I need a lesson in Vol etiquette.

I’m afraid I took Junior at his word when he justified his behavior by claiming it was necessary to generate national attention for his program.

So I pitch in, do my part and give the man the bandwidth he asked for, only to find myself accused of running “the preoccupied-with-Kiffin Get the Picture (have fun being 0-1 versus your class clown)”.  Preoccupied?  Moi? What’s a poor blogger to do?

By the way, while I agree with a lot of Oskie’s rant, particularly about Slive’s heavyhanded attempt to brush aside criticism of the officials, I do find it highly amusing to find the shoe on the other foot in terms of Vol fans (not to mention Coach O) waxing indignant about perceived special treatment the league gives to Alabama.  It seems like only yesterday that I was reading message boards filled with the fevered ravings of Tide fans who firmly believed in the existence of an evil conspiracy between Phil Fulmer and Roy Kramer.

There’s never a black helicopter around when you need one.


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  1. HAHAHA, this might be my favorite post ever at GTP.


  2. Phocion

    Get the feeling that Oskie has assumed your role? He’s up and ranting about the “Germans bombing Pearl Harbour” and you’re just sitting back on the couch taking in the show?

    He may have a point, but he’s got his facts all wrong.


  3. Oh no, Senator. The last thing you want is for Phocion to come pissing on your site.



  4. Hey look everyone, Phocion is so obsessed with arguing with me that he has followed me to another blog! Gotta love the interwebs.


  5. OnTap

    I like how Lanie has passed the baton to coach O (rwr rawr rawr). Now they can warn him twice! Well played, gentlemen!

    I love all the attention the refs are getting this year. I say it’s about time that someone doing a completely mediocre to poor job had some attention brought to them.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Oskie writes “one of my favorites, the preoccupied-with-Kiffin Get the Picture (have fun being 0-1 versus your class clown), one would think the story here is Kiffin…”

    No way. Does Oskie not know that when our coaches fail to show up for a Tennessee game, which is more often than not, we in the Get The Picture nation not only refuse to but shall not let those malfeasances and misfeasances of guys making a couple of million or so more than us have a chilling effect on our collective and by that I mean communistic efforts to make fun of Lane, his predecessor Krispy, Monte, Hamilton, Bruce, Summit, Layla, Coach O, Lance, Eddie and other assistant coaches even during those years when they by some ‘miracle’ beat the ass of Georgia?

    We welcome Lane and his posse. We welcome his helos, his billboards and his secondary violations which we pray soon will be primary violations resulting in fewer recruits for Lane so that Richt will be able to have some recruits.

    Lane gives us a much bigger bang for our entertainment buck than did making fun of Urban, Tim, Little Nickie, The Hat, Steve Martin, Houston We’ve Got a Problem, Bobby the Petrino, old man Rich Brooks, CPJ, Mullins and others while we still continue to do that of course whenever possible as it always is.

    And to me personally, Lane will forever have a warm spot in my heart by letting Slive know that Slive’s reprimand letter to Lane means nothing to Lane. That is gold.

    Watch as Lane (played by Brad Pitt) shows how the deal with Slive (played by Malkovich) is going to turn out…

    God Bless Lane and Coach O for giving Slive carte blanche to lay upon their heads sh!tty officiating for Tennessee for the remainder of not only this season but many more to come.

    We pray that Monte gets off the fence and retires soon to somewhere in Florida. It’s too cold for him in the Green Zone.

    God Bless America and The SEC!


  7. 69Dawg

    +1 Dog in Fla. These UT guys don’t know who they are screwing with. Slive is about to release the hounds (refs) on them. They will be lucky to score the rest of the year.

    Warning UT and others of the not chosen many, the refs have long long memories and a nasty way of playing catchup on you.

    Arky will of course be singled out for special retraining just as UGA continues to pay for the suspension of the Ford crew following the UGA?GT non-fumble many many years ago. Bring your own KY cause the refs sure won’t be using any.


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    In the middle of all the Oskie BS there is a valid point that should not be overlooked. The refereeing in the SEC is horrible (either because of an agenda, as some say, or because of incompetence, as others suggest). The status quo is untenable. The SEC, the best football conference in America, has become a laughingstock on national sports programs which show replays of bad SEC officiating on a regular basis. TV football analysts are publicly saying during game telecasts, at the time the bad calls are being made, that this is another call being blown by SEC refs. The Commissioner of the SEC is not only failing to take action to straighten out the problem, he appears to be actively attempting to cover it up. Slive has established that HE is part of the problem now. He should be canned, at the end of the season if not sooner, the Head of SEC Referees should get the ax with him. A new Commissioner should be hired with the express mandate to clean up the refereeing mess. If recollection serves me correctly the Commissioner is hired by a vote of the Presidents of the member universities. It appears that more than 6 of those universities might be pissed off enough to make a change. The question is how to get a movement started to accomplish that. Perhaps a petition–sent over the internet via blog sites–that got say, 100,000 signatures, might work. Get the signatures, get the info to TV (ESPN would certainly publicize that ) and it becomes a news story with a life of its own. That may be enough to get sufficient attention focused to get this done.


    • In the middle? That was the very point of the Oskie BS. My point was always incompetence – reread my post. The only agenda I think anyone has is Slive. I think he worships the ground that Foley and Meyer walk on, but I don’t think he instructed the officials to do anything to determine the outcome of the game. Do I think he smiles on Saturdays and goes and makes him a sundae when Florida wins? Absolutely.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Apparently we are on the same page about this. I don’t care about the reasons behind the refereeing. I want bad refs to be gone–period. The only way I see that happening is to clean out the rat’s nest at SEC HQ. We can rant all we want but it does no good without some plan of action to change the status quo. What do you think about an internet petition? At least that is a way for people to show their discontent. If it catches fire, it becomes a news story which garners publicity of its own. I imagine Slive would take notice of a petition signed by several thousand fans of different schools in the SEC saying they all wanted him out. Maybe the universities would take notice, too.


    • Phocion

      Yes, officiating is a problem, but it was not a problem in the UT/Ala game about which the Tennessee crowd, lead by Kiffy, is crying. Kiffy, Oskie, et al make their loudest cry about the Cody-Helmet no call. As has been amply explained it was of no detriment to Tennessee. Next they complain about the ratio of calls. The only problem there is that they are entirely unable to cite a significant number of penalties that should have been called on Alabama or ones that were wrongfully called on Tennessee.

      To argue for better officiating is worthy, but for Oskie and others to do it in reference to the Volunteers defeat at Alabama is nothing more than a Pavlovian response to Kiffy’s whiny utterence.


      • My goodness, Phocion. You argue so much with everyone that you are beginning to confuse your opponents. I haven’t said anything about the helmet thing ANYWHERE on our blog. I even had to correct some commenters on one of my posts, saying:

        “And just so it’s entered on the record – the Bama fans in these comments are the ones who keep bringing up Cody. Not once did I or anyone else insinuate that call was a ‘blown call.’”

        Speaking of Pavlovian responses, Phocion, maybe accusing me of things I didn’t do is yours.

        And Senator and fellow GTPers, you can read my post again – I talked mostly about the blown Florida calls. So, Phocion’s insinuation that I’m using the Alabama game as my primary evidence that we need better officiating is a mischaracterization of my entire post. To quote one more little section of my post: “They are reprimanding coaches for speaking out about getting absolutely screwed (at least in Mullen’s and Petrino’s case)….” I can’t make it any more clear that I don’t think Tennessee got screwed in the Alabama game than that.

        I take back my previous comment that Slive was the only one with an agenda. I’m adding Phocion to that list, too.


  9. Bryant Denny

    Nicely played, Senator.


  10. Why is my oxymoron detector blinking so furiously at the mention of “vol” and “etiquette” together?