“All you can ask is for forgiveness — and I’ve done that part.”

I described Coach Richt the other day as the captain of a dysfunctional ship.  Everything’s relative, of course, but if you take the Georgia program as the base for defining dysfunctional, I’m at a loss for a word to describe what’s going on at the University of New Mexico right now.

If you’re not aware, first year head coach Mike Locksley evidently punched out one of his assistant coaches.  The incident was serious enough (don’t forget that Locksley is a big dude – 275 pounds or thereabouts big) that the punchee filed a police report.

An investigation was initiated by the school, rather reluctantly

Initially, the only punishment levied against Locksley was a verbal reprimand and a written letter placed in his personnel file. But at Krebs’ request — and after a public outcry — the University Human Resources department launched an investigation into the altercation.

… and the end result is that Locksley has been suspended for one game and the guy he decked is leaving the program.  No kidding.

It looks like wide receivers coach Jonathan “J.B.” Gerald is on his way out of UNM.  Athletics Director Paul Krebs confirmed Sunday that Gerald turned in his University-issued cell phone and car keys on Friday.

Gerald has been on paid administrative leave since he filed a police report on the evening of Sept. 20 alleging that Lobo football coach Mike Locksley approached him in an “aggressive manner” after a “heated” exchange during an offensive staff meeting.

The Lobos are 0-6 under Locksley, who also had a sexual harassment claim filed against him earlier this year.  Talk about a guy who isn’t on a hot seat with his boss, but should be…


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3 responses to ““All you can ask is for forgiveness — and I’ve done that part.”

  1. Dog in Fla

    While Mike certainly seems to be the largest dude you’d like to have a beer with, why can’t he do something original to entertain us other than combine the M.O.’s of Tom Cable, Mike Dubose and last year’s Detroit Lions?


  2. If ESPNU does a reality show where they follow college coaches around Hard Knocks style, I want it to center on Locksley. I really don’t think there’s another viable candidate for a vehicle like that (at least who isn’t named Mike Leach).


  3. RedCrake

    Well that’s one way to get rid of an underperforming position coach.