Profiles in broadcast excellence

There were some impressive moments on TV yesterday worth noting.

First, Bob Griese let fly with this during the Minnesota-Ohio State game.

If that was stupidly tasteless, then Lee Corso’s comment about Arkansas on ESPN Gameday was tastelessly stupid.

But my favorite comment from yesterday was simply stupid.  It came towards the end of the first quarter in the otherwise forgettable Houston-SMU game, when the Houston defense sacked the SMU quarterback and forced a fumble on the SMU one yard line.  That sequence of events inspired this remark of genius from color commentator Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, who obviously wanted to show off that degree of his from San Diego State:

“In a capitalist society, you want to capitalize on something like this.”

That is chock full of teh awesome.


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26 responses to “Profiles in broadcast excellence

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Please tell me you’re kidding.


  2. Turd Ferguson

    The Corso comment had me laughing. Especially Fowler and Herbstreit’s reactions.

    The Griese comment … not so much. Feel bad for the other guys in the booth.


  3. bamadawg

    The Corso thing was funny but not tasteless. Shoot your wad is an old expression that used to refer to muskets that has only become dirty in the past 20 years. It’s kind of like the time Billy Packer accused somebody of “fagging out” for being lazy. I don’t think anybody would accuse Corso of being in the know of anything, much less sex slang.


    • baltimore dawg

      right. like the time my 80-year-old grandmother used the expression “shot their wad” as she described to me a how a late cold snap caused her azaleas to peter out. i almost spit out my beer at the time.


  4. Mid80sDawg

    Agreed on Corso, it is a term used for firing a gun/cannon/musket too early or at the wrong time, the person has wasted their shot and has nothing left.

    Griese comment was uncomfortable and uncalled for, glad he apologized on air.

    Akbar showed everyone why he does Houston vs. SMU, that is his level.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Griese, Corso and Akbar walk into a bar and tamale shop close to the San Diego State campus. It’s daybreak after a long hard night of partying in San Ysidro. Somehow they each ended up with a blue velvet painting of Elvis and tramp stamp tatts on their tailbones.

    Corso tries to order first but Griese interrupts him. Griese orders a round of Dos Equis for he and his two compadres and the party-size taco breakfast special for himself. Irritated by being intertupted like old men usually are, Corso tells the waitress to shoot an extra big wad of guacamole on the taco to make it extra Griese. Corso then orders his scrambled eggs ranchero and a marguerita shaken not stirred with an extra salt block on the side for himself.

    The waitress, perplexed, looks at the old man but Akbar tells her that’s a capital idea about the wad, go ahead and do it, there’ll be a big tip in it for her. Akbar leans over and tells her that they’re free market television stars in this capitalist society of ours so anything they say is okay. She says, “Right, Chief” to Akbar and wanders back to put the order in telling the short-order cook to rustle up some grub for the three wise men who just wandering in.


  6. Brandon

    I’ve heard Munson say ‘shot their waud’ before. I agree, it is an old expression not meant as sexual innuendo.


  7. The guys doing the Clemson Miami game were surprised when the team that won the toss chose to be on defense first…


    • Turd Ferguson

      Yeah, I caught that too. Then one of them said something like, “I guess the idea is that you want to see what the other team’s offense does, so you know what your offense needs to do.”

      That’s some ground-breaking stuff right there.


  8. rbubp

    I’m sure that Corso had muskets in mind when he made the comment.

    Hilarious, though, and Herbstreit’s reaction was priceless too!


  9. keith

    I am tired of the politically correct crap. What if Griese’s partner had asked, Where is Jr and Griese would have said, probably off drinking a Bud and eating a cheeseburger(or whatever else a white guy would eat)?
    Who would care? Nobody would say a thing. But let it be a minority and the crap hits the fan.
    Bunch of sensitive pan** waste.


    • georgiadawg85

      Are you kidding me? So you’re telling me that if he had said “Where’s Dale Jr.” and he had said “probably off at a clan meeting” you wouldn’t be offended? The comment was stupid and offensive.


      • Brandon

        I agree he shouldn’t have said it, but eating a taco and off at a clan meeting isn’t even close to the same thing


        • Dog in Fla

          But someone, especially a Columbian, having a taco at a klan meeting is a sign that the Imperial Wizard needs to once again tighten up security to keep infiltrators out of the business meetings.


      • Toom

        Dude, that is the worst analogy of all time!

        This reminds me of the Office episode when Michael asks if Oscar would prefer to be called something less offensive than Mexican.

        Sadly, that’s where we are. Eating tacos is politically charged and calling someone what they are is the highest offense.


  10. The Tick

    best gaffe of the weekend: late in the bammer game uncle verne referred to them as “this
    Auburn team …”
    that freudian slip probably caused missles to be launched at TV screens all over the state


    • Russ

      Yeah, I heard that as well. Uncle Verne is slipping a bit. GD covers well for him, but I think Verne is entering his “Keith Jackson” phase.


  11. Jason

    God help you if you listened to the GT/UVA game.

    Doc Walker may be hands down the worst color man I’ve ever heard in my life. The dumb spilling out of his mouth was absolutely stupefying. He was almost outdone by his partner who repeatedly referred to GT as “Virginia Tech”.


  12. dawg85

    Corso’s expression comes originally from firing and loading a musket in the heat of battle when men would panic and and end up just shooting paper or cloth wadding. The fact that Griese had to apologize says how silly and PC we are. The comment by Gbaja-Biamila is pretty funny though.


  13. Dog in Fla

    Corso’s phrase may have several meanings but Herbstreit, a hipster, certainly appears to have thought it was definition number two out of these three while Lee thought – maybe, given the great benefit of a doubt considering locker room lingo – that it was definition number one…,


  14. keith

    As a matter of fact georgiadawg it wouldn’t bother me a bit as a white man to hear someone say that he was gone to a klan meeting. I think it is ridiculous that anybody would get their feelings hurt by what some man says on TV.


  15. My god, he said eating a taco. So what. Big deal. If he said some Italian Formula One guy was eating pasta nobody would have batted an eye. Why? Because Italians are not a Politically Correct Protected Minority.

    As for Corso: Herbstreit’s reaction made that video amazing.


  16. Dog in Fla

    It burned Pablo up pretty good too and here is what he said:

    Montoya shrugged off the remark and said he didn’t even know who Griese is.

    “I don’t really care, to tell you the truth,” Montoya said Sunday. “Yeah, I don’t. I could say I spent the last three hours eating tacos, but I was actually driving a car. But that’s okay, I don’t care.”