2006? I do not think that year means what you think it means.

Sobering point from cocknfire:

… You might have heard something about 2006 from Richt and Co., who are referencing it as a reason why Georgia’s season still might turn around. After all, they lost to UK and Vanderbilt and things still got straightened out in the end, right?

Not exactly. The Dawgs started out 5-0 in 2006, and then things fell apart with a 51-33 shellacking at home against Tennessee that started a 3-4 close to the season. We remember the 37-15 victory over national title darkhorse Auburn and the three-point victory over ranked Georgia Tech in part because they were stunning giving how the season was going in the last half, not because of the struggles in the first. Indeed, if Georgia loses in the second half of this season to the same teams against which it lost in 2006, it will be 6-6 when the season ends.


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  1. BeerMoney

    This year is nothing like 2006. We were breaking in a brand new (essentially senior scout team) quarterback, and then another brand new true frosh. This year the comparisons of Cox to Joe T. are similar, but Cox should be much better. We also had a deep stable of expeienced running backs that year (and could have played Moreno if it came down to it, don’t forget).

    But most importantly, our defense was light years ahead of this year. Remember how through four games we had the number one defense in America, shutting out two of our first four opponents and holding all four to less than 12 points? And it was what kept us in the games against Tech, Florida, and Auburn.

    And had we not been practicing some weird onside shenanigans that led to Coutu getting hurt, we would have beaten UK and Vandy and made the UF game that much closer. 2006 was a lot more like 2005 and 2007 than it is 2009.

    I know when the chips are down, you draw whatever motivation you can get, but 2006 was a growing pains year. This is year is just pure pain.

    On that note…I will be in Nashville, hoping for the best, fearing the worst, and still cheering on the team that I love. GO DAWGS!


    • Joe B.

      Our D was better that year, but it is hard to forget watching Vandy AND UK driving the ball right down the field for game winners, and watching our D be unable to do anything about it.

      Although we were 5-0 that season, you could see some serious cracks in the dam in the couple of weeks leading up to Ufk, when we really should have lost to Colorado and Ole Miss.

      I think this season would take on more similarity to ’06 if we would start playing Murray, now. At least that would give some semblance of hope, assuming that he is competent, heading into 2010, when for all purposes our offense should be LOADED.


      • As I said before, if you’re going to commit to playing Murray this year, it makes sense to wait and do it with the Tennessee Tech game. Shoving him out there against Florida is likely to be rough.


        • Joe B.

          We will see. If he were successful in limited snaps against the best college defense this decade, it could do wonders for his confidence, and the team’s confidence in him.

          Or, he could get broken in half and never play again.

          In no way do I think he should start, but he does need to be getting some live snaps. The coaches have made it clear that Logan Gray is not going to play QB here, and we do not have any QB’s recruited for this February.

          We return every player on offense next year except Mike Moore. We have the chance to be really, really good and experienced everywhere but one position.


          • Hackerdog

            And if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass hopping.

            There is exactly 0% chance of Murray being successful against UF’s defense. If he should get substantial playing time, it will be because one team (guess which) has put it away early.


        • RedCrake

          Murray returned from a mid-season broken leg to lead his team to the Florida state championship.

          Not saying I advocate it but methinks Aaron has the mental toughness to survive getting beat up by the best defense of our era.


    • 69Dawg

      Little did we realize that the Coutu injury was just a plan by Coach Fab to increase the challenge he so much hopes for on special teams.


  2. RedCrake


    So far, Samuel, King, Thomas, and Ealey are not Brown, Lumpkin, and Ware.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Strongly disagree with cocknfire’s analysis because the words, “and it’s ace Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp” should have been added immediately after “national title darkhorse Auburn”. Other than that, the downer is there’s a 50-50 shot that rest of cocknfire’s stuff could turn out to be right.


  4. Legatedawg

    One thing that has always mystified me about 2006. First three games went great. Opener against Western Kentucky went as expected against a cupcake. Mainly memorable foe: (1) Mikey Henderson redeeming an earlier gaffe on a punt runback but doing it again and scoring; (2) CMR decided to burn Stafford’s redshirt; game was well in hand by then.
    Then, on the road against Spurrier’s Gamecocks, JT3 has a hight ankle sprain early in the 1st Qtr so in goes Stafford. Have to say that his presence and comfort zone on the field, on the road against an SEC foe. were hugely obvious to anybody once he stepped out there. He did throw 2 or 3 picks but they were on such long throws that they might as well have been punts. He also had several excellent throws and a great run for a 1st down when we were backed up against our own EZ. AND, the final score was 18-0, Spurrier’s first shut-out since the 1980s (if ever). Then a 34-0 win over UAB in Athens – mind you, that same UAB team had gone on the road to Oklahoma and had taken the Sooners to the wire, 24-17, just two weeks before. BUT, then the following week, we have a near-disaster at home against a simply horrible Colorado outfit. Then followed by a narrow road win against a horrible Ole Miss outfit. After that, our meltdown with Tennessee in Athens and the rest is history. I’ve never been able to figure out what happened to our guys between UAB and Colorado that season.


    • Macallanlover

      I call it “The Bevo effect”. Honestly, I believe the highlight of that week leading up to the game was tracking Bevo’s progress across the US. Don’t get me wrong, Bevo was major cool, and that was great to get Colorado to bring him for that game. Our guys simply flat-lined that day. Colorado was awful that season and we almost made them folk heroes in the Western US. Thanks Joe.

      As for Ol’ Miss, guess we were distracted by the same thing that distracts every American male when they are near Oxford. Paraphrasing an old Louisiana politician once said, “you can bait a trap with *****(that stuff) and catch Old Huey everytime”.


      • Dawg93

        I think you mean “Ralphie”, not “Bevo”. Bevo is the mascot for Texas. Although we made Colorado LOOK like Texas that year, that’s for sure.


      • BeerMoney

        Bevo is Texas’ mascot. You’re thinking of Ralphie.

        I was down there by the field to see it up close right before they let Ralphie loose. I have never seen any living thing let out so much urine at one time. It had to have been more than a gallon. And this was on the field where players were about to be tackled to the ground all over it.


      • Dog in Fla

        While having little to with a Ted Turner Ralphie burger source and only a tangential connection with Oxford ….., whenever I hear a quote from a Louisiana politician, I feel obligated to pay homage to that certain Louisiana politician who once said words somewhat to the effect of,

        “The only way I won’t get re-elected is if they catch me in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”

        While that ex-politician may or may not still be in prison for graft unconnected with that quote, the effect of it is that if any truths are actually ever found to exist in politics, this may be one of them.


        • Macallanlover

          If I thought we could afford them any longer, I would say “you gotta love ’em”. But we cannot, and after re-electing that fool as mayor in New Orleans I am no longer inclined even if we were a healthy economy. I haven’t been to New Orleans since, and do not plan to visit unless an emergency required me to do so. (In other words, it is right upthere with Paris.)


  5. Big Country

    Didn’t we win a bowl game that year? That would be a windfall banner year for the chicks


  6. Big Country

    and by the way, if you know anything about football, you want to keep that redshirt on murray. He’s listed at 6’0 which means he will never leave early. His arm is not healthy. Let him get healthy and learn the playbook because he’s the real deal. Gray would be the one you want to get a closer look at.


    • jp

      You must not know all that much about football then. A quick check of georgiadogs.com lists Murray at 6’1”. I know it is semantics, but you just seem so darn sure of yourself and know so much more than us . . .


  7. Macallanlover

    Sorry, guess I was thinking about the Red River Shootout game tomorrow and got confused. Ralphie is my 2nd favorite mascot after Uga so I do know better. Have a good friend that is a CU fan and has a home in Castle Pines so I may get another close look at him. We did make them them look bigger than life for 3 Qtrs.


  8. dan

    I think the point is that they turned a nearly tragic season into a decent one for a bad year by beating some teams they weren’t expected to beat.


  9. D.N. Nation

    After all, they lost to UK and Vanderbilt and things still got straightened out in the end, right?

    Um, yes? I think blowing the doors off the #5 team in the nation, beating your rival, and coming back from 18 down to win your bowl game is getting things “straightened out.”

    Cocknfire’s needlessly arguing semantics. No Georgia fan thinks that ’06 team started off poorly. It was October that was the killer. The main thing Georgia fans are using ’06 for is as an example of Richt righting the ship. Not that this is necessarily valid, of course.


    • Dog in Fla

      Predict some kind of sign one way or the other within 23 hours whether the ship is going to be righted or if it’s going to be all hands overboard.


  10. Marshall

    Seeing Ralphie in person was very cool indeed. I actually met the handlers for Ralphie the night before the game. I was playing a show w/ my band that night and those guys were out on the town. They were pretty drunk and a couple of them were actually major assholes…I think they thought I was being condescending because I kept going on and on about how cool I thought all of this was….but I really was stoked about Ralphie coming to Athens.

    And back to point–I would be very happy w/ 6-6 at this point.


    • T-Lud

      Happy with 6-6? Meaning you’d be happy with wins over Vandy, Tenn Tech, and Kentucky, and nobody else? It may be realistic, but happy? C’mon man.


      • Marshall

        Yes. That is what I was saying. At this point, with just how bad this team is in so many ways, I would be happy with 6-6 vs. something worse (at the time before the Vandy game- a somewhat realistic scenario of 4-8. Now 5-7). But to think I am truly “happy” with any of this?….C’mon Man.


  11. I also dislike the parallels to 2006. 2006 was a complete and total noob/rebuilding year.

    As noted already, we would have won Vandy and UK with Coutu. It really is that simple. That team had a bad mid-season lull, perhaps caused by “too easy” off a starting schedule for that young of a team. I dunno.

    Andy Bailey was not a good kicker.

    Vandy: Bailey missed a 37 yard FG that would have won the game. Coutu most likely makes that. UGA lost by 2.

    UK: I was at that UK game, unfortunately. Bailey missed a 41 yard FG, a 48 yard FG, and an extra point. UGA lost by 4. Coutu definitely makes at least 1 of those FGs and the extra point, which not only ties the game, but on the final drive Stafford isn’t having to drive for a TD – a FG would win it (so maybe he doesn’t throw a pick).

    Our injured kicker cost us 1, if not both, ugly lost games.

    That means that 2006 team was a 9-3 or 10-2 team. The 8-4 was more of a bad luck, worst case scenario.

    This 2009 squad is looking at 6-6 as a likely outcome, and 8-4 as a miracle outcome.

    There really is no comparison.