Brought to you by great moments in a losing cause…

This was easily the best run of the weekend that I saw.  Behold Anthony Dixon’s 51-yard TD jaunt against Houston:

The only thing I saw that was better was Scott Tolzien’s escape act against the Ohio State rush, when it looked as if he were completely enveloped, sort of crouched down and escaped for a nine yard gain and a first down.  It was Houdini-esque.  It’s not on YouTube, but I hope someone posts it soon.


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3 responses to “Brought to you by great moments in a losing cause…

  1. jerome

    Since we’re into pain and suffering this week…I’d say Nesbitt’s forced fumble was a pretty unbelievable moment. Great play. Football toughness and instincts.


  2. HVL Dawg

    The ref was unblocked on the play and could have made the tackle easy.


  3. Hackerdog

    The defenders started contact on the 20 and he still scored. That’s like a basketball player jumping from the 3-point line and still dunking.