Just showin’ off.

I bet the GPOOE™ wishes he’d have thought of this first.


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7 responses to “Just showin’ off.

  1. Meh. He could have just thrown it to the guy normally as well.


    • 81Dog

      It looks like something Spurrier would do when up by 40 or so. In fact, didnt he do that to us in Athens in 1995? It sure felt like it.


  2. Observant



  3. Turd Ferguson



  4. Will Q

    I would’ve been tempted to punch that guy right in the weiner.


  5. dawg85

    I just went and checked the score. The final was 58-0. Why did they go for two? Back in the days of yore that might have earned somebody a cheap shot.


  6. Wildcat80

    First of all I was at the game, the score was only 14-0 when they ran this play. You guys need to get your facts straight before making a judgement call.
    Second, it’s up to the other team to stop it, what do you want the offense to do, go in there and take a knee? Third, if you can do it then do it. Last year they ran another trick play where the half back went in motion, doing flip flops across the backfield. That got the defense so confused they all focused on the nhalf back and the quarterback ran the ball on a draw 40 yards up the middle for a touchdown. I’m telling you there is no coach in the nation with more trick plays up there sleeve than Sid Edwards. By the way, he has also won numerous state championships, must be doing soomething right.