“There are no Brett Favres in college.”

Thank God.



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2 responses to ““There are no Brett Favres in college.”

  1. Dog in Fla

    Brett Favre – The High School Years:

    “After four years of success Favre asked to come back, but due to graduation restrictions and the lack of need for a 20 year old five position player contract negotiations fell through and Favre asked his father for a release from the Hancock Hawks.”

    The above quote regarding Brett’s high school football career comes from the notable football authority ‘COED’ in its excellently researched and footnoted research project, ‘Bret Favre: The College Years’:



  2. georgiadawg85

    That article was pretty stupid. Typically those types of blanket remarks are made by somebody who has never watched the NFL and makes assumptions that he wants to. When part of your argument is “don’t you get tired of watching Peyton Manning play?”, you’ve got a pretty weak-ass argument.