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The Greatest Player of His Era

I think it’s safe to say Corch Meyers has gotten over this phase:

Meyer admitted Wednesday that he has a dark past, a red-and-black past.

“I was a Herschel Walker fan, like nuts about him, when I grew up,” Meyer said. “I actually was a huge Georgia Bulldog fan because of Herschel Walker.”



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“Obviously, that isn’t what happened.”

It probably won’t be a big surprise to anyone that I’m not particularly impressed with the Marc Curles mea culpa posted at ESPN.com.  And it’s not because he fails to apologize for the celebration call against A.J. Green.  It’s because he talks as if the call against Malcolm Sheppard came in a complete vacuum.

… Where I made the mistake is I didn’t see the whole thing. I didn’t see how it developed. I saw out of the corner of my eye what I thought was a foul. I can’t think something is a foul. I got to know it is. And that was my mistake. And I know better than that. What makes me mad at myself is that I know better than to call something if I didn’t see the whole thing…

He knows better than that. Really.  There was a public acknowledgement by the conference that the Green call wasn’t warranted.  So shouldn’t Curles have already been in the proper frame of mind before stepping on the field at the Swamp last weekend?  And why should we have any confidence that he’s learned his lesson now?


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What’s next, playoff tea parties?

I’m at a point where I confess that Clay Travis is one of those people whose reasoning is beyond my feeble mental ability to grasp.  He’s pumped up about PlayoffPAC, and bully for him on that.  But here’s why:

… The goal is to utilize social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to spread the PAC’s message. To accomplish this, the PAC has a board made up of six volunteers, among them two attorneys and several others with Capitol Hill experience. In many ways, the six are reflective of what could be the BCS’ most difficult combatants, intelligent and engaged fans who are better experienced with the tools of new media than the BCS itself.

And to me that’s the most interesting part of the new Playoff PAC, the degree to which the fan movement against the BCS is moving beyond message board and talk radio grumblings. The BCS believes their foe is disorganized and unintelligent, I think the reality is much different. Many people from all walks of life are beginning to operate the utilize the instruments of governance to draw attention to the current situation.

If I’m reading that correctly, Travis starts with a hideous assumption:  that an effort to “utilize the instruments of governance to draw attention to the current situation” is a good thing.  And who’s he kidding with that innocuous phrase, anyway?  Guys like Orrin Hatch aren’t interested in drawing attention to the BCS.  They’ve already done that, with little, if any, effect.  They want to force action on a playoff for D-1 football, whether by legislative threat or by a Justice Department antitrust investigation.

It’s kind of hard to see what Twitter and Facebook are going to do with that.

The naïveté on display here is impressive.  “The BCS believes their foe is disorganized and unintelligent, I think the reality is much different.” It is, but not for the reason Travis believes.  This isn’t some silly PR battle between angry fans and the suits from the Big Six conferences, the bowls and ESPN.  Ultimately, this is about money and who’s going to control its distribution.  That’s a battle to which the fans are a complete irrelevancy.

The BCS isn’t assessing the intellectual level of those in favor of a playoff – though, with people such as Joe Barton in the mix, it’s a valid consideration – it’s protecting its turf.  If there’s nothing concrete threatening that, it’ll be content to let all the new media wanking about a playoff go on forever.


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Lightening the load

Well, if Mark Richt has been disheartened over the scheduling difficulties his team has faced the last two seasons, he’s about to feel as if he’s died and gone to heaven.  Paul points us to this projected 2011 Georgia football schedule, and if it proves out, Richt’s looking at a year with seven home games, a bye week before the Florida game and no Alabama or LSU on the slate.  You can’t align the stars any better than that.

Given that the 2010 schedule doesn’t look as formidable as the last two years’ either, there’s ample opportunity to rebound from this year’s dip if the program gets its ducks in a row.


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Thursday morning buffet

Feel free to dig in.


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