SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Eight

It’s more of the same this week.  The top and the bottom of the conference are well-defined and the middle is a muddle.

  1. Florida. It’s still a 1 and 1-A situation with Alabama, but the Gators’ impressive depth on defense entitles them to the nod this week.
  2. Alabama. Those kids looked tired at the end of the Tennessee game, so you have to give them credit for sucking it up and making the big play when they had to.  The offense has some work to do during the bye week, though.
  3. LSU. They dominated Auburn.  How much of an accomplishment that is remains to be seen.
  4. Ole Miss. This is a good team if Snead is merely competent.  It could be a dangerous team if the offense would stop turning the ball over so much.
  5. South Carolina. Stopping a two-year losing streak by beating Vanderbilt 14-10 at home doesn’t impress me.
  6. Tennessee. The Vols scored a total of 23 points in their losses to Alabama and Florida.   They beat Georgia convincingly and lost to UCLA.  Excuse me if I’m not seeing a huge improvement over the last three years of the Fulmer regime there.
  7. Georgia. Gotta love that bye week bounce, baby!
  8. Kentucky. Another starter (Micah Johnson) goes down.  Look out, Mississippi State.
  9. Arkansas. The defensive improvement people thought they saw in the Hogs’ last two games was a mirage.  And Ryan Mallett’s first full year reminds me more and more of Matt Stafford, The Early Years.  Bowl eligibility is going to be a closer call than many people thought three weeks ago.
  10. Auburn. Hey, did anybody notice that Paul Rhodes has already matched Chizik’s career win total at Iowa State?  It’s sure getting uglier on the Plains.  Furman will make them bowl eligible, but with two games against ranked opponents and Georgia in Athens remaining, it’ll be a stretch to get more than that.
  11. Mississippi State. Good coach, insufficient talent.  And this team has a tough row to hoe in its last four games.
  12. Vanderbilt. Larry Smith’s last two plays Saturday night were simply brutal.  I know Bobby Johnson believes Smith is the future, but you have to wonder if Mackenzi Adams would have been a better choice on that final drive.  Especially since that might have been the ‘Dores last decent chance for a win this year.

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