The fix is in.

For those of you under some delusion after yesterday’s results that Georgia has a fighting chance in Jacksonville this year, let me point out to you that this Tim Tebow rush (h/t NateR at

had this result in the eyes of the officiating crew:

2nd and 9 at ARK 27  Tim Tebow rush for 9 yards to the Ark 18 for a 1ST down.

Of course, he would have gotten the first down on the next carry anyway, right?  The refs were just being efficient.


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  1. Saw that on the vent. Just despicable. I can’t believe how many breaks this team is getting.

  2. When I was watching the game, I was pissed they were stopping the clock to measure, giving UF a free timeout. I fully expected them to then pull the chains a yard past the ball.

    When it was actually a first down I figured the first down line must have simply been wrong. But no, they actually spotted the ball on that play inside the 18-yard line.

    That was the same crew as the LSU/UGA game, fwiw. 2nd big game they have let completely get away from them in the final minutes.

    • Dog in Fla

      The SEC will probably make us lucky enough to get that same crew again as our special Halloween officiating present in Jacksonville.

    • Bill

      I thought the spot was incorrect at that point in the game but just figured the yellow imposed line was wrong!! Tebow was a yard short of that 1st down…the officiating in this game was inexcusable and something needs to be done! I know you cannot change the game, but those officials AND the person who manages those officials all need to loose their jobs.

      • Hog Fan

        They won’t, cause they can get pocketed twice when they ref for florida or LSU. Did anyone see the amount of penalties Ark had and yards, compared the sucky gators, now is that lopped sided or what..

    • mehdi

      First of all, the spot, albeit incorrect, was not 1.5 yards off. Watch the actual video. It is just an error, not a conspiracy.

      Second of all, big whoop, it would have been 3rd and 1 with us already in position for the game winning FG…..and therefore had no bearing on the game.

      All these gator haters should stop whining so much and just wait to celebrate if we get beaten. Do you know how much joy we gators get in seeing all of you act the fool on every little thing with the Gators or Tebow….it’s like a sideshow!

      • Hog Fan

        Florida is not that great,, sorry to say,,lol. 2 calls that resulted in you guys scoring points got you the game win.. So you just better keep your mouth shut you got the win.

  3. Wolfman

    I wondered about that when I was watching the game. Verne and Gary didn’t even say anything. I figured that couldn’t have been correct.

    • Dog in Fla

      Verne and Gary work for the same Corporation that is arranging the blockbuster #1 v. #2 The SEC Championship Game Grudge Rematch Special in The Dome between two (count them, 2) undefeated teams wherein Bama looks good through the end of three quarters but Urban then drives the stake through Nicky’s heart again in the fourth quarter.

      • mehdi

        let me guess, Verne and Gary met with the officials, Urban, and Tebow before the game and decided the plan of action. Jeez, what planet are you all on. The are always bad calls, especially with SEC officials.

        The only difference is when they are against us, we still win because we are good, unlike the bulldogs who lose because they are bad and then whine, whine, whine, whine about how the world is against them and this in unfair and we wish the gators weren’t no. 1 and did not systematically whoop us 9 out of every ten years.

  4. Spence

    Did anyone hear Verne in the first quarter say that Arkansas probably fumbled the ball (on the 1). The replay showed the runner’s knee was CLEARLY down and then he slammed the ball down ON THE GROUND where it proceeded to shoot into the air. Somehow, if it’s against UF, that equals a possible fumble that must be reviewed.

    Makes me sick.

    • Puffdawg

      did you catch Verne say they might rule it an incompletion when the Arky receiver fumbled into the endzone and recoverd his own fumble on their last touchdown. Uh, Uncle Verne, he had possession for right at about 7 seconds and 70 yards. I don’t think it was an incompletion.

  5. Richt needs to be pulling a Spurrier this week and putting together a tape of all the push-offs, personal fouls, taunting, and excessive celebration UF gets away with. It’s not going to make a hill of bean’s difference in the game, but the SEC is going to lose all credibility if this double standard isn’t corrected.

  6. UFTimmy

    Saw a screenshot from earlier on the play. The tv line was off by a yard. Favorable spot for that last little bit? Probably. But not as egregious as it seems from your picture.

    • GFY. What’s your explanation for the multiple push-off by DBs and WRs that NEVER get called, and Tebow being allowed to act like a f’ing idiot after every 3 yard 1st down run with NO excessive celebration call.

      You’re too far in the forrest to see the trees, but the officiating double standard is out of control.

      • UFTimmy

        What’s your explanation for Cunningham getting tackled on Arky’s TD pass on 3rd and 17?

        It’s officiating. You win some. You lose some. No game is perfect.

        Did Cooper commit interference on the play? Sure. But I’ve never seen an offensive player get called just trying to break the pass up.

        Btw, here’s the screen shot showing the CBS line was off by a yard.

        • CLEARLY Tebow is down at the 19. You were trying to make it to the 18. Regardless of where the line was, the second coming of Christ was stopped a yard short. The refs gave him a free yard and a half. REGARDLESS of the line on CBS, the refs don’t see that and only know where the chains are. The chains were at the 18. Explain.

          • AG

            Will, if you look @ the 1st down marker (orange posts) in the link that UFTimmy posted, they were @ the 19 yard line, not the 18.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Where did they spot the ball?

    • J-J-Jimmy, Very Much

      T-T-T-Timmay! They spotted the ball inside the 18. You may feel better explaining that away by suggesting it was just a technical malfunction, but that doesn’t explain where the ball was spotted, nearly 1.5 yards away from where he was down.

      Nor does it explain the arse pirate, Riley Cooper, mugging the Arkansas DB to prevent the pick in the end zone.

      I’m pissed at Tejada for missing those 2 FGs, but the zebras made absolutely certain UF had every opportunity to win that game and preserve the big match-up of undefeateds in early December in the ATL.


  7. Irishdawg

    Petrino should be up Mike Silve’s ass with a hot poker this week after that criminal display by the referees. I am sick of this garbage. One week they steal a game from Georgia, then they give a game to Florida. I’m not being conspiratorial when I say there is something seriously shady going on with SEC officials this year.

  8. Wolfman

    I don’t know if I buy all the Verne and Gary bashing, though, even though I may have indulged in a bit myself. I remember Gary being particularly astonished at that personal foul call when UF was driving to tie up the game. It was quite an astonishing call. Have SEC refs been taking classes from the Pac-10?

  9. Verne actually called that he didn’t make. When Verne can tell live where the spot should be, that is not a ringing endorsement for the refs.

    i also enjoyed tebow’s celebration after a decent run. it was orson charles’ celebration if orson was more flamboyant, excessive, and awkward.

  10. Brandon

    Somebody needs to put together a montage of flag/no-flag personal foul calls, showing Tebow’s behavior versus what others do to draw flags, it is really unbelievable.

    • mehdi

      you should all stop whining so much. There were bad calls that went for Arkansas and bad calls for the Gators. Did the refs make you miss the FG’s or fail to seal the deal. Whining about a flag on 2nd down when a team has already driven 50 yards and then easily scores is just sour grapes. Bad refs are everywhere, enough of your silly conspiracy talk.

      btw, I’d like to see your Tebow comparison video so I can confirm you are a whiner and re-live all those tebow conversion.

  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m sorry, I don’t think there is anything intentional in the officiating. I think there may be something to the fact that the officials have an extra reflex the past few year for helmets with the G on them, but I can’t see them favoring Florida.

    Florida has never, never been anybody’s second favorite team. Their coach has a way of turning off everyone he comes into contact with, and their best player is sanctimonious, obnoxious, and cries when he loses.

    I’m not being naive, I just think things are wild enough in this world without conspiracies.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    The Florida-LSU showdown in Baton Rouge gets more attention if both teams are undefeated than it does if LSU’s coming off of a nationally-televised upset in Athens.

    And the conference championship gets more attention if it’s #1 vs. #2 than it does if Florida’s been embarrassed by an unranked team.

    No matter how well we block. No matter if our RBs finally produce. No matter if Cox has another performance like the one he had against Arkansas. No matter if Bobo calls all the right plays. No matter if our defense plays its best game. No matter what: we absolutely will not win in Jacksonville. The higher-ups simply will not allow it.

    • amarie

      maybe need to neutralize them. How about first play, uga players, instead of going after fl players, hit all the zebras instead.

    • mehdi

      whine, whine, whine….blah, blah, blah….A georgia fan saying they won’t beat the gators because of the refs is just ridiculous. Here’s the fact: You can’t beat the Gators because you are Georgia and your team is not as good.

  13. Jbird

    You wanna see some funny stuff from the refs… how they protect bammer in Jordan Hare Stadium come Thanksgiving…and the sad part is bammer won’t even need the help. War Eagle anydamnway.

  14. Bob B Itching

    For anyone saying that those calls are not suspcious does not watch every Florida game. I live in Florida and my roommate is one of those freak, over the top gator fans, so I see them all. If you don’t recall…not only was the ball spot incorrect, but the personal foul was non-existant, and the pass interference call was lame. Even Gary Do Do Danielson mentioned that UF’s line moved and “there is no call”. Only UF can have their WR actually jump on and ride an opponent DB’s back and get away with it.
    And lets not forget the one pass TD against LSU. It’s not quite legal to pull the defender backwards to get around him. Also if the O-line and the Center are jerking their heads and moving the ball, that is also not quite legal. As in “within the rules”. LSU had to hit the Center before they got a call. But lets not forget the UGA/FL game last year. Although UGA got their butts handed to them, the same types of things occured, ie. Louis Murphy’s TD catch. It’s now called a “Senior Move” or a “Slingshot move”, when actually it’s illegal. It hasn’t been “win some/ lose some” regarding calls and Florida for a few years now. If it’s not a conspiracy, then it’s refs that just make mistakes where in complete coincidence the big ones help the gators.

  15. Dax

    That first down spot reminds me of the one they gave Tebow last year in the WLOCP when he was stopped a yard short. Anyone remember that one?

  16. Bobby Fenton

    The personal foul call was terrible. It happens at least once a game in the SEC. SEC officiating is terrible.

    But the Florida conspiracy stuff I find hilarious. First of all, the television broadcast is confusing everybody. In reality, the spot was not that bad and the line to make was far off on television. I just watched it again to make sure.

    Second of all, Florida was getting ready for the winning field goal. That play was second down. Even if it’s 3rd and 1, what does it change? You guys act like without that first down Florida is instead attempting a 65-yard field goal.

    Again, the personal foul stuff is legit. Total bullshit.

    • big hog

      wha tit did was caused ark to used all its time outs. when they would of had one left and possibly could throw over the middle before the final throw.

      • Leems

        No it didnt. even if you’re correct (which you arent) then it would have been 3rd and inches at the 19 yard line and you still would have had to burn a timeout and Tebow would have run for the first down on 3rd down or just kicked the FG from there.
        As others have pointed out, the line to gain was the 19 yard line, not the 18. The yellow line on tv is off by a yard. The ball is clearly spoted at the 19 or just before the 19, which is an accurate spot.

  17. keith

    Are you saying the personal foul penalty was total BS?

    And we are speaking of the 2 horrible calls that were given to UF on the TD drive in the 4th quarter, not the FG drive.
    Bad interference call in the endzone and worse personal foul called on Arky when the UF player was trying to blind side him.

    • Bobby Fenton

      Yes, the personal foul penalty on Arkansas was awful (almost all p.f. calls are, but that one in particular). The ball spot error being discussed in this thread was on the final field goal drive, though, and was not actually a mistake and had no affect on the game either way anyway.

      As for the pass interference, I don’t think that was a bad call. The guy had no idea where the ball was and made no play on it. Even for those who disagree, though, at worst it could’ve gone either way and was hardly some blatantly horrible call.

      And as Timmy mentioned above, there was an EGREGIOUS act of holding on Arkansas’ long touchdown pass.

  18. BeerMoney

    These two sites break it all down for you.

    We will have to play 11 vs. 17 in Jacksonville. Simply firing these guys is too kind for all of the hurt and anguish they cost those who play and follow the game.

  19. Seriously

    This is truly funny! Usually, you wait until AFTER the game to claim your team lost because the refs were against your team or favoring the other team. Better to start laying the ground work two weeks before the game when you know you will be getting your ass handed to you on a platter, I guess.

    It may have been a bad spot, but so what? You think Sturgis would have missed the game winning field goal with the ball spotted at the 19 yard line? You think the Gators can’t get a first down on 4th and 1? There are bad/missed calls all over the field in every game. It only matters if they change the outcome of the game or if the bad calls were one-sided and neither is true in this case (unlike the UGA/LSU game where the refs gift-wrapped the game for LSU).

    • The Realist

      The bad calls were particularly one-sided. It’s not that calls aren’t missed here and there for each team, but in the 4th quarter when Florida needs a TD drive, the refs make two horrible calls back-to-back moving the ball from the 36 to the 10. Florida scores on the next play.

      Then, with Florida needing a game-winning field goal on Arky’s 40 on 2nd and 10 with a little over a minute to play, they get a well-timed (coincidentally of course) no-call on offensive pass interference (that could have been an interception) that would have moved the ball back into Florida territory and made it 2nd and 25. Fortunately for Florida the call wasn’t made, they pick up the first down, and they drive on to get the winning field goal.

      Forget the spot, the game was over after these three horrid calls… all in Florida’s favor… all with the game on the line… coincidentally, of course.

      • JJTide

        FLorida got the same kind of calls in the SEC championship game in the 4th qtr last year.

        One was a no call on an obvious intentional grounding by Tebow that setup the go ahead TD.

  20. Mike

    Is this what a once proud Georgia football program has been reduced to doing? Complaining about a referee call in a game that the Bulldogs aren’t even playing in?

    My, my, my

    • Is this what a kibitzer has been reduced to doing? Complaining about opinions on a blog that’s not in any way affiliated with the Georgia program?

      My, my, my

    • Macallanlover

      Weird comment. I might could understand if this was just whining about questionable calls that happened to UGA in insignificant moments. But this is a discussion of visible, irrefutable calls that continually impact the outcome of SEC games. This is a HUGE point, and with the millions of dollars at stake, deserves some discussion. If a large group of fans feel there is an ongoing problem with officiating in the SEC, they have a responsibility to see that issue is addressed. UGA isn’t the only school being screwed by this, and our LSU hose job, and Arky’s on Saturday are just two of the glaring examples of incompetence/dishonesty with SEC officials. I feel the bad officiating began in the mid-1990s, and it is on display thoughout the season, and in bowls.

  21. gatorhead1013

    The CBS yellow line was off by one yard. The line to get was the 19.

    But yeah, the refs blow.

    See you in Jax poodles.

    • Hackerdog

      Check the pictures that don’t use the CBS line. The refs still gave UF a yard.

      It’s sad that your team needs multiple bogus calls by either biased or incompetent refs to defeat an unranked team. I thought you were supposed to be the best team in the country.

  22. Seriously

    I’ll agree with many Dawg fans here that the personal foul call against the Razorbacks with 7+ minutes left in the 4th quarter was bogus, but all these delusional “conspiracy” posts are a bit out there, guys.

    • Turd Ferguson

      You’re forgetting a few things about that game:

      1. The pass interference call against Arkansas.

      2. The no-call on Cooper’s offensive pass interference.

      3. The no-call on all of the Gators’ celebrations, especially good ol’ Tebow, who simply cannot contain himself after falling forward for a couple yards.

      I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy. I’m just saying that the Gators are either (a) UNBELIEVABLY LUCKY to have gotten so many of the refs’ decisions to go their way in one game (especially in the 4th quarter, when they mattered most), or (b) it wasn’t luck. But if it wasn’t luck, then what was it?

      • Seriously

        #1 – Actually, I didn’t forget that one, I mentioned it in my comment.

        #2 – I didn’t get to see that one and forgot to record the game so I’ll take your word on this one. I know Cooper got away with a “slingshot” offensive pass interference against LSU, so it certainly appears believable to me.

        #3 – Is a UGA fan actually wishing SEC refs would throw more illegal celebration flags? REALLY??!!

        I just don’t buy the conspiracy theory in this case. The CIA didn’t kill Kennedy, Obama was not born in Kenya, and the SEC is not propping up Florida.

        • “I just don’t buy the conspiracy theory in this case. The CIA didn’t kill Kennedy, Obama was not born in Kenya, and the SEC is not propping up Florida.”

          Yes, they did. Yes, he was. And yes, you can bet your sweet fucking ass they are and have been forever. The SEC and the media were trying to sell Florida as a national power back in the 80s when they had never even won a conference title.

          Stop being so naive and open your eyes.

          • Seriously

            Settle down, Frances – I’m sure you’ll find the Xanax soon. Just put the bullets away and keep looking for the pills.

            …and stop writing about my “sweet fucking ass”, TRI GUY – I don’t swing your way.

    • Hackerdog

      Like the UGA/LSU game, I think incompetence is a better explanation than conspiracy. But when one team gets multiple calls that are seen by everyone outside of Gainesville as bogus, when the game is on the line, thereby affecting the outcome, then it’s not crazy to ask whether bias is at work, or whether the refs’ incompetence just coincidentally favored Florida at every crucial moment.

  23. Max

    They also showed a stat Saturday that Tebow was 1-5 when trailing in the 4th quarter, then Danielson went on to gush about how Tebow simply WILLS his team to victory and how he does it EVERY time, (the graphic a couple minutes prior not withstanding!!!)

    Geez, can’t we just appreciate him without falsifying the record. He’s now 2-5 when trailing in the 4th qtr. As USA Today said, “David Greene became known as a “cardiac kid” after leading his team to victory by staging fourth-quarter rallies in seven contests (five of those rallies came vs. nationally-ranked teams at South Carolina in 2004, Clemson, Alabama and Auburn in 2002 and Tennessee in 2001)”

    That’s just what a good QB does. 1-5 (now 2-5) doesn’t scream “Mr. Clutch” though??

    • mehdi

      I love you Georgia fans, all talk and no walk but entertaining with your lunacy.

      Surprise surprise, Tebow has lost 5 games (4 in 2007, one since) as a starter in his career and therefore was losing in 4th qtr in all 5. Don’t hate him because we rarely trail. How many games did Greene lose, at least three against the gators.

      Listen, I understand all the envy that comes from Georgia about Florida…you used to better than us…like when I was 4….but really all your whining nowadays just makes you guys look weak…like anemic poodles.

      So until you are able to do better than beat us once every ten years, I will continue to laugh at this non-sense.

      ps. it’s okay, one day the dawgs will beat the gators again..and you will get to be king for a day. Till then, enjoy the annual beatdown.

  24. DawgBiscuit

    The fix is indeed in. Looks like the Mayor of Dawgtown’s conspiracy theory may not be so crazy after all.

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  26. ADawg

    I say with a perfect understanding that I will get flamed for it. In the eyes of the officials:

    Tebow celebrating like a damn fool after every small accomplishment = great leader firing up his team and the crowd = white guy.

    AJ Green, Orson Charles, Rontavious Wooten showing a brief spark of emotion after a great play = thug drawing attention to himself = black guy.

  27. AceG8tr

    Excellent move, dawgs. Superb strategy. Begin setting up the excuses weeks in advance. My compliments.


    • What, you don’t think “our quarterback has a bad shoulder” works for us this year? 😉

      • Seriously

        At least Gators fans didn’t use that excuse BEFORE the game. 🙂 They had enough confidence to wait until AFTER the Dawgs spanked them to select reasons (though wrong) for their failure. (The Gators defense lost that game – little to do with Tebow’s shoulder).

        • mehdi

          Live it up Georgia fans, your mighty victory against the Gators in 2007 is surely one of the greatest moments in UGA history. And to be honest, even us gators look on it fondly, because if we don’t allow you to win once every ten years, you start all that whining about no wanting to play us in Jville……we have to give you some hope….especially since 9 out of every ten years we just treat you like a disobedient child.

          Have you even been in the national title hunt since Herschel left. Oh wait, you did go 13-1 one year and missed out the BCS title game because of that one loss…….who was that loss against again…..oh, yeah, ron zook!

          suck it poodles and we’ll enjoy whooping you again because that what we do…..maybe you can blame on the refs but we all know the truth….YOU ARE NOT A GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM!

  28. TheT12

    My thoughts on the refs:

    I don’t think they intentionally favor any one team, but they’re so bad, it sometimes just happens that way. I also think that a prerequisite for officiating in the SEC is to finish top 3 in a special olympics event. They’re naturally going to favor Tebow a little, cause he probably was the presenter of medals and maybe even circumcised a few after the event. I’m like most SEC alums….I hate several other SEC teams. However, as much as I’d like to say that the refs favor the Viles, Barners, Corndogs, etc….I think the refs are just mentally challenged and it’s a crapshoot for who is going to get the crazy calls on a given Saturday. Roll Tide!

    • TheT12

      Also, for the record. Both LSU and UGA were hosed with ridiculous calls in their game. Again, while I don’t think they favor 1 team over another, I do think they intentionally made their presence felt. They wanted to show that they could interpret/call ‘unsportsmanlike’ however they damn well pleased. If the game is cleanly played, refs should be all but invisible.

  29. Mike

    The CBS line was off, get over it.

  30. Whiskey Chainsaw

    Found this thread from somewhere on the interwebs. First, Mehdi, stop trolling. I don’t think one person responded to you despite your constant “last word” mentality. Okay, moving on. This is gonna get long, and I apologize in advance.

    I’m a UW/Seahawk fan. To say I dislike the officials would be an understatement, and anyone that doesn’t think officials can negatively affect the outcome of the game is watching the game through black and gold (stealers) or blue and orange (Gator), or blue and white glasses (duke.).

    Officials make calls, bad ones, that too often benefit the superior team. This then upsets fans of the underdog, who realistically just want an even shot in a fairly officiated game. Meanwhile, Mehdi over there is saying crap like, “Well, but your team didn’t overcome it.” No. They didn’t.

    Strangely, they rarely do, because they have to overcome far more than do the other team. It’s easy to say, “Well, your team didn’t go out and overcome the calls” when your own team didn’t have to contend with crappy officiating.

    Maybe you saw the UW/ND game where somehow our TD got not only overturned (when did “conclusive” become “hmm, I think this might be right?”) but moved back half a yard. Simply amazing.

    At ND of all places. I know, shocking. Yes, the Huskies could/should have scored on the other 10 plays or so from inside the five. But we didn’t. And I blame the officials as much as the poor play calling. Because, well, we did score. And it got taken back somehow.

    How does this tie in? Because I felt like the ‘Backs were getting the same snow job I’ve gotten so used to as a PNW fan. In the 4th quarter, it almost always gets worse, not better.

    First I saw first a bad PI call. Fine, that one can be chalked up to the officials make occasional mistakes, and it is a tough call to make. But, if you are going to make it (or not) at least be… oh, I don’t know, CONSISTENT.

    But to follow that up immediately with a phantom personal foul? SEE IT. Don’t simply anticipate. SEE IT, men in stripes!

    Conveniently for Mehdi and his ilk, when the officials “anticipate” they always do so in a way that favors the “superior” team. Why? Because they believe the superior team to be just that, superior, so when events happen that displace that (unintentional, even) bias the refs react by anticipating that something illegal must have happened to challenge their assumptions.

    Tebow underthrows a WR? NEVER. Must be PI. A Florida lineman gets knocked on his ass? Must have been a cheapshot. Tebow underthrows a receiver (again)? Didn’t happen, and neither did a blatant offensive PI to stop the INT.

    As for the “Tebow celebration factor,” I’m going to keep my eyes open in future Florida games. I have a pretty wide stance as far as celebration though, so as a neutral fan this didn’t seem a huge point of contention.

    Honestly, I was pretty neutral watching this game, but I was frustrated at the poor calls all going Florida’s way. Surprised? No, not really. Sadly, I’ve gotten used to it.