Kiffin watch: reaping what you sow

He was asking for the tiniest of favors, he thought.  Surely no one would mind.

Wrong, bacon breath.

Alabama denied a request by Tennessee to wear its home orange jerseys on the road against the Tide, Volunteers coach Lane Kiffin said Monday evening.

“In talking with some people in the offseason about the history here and both teams wearing the home jersey, I thought it would be something that would be really neat for our fans and for their fans,” Kiffin said. “We were approved by the SEC, and Alabama denied us that.”

I have no doubt that every Alabama fan with a pulse is deeply appreciative of Junior’s thoughtfulness.

Maybe the Laner should pick up the phone and lobby Nick Saban personally.  Even better, maybe he could have Lance Thompson call his former boss.  I hear Thompson is a fantastic people person.  He could probably smooth over this little unpleasantness.

The University of Tennessee made the hiring of former Alabama football assistant coach official Saturday with an announcement that new head coach Lane Kiffin had completed his coaching staff.

Thompson will coach linebackers at Tennessee.

Kiffin released a statement on his new staff that seemed to take a shot at Alabama, among other schools.

“To be able to take South Carolina’s recruiting coordinator, Mississippi State’s recruiting coordinator, Alabama’s best recruiter and Auburn’s best recruiter over the past 10 years was a great accomplishment for us,” Kiffin said…

Seriously, Junior can’t be that tone deaf, can he?  Does Nick Saban really strike him as a forgive and forget kind of guy concerning matters like this?

This is beginning to smell like a dangerous trap game for Alabama.  The Tide had better be careful, else Kiffin leaves Tuscaloosa with his second moral victory of the season.


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18 responses to “Kiffin watch: reaping what you sow

  1. UFTimmy

    You haven’t been paying close enough attention. UF was already his second moral victory of the season. They were claiming they should have beaten UCLA.

    And don’t forget their win over Auburn, 22 – 26.


  2. Seriously, who the hell does this guy think he is? His ballsiness is unreal. I don’t see how even the most passionate UT fan can see his behavior as anything other than childish and embarrassing.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Auburn requested to have a “Tiger Walk” when they played at Tennessee earlier this year, and were denied (rightly so, in my opinion).

    You really think other programs are going to give you a break when you aren’t willing to do so?


  4. Dog in Fla

    What did Lane do during the Tennessee bye week?

    Play the home game version of “What Not To Wear” with Nick. Lane played the role of Clinton.

    Nick and Mal Moore won but Lane still considers it to be a moral victory because he not only asked but got approval from the Home Office bunker in Birmingham for the Orange Dreamsicle outfits.

    Incidentally, this was the first and only thing about Lane that the Home Office has ever approved of but nevertheless Bama was impolite, therefore the moral victory goes to Lane.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    A warm handshake to Bama for telling Kiffin to go piss up a rope.


  6. Kiffikins

    Either my second moral victory, or my second SEC victory! 45-19.


  7. godawg

    If Kiffin wants to prove he can be magnaimous he should let the Coots wear their black home jerseys when they play in K’ville on Halloween.


  8. 69Dawg

    Lane was just copycatting his old team. USC and UCLA both wore their home jerseys last year in their game.


  9. Kent Mercker

    Has anyone noticed that Junior wears the hat of whatever network Tennessee will be on that week in his press conference’s?

    For example, Auburn week he wore an ESPN College Football hat. Today he had an SEC on CBS hat.

    He is such a tool. Does he really think that anyone watching that doesn’t know where, when, and what network his Vols are on? Does he think it sends a message to recruits, “hey, if you’re watching, check out my hat, that’s what channel we’ll be on this weekend.”

    Emabarrassing we lost to that clown.


    • Dog in Fla

      Life’s been good to Lane (played by Joe Walsh in the yellow hat) so far since Georgia came to town. At least up until Lane’s roadtrip to Tuscaloosa.


    • VolMan

      @GaFan: “Emabarrassing we lost to that clown.”
      Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. A lot of other fans will be saying the same thing. LOL


  10. The Realist

    Lane’s literally pulling every trick out of Pete Carroll’s hat. Next thing you know, Snoop Dogg will be showing up at their practices and Will Ferrell will be doing stand up in a speedo. I’m just waiting on the UT song girls. What a treat for the eyes that will be.


  11. TommyJack

    You mopes don’t get it. CLK does nothing without a reason. Perhaps he KNEW permission would be denied. No BFD anyway. Fear the Kiffin.


  12. Love him or hate him…Kiffin has your attention and most likely your star recruit!
    GO VOLS!!!


  13. Vol85

    You idiots crack me up. Kiffin is under your skin so much, you actually think Bama won some kind of revenge victory by saying no to this perfectly reasonable request. BTW, if Bama had given some kind of reason/explanation for why they decided to say no, this probably wouldn’t make them look so bad. You probably don’t even know where the home-and-visitor jerseys thing came from, or when, do you? It was something they started in the 60’s so people watching black-and-white TVs could tell the difference between the teams. There’s nothing actually traditional about it.

    Oh well, should still be a good game this weekend. I wonder if Saban will find any new ways to cheat, since the field goal cheating got exposed?


  14. Not Bama

    Bacon breath…HAHAHA! Kiffin actually brings home the bacon….Or you, “tool” would not have anything to cry about. How do I know you are a tool? I looked up, simplest tool known to man and you poped up!


  15. vols1987

    you may be the most ignorant jackasses alive! this is what ut-bama use to always do when they played each other. don’t believe me, look at the 1976 sports illustrated cover. btw, part of the deal was for bama to wear crimson in neyland next year. who backed out now??


  16. allvol

    I smell fear. FEAR THE KIFFIN!