“You know, it’s pretty simple. If you win, you feel pretty good.”

Kirk Ferentz is a funny guy, at least for a head coach.  Who does he blame for the BCS?  The President.

Not that one.

Do you have a gripe with the Bowl Championship Series? Blame Richard Nixon.

At least that’s a theory Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz tossed out earlier this week.

Ferentz, who grew up in Pittsburgh, was referring to the 1969 season, when President Nixon declared Texas the national champions and snubbed an unbeaten Penn State.

“Everybody was kind of mad about that in Pennsylvania,” said Ferentz, who was 14 at the time. “I think that’s probably why the BCS exists.”



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8 responses to ““You know, it’s pretty simple. If you win, you feel pretty good.”

  1. Brandon

    Nixon got blamed for everything else, why not the BCS, let’s throw George W. Bush on the fire while we’re at it, it must be his fault to. We can even start selling t-shirts which say “Bush lied, They were denied” and then list all of the teams with a gripe against the BCS since it started, Auburn 2004, Utah 2008, etc.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    You know, the man’s got a decent point. That year is the first national championship controversy that stayed around a while.

    The Penn State 1969 story shows a little eastern press bias. How many of the same people remember Bama getting snubbed in 1966. The bumper stickers said ‘To Hell With AP and UPI, Bama Is No. 1.’ The story also shows a little left wing press bias because it was Nixon who crowned Texas, not Johnson or Kennedy.

    Another Bama presidential story. In the early 60’s, Bama played Oklahoma, still coached by Bud Wilkinson. President Kennedy visited the Oklahoma locker room before the game, but not Bama’s. George Wallace was governor at the time (I’m sure Oklahoma was completely integrated, NOT, but that’s a digression). Bear Bryant made sure his players knew. You can fill in the rest.

    As long as we’re on Nixon, remember these bits of humor?:

    ‘Don’t change dicks in the middle of a screw, vote for Nixon in 72.’


    ‘Dick Nixon, . . . before he dicks you.’

    And later, the great Kinky Freidman:

    ‘My cat took a nixon in my shoe; roughly the shape of Nicaragua.’


  3. rbubp

    Oh, that is pretty rich, Corch Ferentz.

    The BCS exists because the top conferences wanted to horde 100% of the bowl money for themselves rather than the NCAA’s method of spreading it all around. And protecting that bowl money is why the BCS will never have a playoff, because a playoff would most likely require home games to generate the same attendance and ervenue figures…and that would leave out all of the shiny little bowl games. (Or if they co-existed they would become more obviously irrelevant so as to severely lessen their potential attendance).

    MONEY, people! The BCS is about money! And wanting all of it!


  4. rbubp

    Oh, sorry, Senator…

    I missed the bulging cheek too!


  5. D.N. Nation

    I blame Peyton Manning. He doesn’t tank against Nebraska in the Orange Bowl, the Huskers don’t have a good enough victory for the coaches to hand Tom Osborne a going-away title present, we don’t have a split national champ.