Burning question from Tuscaloosa

Here’s what I want to know:  Is Alabama the number one team in the country because Junior said so, or is Florida the number one team in the country because Junior’s moral victory against the Gators was less impressive than the one against the Tide?

Bonus question:  what was going though Marc Curles’ mind (because you know he was watching the broadcast) as he watched Cody running down the field with his helmet off after his game saving block?


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  1. Bonus answer: Nothing. His head had already exploded.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Clearly, the moral victory in Tuscaloosa was much greater than the one in Gainesville. Therefore the win goes to Alabama being number one because Lane said so.

    Lane, still flushed with the success of a big moral victory, in his post-game grabs the mic and tells the media in three words exactly what he did today…

    In the meantime, Curles who on this holiday weekend was entertaining other members of the crew at home watching the game had little thought in his mind that this was surely a poorly officiated game and hopes this crew gets suspended too…


  3. Ben Rockwell

    Out of curiosity, was there anything illegal there at the end? Danielsen (sp?) said so, but I don’t know those rules well enough to know one way or another. If the play is still live, I would think so. When, though, is it ruled dead? (Sorry for typos; on my iPod)


    • Turd Ferguson

      I think the play was still live until one of the Bama players actually went over and put his hand on the ball. So technically, a penalty should have been called on Cody for taking his helmet off on the field like that.

      Would Lincoln have made the second FG attempt from 5 yards closer? Probably not.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Cody took off his helmet while the play was still going on. That is an automatic unsportsmanlike penalty. It was not a dead ball foul. It is the same, for example, as a roughing the passer penalty when the pass is intercepted an the ball is run back for a defensive TD. The play is negated, the ball is placed down, the penalty walked off and the down is replayed. Even if time has run out, the game cannot end on a defensive penalty. Tennessee was entitled to another, untimed, down and should have been allowed another chance to kick, the second time from 15 yards closer.


      • Jim

        The blocked ball never crossed the line of scrimmage, meaning the game was still live despite no time on the clock. It was eventually touched by a ‘Bama player, which technically ended the game, but Cody already had his helmet off at that point. This was a HUGE blown call with National Title implications. Tennessee should have gotten another kick with the line of scrimmage at around the 13 or 14. I can’t believe that nobody is discussing this on ESPN or anywhere else. Tennessee coaches also need to teach their kids the rules, because one of them could have picked that ball up and taken it to the house.


  4. RedCrake

    Curles wasn’t watching the Bama game.

    He was busy fantasizing about next weeks Ga/Fla game when Penn Wagers will take the heat off him.

    He then remembered that the SEC doesn’t care about bad calls against Georgia and went back to crying in the corner of his bedroom, sobbing as he threw yellow hankies in the air.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Shifting gears to UF @ MSU.. let me get this straight:

    1) It’s okay for a UF player to strut the last 5-10 yards of an INT return w/o fear of a PF call.
    2) It’s also okay for said player to fumble at the TWO YARD LINE yet get credit for a TD.

    Hope none of y’all get your hopes up before the WLOCP this year.


  6. Aligator

    I for one agree on the last post, he should have gotten called and yes the ball was knocked out before he crossed the goal line.

    Yes, the play was still live when Cody took off his helmet, so there should have been a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty called, first down on the Alabama 13. That dude missed three field goals for the day by the way, he officially sucks deez nutts.

    Also, our offensive coordinator, Steve Addazio sucks way worse than yours. He calls his plays from the Waffle House menu. Here are some things we have learned about our offense this yea,that if you pass along to Martinez, you will win for sure.

    We can not score in the redzone.

    If we do score in the redzone, it is a field goal.

    We can score on the run in the red zone if we run out of the I formation, which we have done once this year.

    We are supposed to have a fast break offense this year, but because Addozio reads his plays from the Waffle House menu, we have to stand their and let him signal in any audibles.

    Tebow will either fumble, take a sack or throw an interception at least twice a game. When he does, it is usually in a place that allows the other team to score quickly.

    Tebow will run out of the empty back field everytime. The play is designed for a QB draw or a bubble screen, Tebow hates bubble screens.

    We purpousely give the other team interceptions, or fumbles whenever we can so we can keep the score close or be behind. That way Tebow can put it on his back one more time and be the hero. When we do win he says, “this is the SEC and we are undefeated”, still looking like the hero and keeping his Heisman trophy chances alive.

    Did I mention Addazio sucks my balls.



  7. Tebow’s numbers through the first 5 SEC games:

    2008 — 64.3%, 8.9 yds/attempt, 9 TDs, 2 INTs, 161.3 rating
    2009 — 63.4%, 7.9 yds/attempt, 3 TDs, 4 INTs, 131.8 rating

    2008 — 60 carries, 2.1 yds/carry, 5 TDs
    2009 — 106 carries, 3.9 yds/carry, 4 TDs

    Florida’s points/game through the first 5 SEC games:

    2007: 35.0
    2008: 42.4
    2009: 25.8

    They are running Tebow more than ever this year. But that is an offense we can defend well. Our weakness is in the passing game with our bad pass rush, young DBs, and mediocre safeties.

    If Cox can have a good game and we get any kind of running game, this is a Florida team that is beatable.


  8. Thaddeus Lewis

    All things considered, I’m having a better year than Tim Tebow.

    (If you’re wondering who I am, I’m Duke’s quarterback. I’m two wins away from a bowl. At Duke.)


  9. rbubp

    I was hit with the tinge of anger too over Cody’s helmet toss. But I am over it. In principle it should not be a penalty there.

    The reality is that the officials should not decide the game unless there is a blatant and game-changing violation where a clear advantage is created. We should have no interest in penalizing a player in a completely incidental situation like Cody’s when the game is on the line. Any other time, yes; but there should be such a thing as situational refereeing even if no one admits it: the players decide the outcome.

    They got it right for once. I was just disappointed that a. Lame Kitten ran the clock down when he knew his injured kicker’s leg was questionable from that distance; b. the Tennessee players made no effort to go get the blocked kick and run it in.


  10. norcalvol

    You guys over here are in a total tizzy.
    Move on.


    • ScooBoo

      Tell that to the tv broadcast teams for both, the UT/UA and UF/MSU games. In both, they were still railing against the SEC officials for continued blown calls. This problem doesn’t go away this week.


  11. Brandon

    I thought the Cody thing was a good no call, let the players decide the outcome, but you can guaran-damn-tee we would have been flagged.


    • Russ

      I agree. Technically, it should have been a penalty, but I hate the refs determining the outcome. This was a good no-call in my book.

      On the UF call at the goal line, the final replay looked like some sort of TV magic in syncing up the two views. While I’m sure it was the correct TV view (meaning he didn’t score), does the replay booth have that view? Until I saw that dual-view (after the replay was over, BTW), I couldn’t tell he didn’t score.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Whoever said before the season, that the SEC had weak quarterbacks this year, was right. Nobody is meeting expectations, much less been a pleasant surprise.


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    You know, I gotta smile at Aligator up there. Florida’s play this year would make Vince Dooley proud. On the other hand, welcome to the ‘We Hate Our Coordinator’ club. Dues are payable in adult beverages.

    We’ll trade won-loss records with ya buddy.


  14. Jim

    I agree they should not have flagged cody as there was no time left on the clock. The Alabama players who went over and touched the ball did the smart thing. I was surprised they were not diving on the ball so no one could pick it up and run with it.

    This may not be the best Fla team but they are going to kill us as our program has sunk to new lows. Next year maybe even worse if we keep the same coordinators.


    • rbubp

      Jim, I don’t think they kill us. The Tennessee game had a few x-factors, namely, coaches with pro experience that can outscheme the daylights out of our amateurs, us hanging our heads over the LSU loss, and UT at home and ragingly hungry for that first conference win.

      UF continuing to scrape by has set up rather nicely. They can remain overconfident on hero-man to bail them out of every mess and run that amazing Gator offense that looks like something from the 1930s. (Knute Rockne would have already ditched Tebow for someone who can pass on occasion. Man, he throws the ugliest ducks and has the slowest release I have ever seen in “Division I football.” I mean, UF fans have to know that part of the problem with their offense is Tebow’s unmentioned limitations. The guy can’t read defenses well, he can’t pass worth a damn and can’t make rather a lot of throws on the field. So he does the Baby Rhino thing on three plays out five, college football’s version of Allen Iverson. I can’t wait ’til the NFL tells him to go play “intermurals” so we won’t have to hear about him again except for exploits as a missionary in Africa or being nominated for sainthood before the age of 30. )

      I doubt UF can really blow out any competitive team this year; they aren’t constructed that way. It might be a 10-14 point win for them a lot like the MSU game, but a blowout is pretty unlikely.


      • Aligator

        Overconfident on hero man, last time i checked, he has been below average after his concussion?? I am telling you you guys may do well to just read my above pointers, pass them along to Martinez and then celebrate the win. This was the first time in years where i didn’t get upset during a game, because I have come to the above conclusions and readjusted my expectations. We are loafing so bad through games it is a joke!


        • rbubp

          Yeah, and I’m telling you that half the “problem” is that Tebow is being exposed for the limited player that he always has been. Your OC sucks, I’ll buy that; your QB isn’t a QB, he’s a running back who throws now and again. Duh. Imagine how much more the offense could do if UF had an actual quarterback who read defenses, checked down, and was capable of distributing the ball anywhere on the field.


        • pLANEolG8rB8

          UF staff is holding back, we have been in control of every game except Ark (due to turnovers and poor tackling) call UK coach and ask him about the UF OC and Offense this season. 31-0 1st qtr
          last years team scored more on defense and special teams and our offense has been having to drive the length of the field more.
          I’ll take TT and this offense, they might struggle some but this team knows how to win football games and that is good enough for me. It’s bad when 7-0 isn’t good enough for some of my UF brethren, it was a kick in the gut when Spurrier left UF because 10 win seasons weren’t good enough for our fan base. (bunch of spoiled friggin babies) When Urban hits the road due to the unrealistic expectations of UF fan I guess these same morons will cry rivers. It’s sad but true.
          UGA has won more games since M Richt took over than any other sec team, ya’ll don’t make the same mistake.
          One more thing. I like most Gator fans have developed such a hatred for the idiot running the team from NOX-ville that I think I am losing my edge vs UGA. Good luck guys see you on howlaween, God Bless


          • I agree with you about the UK game – that first quarter was the most dominant display I’ve seen from any team in the country, let alone the SEC, this year.

            I’m always a little skeptical about “holding back” talk, though. I agree to a certain extent that the playbook was limited against LSU because of Tebow’s physical status, but I just don’t think coaches hold back their game plans on a regular basis throughout a season. It’s too risky a strategy; these kids aren’t robots such that you can just flick a switch when you need it.


  15. PNWDawg

    Some very questionable no-calls occured in the Clemson-Miami and USC-OSU game last night. The Clemson tight end received a blatant helmet to helmet hit which nearly did him in. The OSU flanker had his helmet ripped off by the facemask after scoring a touchdown. In both cases the higher ranked team got the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy to help produce sexier matchups but I do believe the “better” teams tend to get away with more. Does any of this help us move on past the refs hate us because of the endzone dance? And if we are going to claim some type of conspiracy is going on can we at least make sure there is a link to area 51 or something like that?