Anybody check craigslist yet?

An alert reader sent me this photo from somewhere not too far from Athens.

Because you never know who might be going down that road.

You never know who might be going down that road.

What, no phone number?



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20 responses to “Anybody check craigslist yet?

  1. Andrew

    That used to say “We don’t rebuild, we reload.” I guess times have changed.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Clarke County Confucius say some grasshoppers may misunderestimate the strength of Mark Richt’s mental powers by thinking he can be forced by anyone to change his coaches and his ability to even overcome any roadside signage or lists of Craig, no matter how elegant and powerful, and remind what it might be like if Head Coach Mark (played by Clooney) accompanied by the other Mark (played by the other one) were forced by someone like a Damon or a Mikey to interview and hire an extravagant-like Tommy Tubervillesque coach (played by a Big Dan Teague) as a replacement defensive coordinator for Willie (played by the toad) thereby getting an advance tutorial about what it’s like to hire your replacement…


  3. Cerbera

    I think that also said something like “Hurricane Richt. Destination: Miami” preseason last year.


  4. RedCrake

    I think it’s safe to say the gentleman who painted that sign has no access to modern extravangances like telephones… Hence the lack of a phone number.

    Not that I disagree with him.


  5. SilverDawgFrank

    Does he paint houses, too? Have him call me.


  6. hccargo

    That old barn is on GA-15. You can see when you’re headed north, as in headed from St. Simons or Jacksonville back to Athens. It did indeed use to have consistently positive things painted on it.

    Literally the day after the Oklahoma St loss it read:
    WHAT THE ????

    Times have indeed changed.


  7. Rusi

    I love that billboard. Makes that drive up 15 worth it this season.


  8. Sandfly, GA

    “Sign of the times.”


  9. Brian

    F*** 15. Take 441


  10. ryan

    Sad! But true!


  11. A week ago it said, “Don’t panic”. Well…


  12. Gabulldawg79

    The barn is actually in my hometown Tennille, GA or better known to most dawg fans probably as Washington County. The guy who paints is only 29 but raised a DGD.


  13. Unfortunately, I know the dipsticks that paint that thing. They jumped on the Georgia bandwagon after Richt’s first title. Now they go up to Athens and tailgate without tickets, get drunk, act even more obnoxiously than they usually do, then leave a big pile of garbage behind.

    I’ve been waiting for them to get off the bandwagon for a long time. I’m surprised that they made it past 06. If this season is the one that runs them and their fellow front-runners, then it may be worth the suffering.


    • hd79

      Well, at least no one else tailgates without tickets, gets drunk, and leaves garbage. Oh…wait…


    • Big Daddy Dog

      I am the father of of those “dipsticks”.They have been going to Athens since they were four years old. I’ve been going since 1965. So it seems to me that you don’t know as much as you think you know, therefore I suggest that you get your facts straight. To be a Bulldog was born and bred in them. They will be there long after you. Come on by and tailgate with us I’ll make it worth your while with a good ole a– whipping just like the Bulldogs of ole.



      For those who think they know so much, this family has been paying contributions and season ticket fees for over 25 years and are still doing so to this day. How many years have you been a devoted dawg fan? We have always backed our dawgs in Athens and traveled out of STATE as well. DO YOU?? As far as the rest of it, I was unaware that we now have Tailgating Police. My boys were brought up better than that and I feel that maybe you have seriously confused them with another group…. I’m sure there are several. Let’s be honest, could we really count the number of ticketless, littering drunks in Athens at Dawg time??
      Sounds like you are a little jealous of the big tents they set up, the trailer they pull to Athens with the big screen TV and satellite, BBQ and feast they have along with the other 20 or more friends that make a point to come by and see them at tailgating time. They do all this for what reason again???? Oh yea… devoted dawg fans…get it!
      Eventhough the ‘bandwagon’ may be going down one heck of a road…. I can promise you that my boys will be the first to jump off only to HELP PUSH!!


  14. LGoldman

    Couldn’t we just hire Dick Bumpas from TCU? He’s practically just out there waiting for us to throw money at him.