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Big game Bob

Here’s a helluva set of matching stats to compare and contrast:

… With Saturday’s 16-13 loss to Texas, [Bob Stoops] is now 6-9 in games decided by 3 points or less.

Texas Coach Mack Brown, however, thrives in nailbiters. His team’s victory made him 18-4 in games decided by 3 points or less while at Texas.



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The fix is in.

For those of you under some delusion after yesterday’s results that Georgia has a fighting chance in Jacksonville this year, let me point out to you that this Tim Tebow rush (h/t NateR at PennWagers.com)

had this result in the eyes of the officiating crew:

2nd and 9 at ARK 27  Tim Tebow rush for 9 yards to the Ark 18 for a 1ST down.

Of course, he would have gotten the first down on the next carry anyway, right?  The refs were just being efficient.


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When Irish eyes are paying…

Another great moral victory in South Bend against Southern Cal.  Any word yet on Charlie Weis’ contract renogtiation?


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Thoughts from Music City: at least they’ve got a pulse.

I’m back from cooler than usual Opryland.  It’s always a good thing to watch your team emerge with a conference win on the road, especially when they’re 3-3 going in.

First thought after the game:  remember, that was Vanderbilt.

Second thought after the game:  if Bryan Evans starts in Jacksonville, they should make Martinez hitch back to Athens.

Third thought after the game:  Bobo needs to ditch the I-formation.

As for my thoughts during the game, here’s a sample:

  • For all the angst and disappointment that characterized Dawg fans after the Tennessee loss, that was an impressive turnout by the visitors.  Easily a quarter of the crowd was in red.
  • And that was a good thing, because that place emptied out more quickly and quietly after Georgia went up 27-10 than I could have imagined.  One minute the Vanderbilt fans were there and the next – poof! – they were gone. I guess they’ve had lots of practice.
  • Before A.J. went on that 65-yard scamper, that may have been the deadest atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at a Georgia game, home or road.
  • Of one thing there is no doubt:  Larry Smith is the worst starting quarterback in the SEC.
  • I’ve come up with a catchy name for the punt return team – the “They Can’t Handle the Fake and Chew Gum at the Same Time” Squad.  It is amazing that it’s come to this, but evidently the coaches believe the only way they can guard against the punt fake is to leave ten defensive starters in with Logan Gray and play a base defense.  That is miles beyond pathetic. It’s also a more telling indictment of how lousy the special teams coaching is than Fabris’ directional kicking fantasy.
  • What makes it even worse is that we were reminded more than once yesterday that Prince Miller is a damn fine punt returner.
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe yesterday marks the first time all season that Georgia didn’t allow an opponent special teams return of more than 20 yards.  Of course, why build on something like that when you can order a directional kick that goes out of bounds just before the half?
  • Two things you can count on with Georgia’s pass defense:  Brian Evans’ inability to cover and the tight end having a good day.
  • I honestly don’t know how SEC refs keep a straight face as they decide whether or not to call unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Don’t kid yourself; the running game is still in very bad shape.  The yardage stats were pumped up in the two final series after Vandy ran out of gas.  I’m not kidding with my post game comment.  Bobo needs to ditch the I, except when the game is out of hand.  For one thing, they simply don’t have the personnel at tight end or fullback to block effectively and consistently.  Combine that with how utterly predictable the play calling out of that formation is, and it’s no surprise at how unproductive the running game is.  (To be fair, I was pleasantly surprised with the formation Bobo called for Caleb King’s TD run.)
  • The call and execution on Caleb King’s TD reception was as good as anything I’ve seen this season.  More please, fellas.
  • A.J. is so money they ought to put his picture on the ten dollar bill.  He didn’t even look like he was exerting himself on that TD catch.
  • Cox still locks on to receivers more than he should, but at least he seemed aware of how often Vandy was rolling safety help over on top of A.J.
  • On the other hand, I don’t know what he was thinking with that throw to Orson Charles that was intercepted.
  • It was good to see the body language on those kids in the second half of the fourth quarter.  Even if it was Vandy.


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