Mumme Poll: who we are is whom we love.

Since registration’s been finalized, and given my ‘bias’ post of yesterday, I thought you might be interested in seeing the breakdown of voters by school affiliation and by conference affiliation.

Out of a total of 875 registrants, here’s how we shape up:

Team Voters
Georgia 339
Florida 77
Penn State 68
Ohio State 60
Alabama 50
Tennessee 33
Auburn 18
Texas 18
Michigan 17
Georgia Tech 16
LSU 10
Notre Dame 9
Nebraska 9
Oklahoma 8
Miami 8
Boise State 7
Virginia Tech 6
Kentucky 5
Southern Cal 5
Iowa 5
South Carolina 5
Florida State 4
Minnesota 4
Texas Tech 4
California 4
Oklahoma State 4
Missouri 4
Air Force 4
Utah 3
Clemson 3
Purdue 2
Illinois 2
Syracuse 2
Arkansas 2
Oregon 2
Cincinnati 2
North Carolina 2
West Virginia 2
South Florida 2
Buffalo 2
Northwestern 2
Navy 2
Mississippi State 2
Wisconsin 2
Iowa State 2
Pittsburgh 2
Washington 1
Tulane 1
Memphis 1
Michigan State 1
Kansas State 1
Ball State 1
Arizona State 1
Rutgers 1
Virginia 1
Marshall 1
Mississippi 1
Colorado 1
Texas A&M 1
Louisiana – Lafayette 1
Conference Voters
SEC 542
Big Ten 163
Big Twelve 52
ACC 40
Pac Ten 14
Mountain West 13
Independent 11
Big East 11
Conference USA 7
Sun Belt 3

You may think that’s a little lopsided, but compared to last year, it’s much more balanced. Last year, the voter pool was in excess of 90% Georgia folks.

And, yeah, that means the first week participation level was just slightly over 50%.  That’s acceptable for a presidential primary, but I’m hoping we’ll do better (not that I’m complaining about having 400+ actually casting votes).


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11 responses to “Mumme Poll: who we are is whom we love.

  1. BullGator

    I have to admit I forgot to vote this week. But I had Columbus Day off because I work for the federal gubment, which also allows me to track this blog so frequently. From now on, though, its off to the polls every Monday!


  2. Jbird

    Wow..I’m surprised that there weren’t more Auburn voters, considering how many Aubs there are in Atlanta and the state of Georgia.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m sincerely disappointed at only 16 Techies. Same reason as Auburn, only more so.


  4. SCDawg

    Senator, I think the GA numbers mean you’ve picked up a lot of readers in the past two years.


  5. 30 Dawg

    I tried to vote at 7:20 Monday night and ballot was closed. I thought it was open till 9:00 p.m. What’s the official cut-off?


  6. jwsinclair

    It might be interesting to allow people to weight their affiliations and/or claim affiliations with multiple schools. For example, I was a Georgia fan growing up, then went to Florida (shocking my friends and family), and am now in grad school at Florida State. I listed Florida as my affiliation, but it wasn’t necessarily a no-brainer.

    This extra data probably wouldn’t significantly change the distribution, but I feel like I’m just as likely to be biased toward Florida State as I am toward Florida, and that’s not reflected in the breakdown.


    • ArchDawg

      Wow you just went to each of your (previous) school’s biggest rivals, huh?


    • Dog in Fla

      When I was really a slacker and had other priorities such as avoiding responsibility even more so than now, Auburn, Tulane, Alabama, San Francisco State, Florida and Georgia made some questionable admission decisions and gave me some student ID’s with my what me worry face on them.

      For Mumme purposes, I listed Georgia.
      Florida, I refuse to talk about.
      Ambivalent about Auburn and Alabama except when we play them I want Georgia to win.
      San Fran State, doubt if it even had a football team.
      Tulane, bless it’s heart, is in a town with great food and drink so few care when it tries to play at football.


  7. David Hale

    Woo-hoo! Two from Syracuse. Me and that other guy are riding Greg Paulus all the way to the Heisman!