Take this narrative and shove it.

I’m not sure whether it’s directed towards the WWL, the GPOOE™ or a little of both, but I’m digging Tavarres King’s sarcasm:

The college football world received daily updates.

The drama centered on whether the game’s most recognizable player – Florida quarterback Tim Tebow – was going to play or sit out a top-five showdown against LSU on Oct.10

“It was interesting,” Georgia receiver Tavarres King said. “I was wondering why I wasn’t on SportsCenter.”

King, like Tebow, had been recently diagnosed with a concussion.

Well played, sir.



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7 responses to “Take this narrative and shove it.

  1. American College Football Fans

    Who is Tavares King?


  2. American College Football Fans

    It wasn’t smack, dude. I don’t know who he is and neither do most college football fans. He is not the best player on the number one ranked team about to play arguably its biggest game of the year. I’m no gator fan, but its not tough to see why tebow’s injury was more newsworthy.


    • I guess it depends on whether you think the injury discussion is important in and of itself and whether it was necessary to report incessantly on a story that really didn’t have any significant developments until game time.

      Also, while I do post about college football in general, this is a blog oriented towards Georgia’s program.

      My apologies for the smack comment…


  3. American College Football Fans

    No worries, Senator. Just a huge fan with respect for Uga. I should have been clearer from the outset. Agreed that the Tebow concussion updates were annoying.


  4. Frankly, anything that brings more attention to the issue is a good thing imho.

    I think more attention should have been given to the fact that Corch Crier clearly doesn’t care about his players’ welfare. There’s no way Tebow should have played in that LSU game.


    • Turd Ferguson

      At no point during the “Will the doctors clear Tebow to play?” narrative did I actually think that Tebow would not play. There’s just no way that the powers-that-be would let that happen. Maybe he was legitimately cleared by truly objective doctors. But I really doubt that any sane doctor looked Urban Meyer in the face and said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of sending a recent concussion victim out on the field of Death Valley to play 60 minutes against an extremely physical defense.