When Irish eyes are paying…

Another great moral victory in South Bend against Southern Cal.  Any word yet on Charlie Weis’ contract renogtiation?


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3 responses to “When Irish eyes are paying…

  1. Won’t happen, b/c Norte Dame has too much pride, but Paul Johnson would be a perfect hire for them. Basically the same “restraints” that GT faces are more pronounced at ND, plus they played Navy for years, they know what he’s capable of.


  2. Dog in Fla

    So far no definitive word but some knowledgeable sources predict now that Onkel Charlie has replaced Lane as the nationwide frontrunner in moral victories after Lane’s very first SEC win last week, as part of the expected second additional ten year contract extension, Onkel Charlie will demand and get a padded executive toilet seat

    to make himself more comfortable whenever he has to do this…


  3. Wolfman

    I didn’t realize ND had so much in common with the South Carolina fanbase.