Here’s what it’s come to.

Gallows humor.  It’s what’s for breakfast.

Sadly, I thought about suggesting the Maginot Line as a nickname for the offensive line in my earlier post about Aaron Murray, but decided to hold back on the snark a little bit this morning.  Chalk it up as a lost opportunity now.

Well, I could always post something about abusing a helpless kitchen appliance – I bet nobody’s done that before.  Oh, wait a minute… it has?  Curse you, Doug Gillett!

I feel my style being seriously cramped today.


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  1. The Realist

    I wanted to draft a cathartic response to what I’ve seen from this team, but I don’t have the heart nor the will.

    This team is bad. It is poorly coached: it lacks fundamentals, discipline, skill progression, and basic football instincts that come from a modicum of preparation. There is too much talent on this team to have games like the one we were subjected to on Saturday.

    I still love the Dawgs. I’ll go down in flames with them, but I’d really appreciate the team showing up to play four quarters on both sides of the ball for once.


    • 69Dawg

      I wrote last night about this team is a product of being self-coached. When every other word out of our coaches mouths is how hard they worked in the summer and how the seniors were coaching the freshmen etc. Well I hope the freshmen did not pay attention to the seniors or we have screwed another class.

      When your first string DB actually says without fear of death that the 20 hour rule is hurting us because the players don’t have time to view tapes (Bryan, I can’t cover my grandma, Evans). You know this program is light years behind even the UT’s of this world. Bet those UT boys only spend 20 hours a week total on football.

      When the players are so under coached by the coaches that the coaches depend on Joe Cox to make sure everybody knows their assignments, we are screwed. Don’t you think Joe would be a little better QB if all he had to worry about was Joe.

      This team is soft. The last two years the anonymous coach in the pre-season mags and the pro coaches have said as much. The team OL and DL are soft. When an Ala or UT hits them in the mouth they get sad not mad.

      UGA has set the stage for failure for the last 3 years and now it has come home to roost.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Maybe we should give Gamelin a look at the DC position.


  3. Here’s what else it’s come to (from Hale’s blog):

    Donnan (97-00) 35-13. Richt (06-09) 33-12.

    That includes each coach’s outlier year (Donnan, 1997; Richt, 2007). That’s a 73% winning clip for each coach.

    I live in Austin and got my masters at the University of Texas, whom I personally witnessed get a 63-bomb dropped by Stoops in 2003. OU, even moreso than Tennnessee, lives or dies by how well it recruits in the state to its immediate south.

    Oddly enough, Brown didn’t respond with wholesale changes. Of the 14 people currently on Brown’s staff, only five weren’t around in 2003, and those five include Muschamp and Applewhite, who are in their second seasons. Texas fans’ favorite whipping boy, OC Greg Davis, has been there since Brown arrived in Austin.

    I dunno. It’s worth considering what one well-considered change, i.e., at DC, can impact, versus nuking the whole joint. Defense and ST have been broken for years, whereas our offense has only come under strain recently, and I wonder to what extent that’s driven by the fact that Martinez’s sieve-like defense necessitates scores in bunches instead of ball control.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Projected worst and best case endings and how they may or may not affect the freeing of Willie and the other Mark:

    Georgia finishes regular season at 6-6, with remaining wins over Vanderbilt, Tennessee Tech and Kentucky, declines bid to the bowl f/k/a the Poulan Weedeater Bowl just because. In post-season conference with Mark Richt (played by Bruce Gibson), Damon Evans (played by Haley Joe Osment of the Osment Brothers) has an up close and personal about freeing Willie ‘Maurice’ Martinez, the other Mark, Easom and others in which Mark turns out to be not so happy about the direction the meeting suddenly seems to be taking…

    Georgia finishes regular season at 6-6 with remaining wins over Vanderbilt, Florida (Upset Special of the Decade second only to Navy beating Notre Dame) and Tennessee Tech, accepts with joy bid to the bowl f/k/a the Poulan Weedeater Bowl just because weeds that are not eaten should be smoked. In post-season conference with Mark Richt (played by kid in backseat), Damon Evans (played by Matt McConnasomething) has an up close and personal about the great season in beating Florida in Jacksonville and the extension of contracts of all coaches in which Mark turns out to be happy he’s not holding…

    In the meantime, Hey Jenny Slater Sternberger, known to be a longtime tweeter advocating for the freeing of her surrogate great-grandfather Bobby, is rumored to be leading a group of private investors seeking to lure Mark back to Tallahassee to be OC for Jimbo, without telling Jimbo of course, when and if Georgia decides it time to hari-kari itself by adding a Mark to the Goff Donnan category box.


  5. dean

    With all of the “our running game sucks” comments I’ve seen on the Dawg blogs (and I agree it does) why is Coach Searles not taking any heat? Let me say that I do NOT want CSS fired. However not only is he the offensive line coach he is also the running game coordinator (whatever that means). Yet most complaints about the offense are directed at Bobo. I understand CMB is the offensive coordinator and deserves his share of the blame but without a running game he’s in a tough situation.


  6. SilverDawgFrank

    My snark is taking a few days off.