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My brother, the Georgia Tech fan, isn’t very optimistic about the Jackets’ chances against Virginia Tech this Saturday.  I tend to agree with him, although here’s a statistical snapshot that may indicate that the game will be more interesting than we anticipate:

… Well-blocked option plays are designed for big gains, and the run-first philosophy has opened up occasional deep passes. This season, for example, Georgia Tech has had 30 plays of 20 yards or more, and five of its touchdowns came on plays of 50 yards or more.

Virginia Tech’s defensive weakness has been its susceptibility to big plays. This season, the Hokies have allowed 22 plays of 20 or more yards as a result of poor tackling, mental mistakes, miscommunications and sometimes a combination of all three.

It’s weird to think of a Virginia Tech game as a potential shoot-out, but there it is.

On the other side of the coin, Georgia Tech hasn’t shown that it can stop an offense with a pulse all year.  When you get the likes of Mark Bradley making comparisons with Georgia defensively that come off in Willie Martinez’ favor, that can’t be good.


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2 responses to “Tech tales

  1. Ray

    “My brother, the Georgia Tech fan”

    I feel your pain, man. My sister went to Tech and her husband played on the ’90 team.


  2. Ben Rockwell

    With UGA’s D showing an inability to stop the run recently (esp when well-blocked) AND the susceptibility of our secondary to getting beaten by the midrange to deep ball, I’m hoping Tech doesn’t make the 51-7 beatdown of 2002 look like child’s play…