Wednesday morning buffet

A little of this, a little of that, this morning…

  • Steve Spurrier says Alabama lies and cheats.
  • Even Marcus Gilbert says Malcolm Sheppard didn’t do anything to justify a personal foul penalty.
  • Speaking of that game, this is great.
  • The Wiz looks at programs that are dead to Vegas.
  • Defending the BCS may become a full-time job.
  • How soon until Glenn Beck alleges that Goldy the Gopher has ties to the Obama administration?  The mascot is obviously a Godless commie.
  • Junior thinks a moral victory is going to be much harder to achieve against the undoubted #1 Crimson Tide.
  • Mississippi State folks hope Dan Mullen can become a verb just like Sylvester Croom did.  It’s not gonna happen this week.
  • Ed Gunther makes a compelling point about cupcake games“So of the $20 million or so that BCS conferences rake per year because of BCS games, they turn around and give probably $5-8 million of it to non-BCS teams. (If the BCS conference commissioners were so inclined, they could publicize the hell out of that fact, showing that while non-BCS teams don’t receive as much money from the BCS directly, they receive a lot more than people think indirectly. It would probably bolster their position that the BCS is good for football in general and at least quell some of the screaming from the lower levels about how they get the monetary shaft.)”  Maybe he should become the BCS permanent spokesman.
  • Finally, some things you wouldn’t want to see on a stadium Jumbotron.


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3 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. BullGator

    Kiffin said,
    “This is what you want. This is what you come to Tennessee for. You want to play in the big games,” he said. “No offense to the smaller schools we’ve played, but you come to Tennessee to play a No. 1 team and with a great rivalry like this, you couldn’t ask for much more.”
    Wait wait wait. You go come to UT to PLAy the number 1 team? I thought you went to a school to play football in hopes of BEING the no. 1 team. This explains a lot!


  2. Munson's Call

    Man I wish they had that Arkansas fan on tape when the zebras called the PI and the PF on the Hogs to give Florida the tying TD. He only thought what he saw had taken the cake and I bet his family would give a different answer to the “are you afraid of me or something?” question.


  3. keith

    I enjoyed watching that Arkansas fan. Glad to know I am not the only one that gets that involved in a game. I am SURE there are fans all over the country that are this passionate.

    On another note, that call was weird. The so called fumble on the goal line after that Mallet pass and long run. Why spend 5 minutes reviewing a call that doesn’t matter? After all he DID recover his on fumble.And I remember thinking, what the hell was Vern thinking when he said to Gary, will it be an incomplete pass then? WTF was Vern watching? Did he just forget that the receiver had just run 50 yds with the ball. I mean really.