Kiffin watch: nobody ever set Phil Fulmer to music.

LMAO.  Can’t wait to hear that arranged for the Tennessee band.


UPDATE: Junior’s tweetin’ about “street cred”. (h/t EDSBS)


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  1. D.N. Nation

    Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh noted that he looks like Kiffin a few weeks ago. Dude’s getting famous.

  2. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL), Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “Wrap it up Lane”, 28 October 2009:

    From The SEC Home Office bunker headquarters, the smoke and smell of Lane’s upcoming soon to be released three strikes and you’re out public reprimand clouds the view of the Vulcan statute guy in Birmingham just like steel mill smoke.

    The expected charge against Lane is being included as being referred to as talking **** in rap song lyrics which The SEC team of lawyers will argue is against the public health, safety and welfare of Western civilization as we know it.

    Their argument will not be based on Lane talking ****, because that’s common knowledge, but on Little Wayne singing about Lane talking **** which is contrary not only to Western civilization but also is a specific violation of the good morals clause of The SEC.

    A rumored possible defense being concocted for Lane is that he is thinking about hiring Little Wayne as a consultant to reviews all calls against Tennessee because by the definition of the nothingness theory any and all calls against Tennessee are bad.

    Lane’s lawyer, Johnnie Hog Johnson, in a wierd lend-lease loan to Lane from Jeremy Foley, is expected to argue that Little Wayne’s expertise as a consultant in officiating is found in his lyric,

    “I’m So Official I Don’t Need a Whistle,”

    as set forth in Little Wayne’s tender love rap ballad, “I’m Going In (multiple strings of expletives deleted),” which has been banned in all 50 states, the Phillippine Islands and Alaska.

    • Dog in Fla

      “UPDATE: Junior’s tweetin’ about “street cred”. (h/t EDSBS)”

      Slive hears about Lane’s street cred tweet and consults with lawyers to determine if that can be used as a fourth reprimand.Command decision is made to combine them all into the third reprimand.

      Slive’s then reviews Little Wayne lyrics.
      Slive passes out.
      After resuscitation, he then instructs his team of The SEC lawyers that before any release to the public they are to redact the lyrics that give Lane street cred in a manner similar to the redaction used by the government in the torture docs…

  3. Macallanlover

    I rest my case Oskie. Even if he could deliver SECs, I doubt it, I would not sell my integrity for this classless punk you guys have for a coach. (And many of your fans above the age of 18 feel that way also. Pretty much they say, “stop the trash talk Cassius and produce on the field”.) Take all that element you want. Vandy deserves, and gets more respect than TN this entire decade.

  4. Rocketdawg

    What an @sshat….I honestly can’t wait for this douche to show up Between the Hedges next year…embarassing.

    • Tenn_Dawg

      May want to be careful of what you ask for…..Kiffin and his team just handed Mark his ass on a platter. Of course it probably did not hurt that much since it has been happening pretty often lately.

      • Macallanlover

        Boy, you are just a beaten down man about that game. Surely you don’t want to be where their program is. Snap out of it fellow Dawg, this video just further demonstrates what type of appeal Junior has. TN may have become the 4th best program in the East now, but even if they were ahead of us, I would prefer not to ever go the direction they are. Celebrate the greatness of being with our program and don’t let 3 bad hours drag you down. You could be struggling with going into your closet every morning and deciding what to wear with that butt-ugly hat, or shirt,

        • Tenn_Dawg

          You are right….we do have great colors, but it is really hard to enjoy the greatness of the program when if things go as they should on Saturday this great program will have lost 18 of 20 from a bitter rival. While in that same period that bitter rival has tons of championships…..SEC and NC alike.

          Yes…I am still smarting about the UT loss. Whether it was an “Any given Saturday” or three bad hours….that display was pathetic. Especially considering it came at the hands of Junior….who most fans think is a clown and a terrible coach.

          • Russ

            I agree that the smart money says we lose this weekend. However, you might want to check your stats. Overall it’s 47-38-2, and 2-3 over the last 5 years. If we somehow win this weekend, the “GPOE” leaves UF as the first starting quarterback with a losing record against Georgia since the 80’s.

            • Macallanlover

              I agree, I have never understood UGA fans that let UF dictate how the series should be viewed. You cannot allow someone to selectively set the timeframe a series should be viewed. We are leading the all time series and the most recent period is close, with UF having the edge. UGA leads in SEC titles which are more significant than individual games. That’s it, no reason to cower to Florida fans, no logic in that at all.

              It has always been a competitive rivalry with UGA maintaining the edge. The only time UGA was not up to competing was the Spurrier/Goff years. Other than that, every game looked iffy for both sides going into the game, neither could take it for granted. That is my definition of an unbalanced rivalry. We kill SC and GT almost every year, but how comfortable are you prior to the games? I can assure you they feel the same way when they are not trash talking and acting like goobers.

  5. Boz

    Lil Wayne is from New Orleans, no? I would consider this a put down/diss, or whatever you want to call it. Definitely not street cred… more like just another person calling him out as a $hit talking ass clown.

  6. dean

    Reason #4503 I’m thankful we have Mark Richt as our head coach.

  7. I hear Mark Richt gets a shout out in the new Third Day album.

  8. ScooBoo

    It’s Kiffin’s fault!!!

    Yet another reason to hate the Urnge….

    “On a larger scale, UT-Battelle, a partnership of the University of Tennessee and Battelle Memorial Institute, has been awarded 43 Recovery Act contracts worth more than $331 million by the Department of Energy for work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In every instance, competitive bidding rules were waived, but officials said the contracts were largely extensions of competitively bid work that was already underway at the site.”

  9. I wonder at what point all this “street cred” moves you to a point where all you can recruit are thuggish players.

    Some of those thugs are good players, but they cause a lot of problems for your program.

    • Macallanlover

      Amen. It happened at Miami, and at FSU. You canmake a case that lack of discipline is what brought Foolmer down. That program was overlooking every sin for years and it caught up with them. It will be a matter of time before it happens again if they continue to chase thugs. One could make a case it starts with ripping your shirts off in a room full of men old enough to know better.