The Greatest Player of His Era

I think it’s safe to say Corch Meyers has gotten over this phase:

Meyer admitted Wednesday that he has a dark past, a red-and-black past.

“I was a Herschel Walker fan, like nuts about him, when I grew up,” Meyer said. “I actually was a huge Georgia Bulldog fan because of Herschel Walker.”


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  1. Russell

    I would snicker, but it hurts too much.

  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Shove it, Corch.

  3. Left to Right

    I actually don’t think Myer is going to run the score up against us. He made his point last year and doesn’t have any particular animosity towards Richt. UF will play an almost disinterested game and win 38-10.

    • UGA’s defense will show up and keep it close against Florida’s above average offense. UF will win, but it won’t be a blowout. 24-14, UF.

      • D.N. Nation

        24-14 was the 2001 score. These two teams might not be that far off from their 2001 counterparts in terms of relative goodness.

        Which means we win the SEC next year. Huzzah.

  4. Dog in Fla

    Today’s Dear Mr. Fantasy Award Goes to Urban for his fine work in:

    This year’s Mississippi State game –
    “There’s no, ‘Let’s go beat Dan Mullen.’ We don’t do that.”

    Last year’s Georgia game –
    It is a big deal. I won’t forget it. I will write a book. I shall return. I am Spartacus. Which translates to
    “There’s, ‘Let’s go beat Mark Richt.’ We do do that.”

  5. Scott

    Hershel got the record in 3 seasons. If he had remained for his senior year, Tebow could not touch him.

  6. 81Dog

    I can barely remember Jake Scott and Bill Stanfill playing for the Bulldogs, though to my grade school self, Jake Scott was some kind of Superman. I never saw Trippi or Sinkwich play, even on tape, though I have no doubt they were superb players. That said, I have never seen a single college football player who did more for his team from the day he arrived until the day he left than Herschel Walker. The only one who comes close is Tony Dorsett.

    If you dont think Herschel Walker is the greatest college running back of all time, you must not have seen him play. He’s the greatest, most dominant college football player I’ve ever seen.

    • ESPN


      • bean

        herschel walker WAS the greatest college football player you had ever seen. then 2006 happened.

        • Well, Herschel was before my time, so the greatest college football player I’ve ever seen was Tommie Frazier. He, not Tebow, was the ultimate running QB threat.

          • bean

            Tommie Frazier was indeed also once upon a time WAS the greatest college football player i have seen. then 2006 happened.

            • 81Dog

              not sure what your point is here, Beano.

              In 2006, Tebow was a freshman. He was a bit player, cleverly used, but sparingly used, by Corch Meyers. Herschel’s freshman year? I don’t know if you heard, but Herschel took what had been a 6-5 team the previous year on his back and drug it to a national championship. He should have won the Heisman trophy as a freshman. Huge advantage, Herschel.

              In 2007, Tebow was a sophomore. He racked up gaudy stats, no doubt. He also led his team to 3 conference losses, and capped off his stellar year by losing to a Michigan team that had lost to perennial powerhouse Appalachian State in the Big House. Herschel’s sophomore year? Another SEC title, no conference games lost (he wouldn’t lose one in his entire career, either). One regular season loss on the road to eventual national champion Clemson, and one loss in the Sugar Bowl to Pitt on a last second, 4th down deep pass by Dan Marino (maybe you’ve heard of him), which was a lot more Bill Lewis’s fault that Herschel’s. Substantial advantage, Herschel. Oh, and Tebow got his ass spanked by Georgia that year. Herschel never lost to Florida.

              2008? Tebow and the Gator D win a national championship, though they do cough a home SEC loss to Ole Miss. Herschel’s junior year? Another undefeated regular season, another SEC championship, and a Heisman trophy, with a close loss to Penn St in the Sugar for the national title. Slight advantage to Tebow, but only because they won the national championship.

              As you may have heard, Herschel didn’t come back for his senior year. Had he done so, there’s very little doubt that he would have likely won another Heisman, that UGA likely would have won a 4th straight SEC title, and very likely would have been playing for another shot at a national title.

              Tebow’s a great player, and he’s had a great run at Florida, but he’s no Herschel Walker. If that was your point, well… have no point.

              • mehdi

                Herschel a beast no doubt, but you proved your own point….Herschel didn’t come back…so Tebow gets the nod because he will have done more.

                Who is more physically talented, you gotta say Herschel…but who was the best “college football” player…then its Tebow.

                • Will Q

                  Wow, can’t argue with that logic.

                  • 81Dog

                    it’s only “logic” if you pretend Tebow’s sophomore year never happened. Yeah, he was great. Racking up stats in garbage time against directional schools and bottom feeders isnt exactly the same as winning an SEC title, or contending for a national championship. Lots of players put up big numbers. Herschel put up big numbers, and won big games. UGA never lost to a collection of stiffs like the Michigan team that tanked to App State, and he never lost 3 SEC games in his career, much less one season. In fact, he never lost one in 3 seasons. You want to have Tebow’s picture airbrushed on the hood of your 91 Camaro, be my guest. He’s a great, great player. He just isnt the best ever.

                    Thanks for playing.

                • Logic impaired fan

                  By that logic, if Jonathon Crompton could play for 6 seasons, then he would be the best of all time.


                • 81Dog

                  Actually, Tebow doesnt “get the nod because he’s done more.” It remains to be seen what Tebow does this year. If he does anything this year, he’ll have a 3 year record of high accomplishment. He was basically a prop his freshman year. Meanwhile, Herschel was the keystone to HIS team winning a national title his freshman year.

                  Tebow has/had a 3 year record of work as a serious contributor. Herschel had 3 years. Tebow gets no special credit for playing 2 or 3 snaps a game as a freshman.

                  What Herschel probably would have done as a senior is certainly relevant to the discussion of how dominant/great he was as a college player. What Tebow actually did as a freshman doesnt do anything for his case, and he suffers hugely by comparison to Herschel as a freshman.

                  If Tebow manages to win a national title this year, he’s almost as good as Tommie Frazier. Tebow is a great player. Tebow ain’t as great as Herschel, and neither has anyone else ever been, either.

        • D.N. Nation

          Tebow : 2006 Florida ::
          Shockley : 2002 Georgia

  7. Hackerdog

    Hershel gained 150 yards against the #2 team in the country with a separated shoulder. We still have to hear about how 2007 would have been different if Tebow hadn’t bruised his non-throwing shoulder.

    GPOOE indeed.

  8. the Coondawg

    Please, Herschel was a man among boys. He’s like the storm of the century. We likely will never live to see another.

  9. Ken

    I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I can’t wait to see how the next wacky chapter in Herschel’s post football career plays out…the MMA stuff.

  10. Herschel ran track in the off-season and never touched a Filipino boy’s genitals.

    Close that book.

  11. Atlchris

    I think I’m gonna be sick…