivo. The way he was gumming Crompton’s knob, I systematically muted most of that idiot’s comments between plays.

    Insult, really to the injury of watching the worst UGA performance of recent memory. The image that keeps recurring is CMR, calmly and stoically looking up at the clock, waiting blindly for his team to show up.

    Failure at every level, too many errors to ponder.

    Yes, we could lose to T. Tech.


  26. NRBQ

    Ga. coulda/shoulda been 5-0 going into today.

    But this game revealed how lucky/opportune they’ve been.

    Waiting on all the “screwed by officials” opinions of the last few weeks.


  27. Russ

    You can’t blame Willie. I mean, Tennessee kept acting like they were going to run one way, but then would go in the opposite direction! What kind of trickery is that? I’ve never seen such playing, and apparently neither has Willie. I mean, come on! If the Tennessee offense is going to be tricky like that, what is Willie supposed to do?


  28. Aligator

    Simple, fire your coordinators and half the staff now, but i think that Coach is too nice and will wait until after the season. I think this be a 7-5 or 6-6 season for sure. Rats ….



    Rambo takes in a pick six; we have pulled within 5 points;

    It’s 3rd and 4 for UT; UT fans are worried;

    Boykin, who ran for 100 yards, is lined up opposite a slow tight end; he gives him the seven yard cushion; Crompton stands up; throws to the tight end, he takes two steps forward and one step out of bounds; First Down UT;

    They go the rest of the 80 yards of the drive for the TD to answer the pick six.


  30. NRBQ


    Things will get worse before they get better.

    How many more wins do you see?

    And, GFY.


  31. FourOFour

    Speaker Damon Evans – Ladies and Gentlemen I’m proud to introduce a new era in Georgia Football, the head couch of our Georgia Bulldogs….Will Muschamp.


    • For me: 1) Charlie Strong 2) Brian Kelly 3) whoever that OC at Alabama is that calls plays like he understands the flow of a football game versus our “let’s throw a bunch on the wall and see what sticks” approach.


  32. Robert

    This team is seriously frustrating but I don’t think that Mark Richt should be fired.

    Although, he has given his OC and DC “free range” of their duties, and are losing games at an increasing rate as a result.

    I’ll start with CWM and will piggy-back on two comments.

    As David Banner stated: “Donnan 97-00: 35-13 – Richt 06-09: 33-12” – Ouch. (With 6 games left.)

    As scott stated: “Once in 53 games did a team score 30 points on Van Gorder. It has now happened 15 times under CWM.” – Ouch.

    Those numbers are pretty shocking. We have the talent to hold opponents to under 21 points every game, I believe.

    But, we are being killed by any QB who can find a hole in our perma-zone/super-cushion D. We make average QB’s look stellar. We have been one of the most penalized teams in the country on defense in the past few years. We never can take control of a game any more, therefore, we never seem to put games away.

    Our offense wasn’t going to be same without 24 & 7. We all knew that. However, I didn’t think that the drop-off would be as drastic as it has been this season.

    Our OL hasn’t been the rock that I was hoping we could rely on. Joe Cox, I hate to say, just can’t cut it. We don’t have a tailback that can take control of a game. Out offensive play-calling is completely suspect and random at times.

    I’ll finish with what I don’t want from here on out this season.

    1. I don’t want any more Logan Gray keepers, unless it is at least the second snap he takes in a series.
    2. I don’t want Logan Gray fair-catching everything.
    3. I don’t want to pass the ball on 3rd and 2 every time.
    4. I don’t want any directional kicking to the 10-20 yardline.
    5. I don’t want to lose to Florida.
    6. I don’t want to lose to Kentucky
    7. I don’t want to lose to Auburn.
    8. I damn sure don’t want to lose to the Nerds.

    If the bottom half of that list can be possible, then I’ll retract the first 4.

    Go Dawgs! GATA!

    PS. Sorry for ranting. Long night of being drunk/pissed.


  33. D.N. Nation

    Since we’re piling on…

    Even with the game essentially over, the Vols still outscored us in the 4th Quarter. We couldn’t even win garbage time.


  34. Now let’s see, where’s the guy that was arguing with me last week that we weren’t now a 2nd tier SEC team?


  35. So much for all the kiffin watch stuff, huh?

    I think we were as surprised as you guys were.

    Your fans were great and it seemed to me that both sides practices great sportsmanship. Had the opportunity to visit with several dawg fans and we had a good time visiting.

    Fact of the matter is that cox is a marginally serviceable quarterback and Martinez has to go. Bobo gets a pass from me cause he made some good playcalls that weren’t executed.


    • So much for all the kiffin watch stuff, huh?

      You’re kidding, right? 😉

      As for Bobo, I’m not sure what to think. On the one hand, with the way the offensive line played, I don’t think Bill Walsh in his prime would have had much success yesterday. On the other hand, if he had anything to do with that spike, he’s dead to me. Or Patrick Nix, which is about the same thing.


      • Hackerdog

        Whoever it was (Bobo or Richt) who called the spike the ball play with 0:01 left on the clock, he should be wearing a DUMBASS t shirt while picking up trash on 441 today.

        It reminded me of the Auburn ’01 game. Maybe Richt should bring back that clock management expert to go over exactly how game clocks count down and how plays take time off said clocks.


        • scott

          Don’t forget about that bowl game against Boston College in Nashville, where we punted the ball from midfield while trailing 20-16 with less than 2 minutes to play.


    • 69Dawg

      Come on Monty could have called his D from home. We run a very vanilla pro-style O and Monty was the best DC in the NFL. This was like a practice game to him. I said before the game we would not score on UT D and with the exception of a long FG we didn’t.

      Lane called a masterful game against an unarmed D. He was at least good enough to know to keep doing what was working knowing that Willie could not adjust to it until he called a D timeout. We specialize in D timeouts.

      UT’s Pro coaches schooled our amateur guys in pro style O’s and D’s, I for one was not shocked.


  36. Paul

    Imagine what this game looks like without the KO return TD, pick-6, and blocked punt for a safety…

    Makes me shudder just thinking about it.


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