Wednesday morning buffet

The WLOCP draws nigh, but the buffet line is still open.

  • Wow, the Wiz goes all in on the SEC refs situation.
  • He also throws in the towel on Gene Chizik.  I’m not ready to toss dirt on Chizik’s grave quite yet, but I can’t help but wonder if Jay Jacobs has had his V8 moment (“Wow, I could’ve had a Brian Kelly!”).
  • Florida punter Chas Henry has yet to allow a single punt return yard this season.  I don’t think Logan Gray is due for a breakout game returning punts on Saturday, then.
  • Jimmy Clausen a phony?  Who’da thunk it?
  • Another compelling playoff editorial:  the BCS sucks and Orrin Hatch is right, but let the guys who’ve made all the decisions the writer disagrees with keep making them.  Why even bother writing that?
  • To no one’s great surprise, Brandon Spikes is expected to play Saturday.
  • And shame on you, Ivan Maisel, for writing a blurb about how hard it is to figure out who the candidates are for the Biletnikoff Award without mentioning A.J. Green.


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7 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. JasonC

    Re: Wiz
    I got to NASCAR and then stopped reading.


  2. aristoggle

    Yeah … and somebody needs to let him know that they were moonshiners first, not farmers.

    Although, I suppose one could argue they were farmers who were packaging and delivering their corn – and apples, and peaches – in a creative fashion.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Boogity boogity boogity. Between writing and going to the bathroom, the Wiz probably watches polo matches and F1 races and wonders where Juan Pablo Montoya is.


  4. Dog in Fla

    …if Jay Jacobs has had his V8 moment (“Wow, I could’ve had a Brian Kelly!”).

    But then to try to make himself feel better, at least until the Georgia game where they welcome rookie coaches to the league, Jay snaps out of it and thinks of Kragthorpe

    Jay then goes to Toomers, where they don’t boo him, at least when he’s inside, for some toilet paper and a vanilla milkshake. He’s found this helps him deal better with his recurring in country flashback…


  5. JaxDawg

    If there is one area where UGA has an edge this year, it may be in the kicking and return game. I’ll take Walsh and Butler over Chas (only a Florida player would be names “Chas”) and their kicker, just as I would take Boykin and Miller over James, or at least it’s a wash.

    But wait, Miller is not our full-time returner. It’s often Logan Gray, who for hopefully some reason other-than-he-won’t-fumble gets to catch punts. No return, but fair catch.

    So, if Logan is in then you can get that “Chas” keeps his streak in tact.

    See, “Gray the returner” is a microcosim of what pisses me off about our coaching staff. We have our backup QB, if that’s what you want to call him, RETURNING PUNTS.

    Who the F does that? Other than Prince, is the NO O NE ELSE on the team that can fill this position effectively and provide a threat.

    This reminds me of having #23 McCranie from Moultrie back there in the days of Goff and Donnan. No threat, but can fair catch the hell out of it.



  6. 69Dawg

    This Logan Gray thing has bugged me from day one. His fair catching punts is just a symbol of this whole year and coaching staff, we have been playing not to lose the whole year. Will we finally said what the F and play to win just one game no one thinks we can win anyway or do we do a Kiffie and play not to get beat so bad.


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