Envy and jealousy: translating the Zooker

I have to admit it’s low hanging fruit, but I still enjoyed this bit from Brian Cook:

Charest is a 6’4″ pro-style QB out of North Carolina who was a middling three star a couple years back. When Juice got pulled (again) against Purdue, Charest came in and did this:

Charest made his debut Saturday, playing in three series while going 4 of 8 for 52 yards. Zook said he was impressed with the way Charest threw downfield.

Read: “Zook said he was impressed that Charest had better accuracy than a random number generator.”


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  1. Dog in Fla

    The Rules of Ron as Determined by a Random Number Generator –

    Rule #1: Ron uses and endorses Diplodock to enhance career longevity. It works for him!


    Rule #2: Always thinking of others, Ron does not worry about himself.


    Rule #3: Things like Ron make Georgia fans happy with their coaching staff. At least maybe until Saturday evening.