Nice bye week you got there.

The lack of focus and the regular lapses in discipline never cease to amaze me.

Oh, and how ‘ bout them unis?


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  1. Mattr

    Money well spent. On the tickets. On the Uni’s.


  2. Just a bad team. Happens at least once a decade at even the best programs (ask Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Michigan, etc.). Especially in rebuilding years after losing stars at key positions.

    Fire/Demote Martinez, get a new DC and new energy on that side of the ball, and get ready for the Murray years. Martinez is definitely done after today. So let’s quit trying to salvage this team (and reading things about the future of the program out of it).

    • Farsider

      Change is coming to the Classic City. They need to reevaluate everything they’re doing. From offensive and defensive approach down to recruiting.

      • Our recruiting has been very strong. And Bobo is a solid young OC who is getting better with experience. (He had a solid game today working with not much at QB and RB and facing a great defense.)

        Defense is where the major overhaul has to happen, and it will after this year with a new DC.

        Things aren’t as dire or unfixable as some UGA fans like to make them sound.

        • Ben Rockwell

          Agreed re: Bobo. I was really happy with the offense; Bobo didn’t commit the personal fouls or the holdings or the false starts. That was all the guys on the field. The Dawgs moved the ball pretty well for the most part. Given the way the Gators have played recently, 17 pts SHOULD have been enough to make them sweat…

          As for the Murray years, I know it’s a lot of pressure to put on a kid, but the Dawgs need a program changer like Tebow or Vince Young or like what Moreno might have been w/o a redshirt. Those guys redefined or defined a coach and a team, and the Dawgs need that.

          Anyone REALLY think UT would be #3 in the country w/o having had Vince Young there at some point? CMR’s a good coach; the Dawgs are a good program; fix the problems on the D side of the ball, and things should start looking up again.

          • A Tebow or VY is nice, but very rare. And both of them were part of national #1 recruiting classes that produced All-Americans and great players around them.

            But you don’t have to have that to win SECCs/MNCs.

            Georgia will be back just fine, especially once we change our DC after this year. Bad years happen, especially after losing great players.

        • JaxDawg

          Just not to Florida.

    • Jeep Dawg

      I get the down years – like you said it happens. But when was the last time those teams you referenced had such mind-boggling meltdowns in the all important phases of the game such as turnover margin, penalties, running game, scoring defense, etc., etc., etc. 21 turnovers and only 6 takeaways? Worst running game in the SEC? Humiliated by Lane Kiffin? The only meltdown worse than the one we are witnessing now is a Disney Dawg’s ice cream melting in Orlando in July.

      • But when was the last time those teams you referenced had such mind-boggling meltdowns in the all important phases of the game such as turnover margin, penalties, running game, scoring defense, etc., etc., etc. 21 turnovers and only 6 takeaways?

        Um, do you watch CFB outside of UGA? Have you read Oklahoma blogs and boards this year after losing to BYU, Miami, etc? Did you watch LSU’s 7-5 season this year? Did you know Michigan is 1-4 in the B10 after having its worst season ever last year?

        There are a lot of UGA fans that could use a lot more knowledge of the game outside of their tunnel vision on UGA.

        • Jeep Dawg

          Don’t care to read their blogs. Post some links on how those teams are in the bottom five of the same categories as UGA. I’ll check back in December and see what you’ve turned up.

          • Hackerdog

            Being lazy isn’t a debating tactic. Just because you don’t care to educate yourself doesn’t mean Texas Dawg isn’t correct. Cycles happen. This is our trough. As long as we replace a coach or two in the off season, we will crest again.

  3. Brown Paper Bag Over Head in Fla


    That’s funny I don’t care who you are.

    How come we don’t have a quarterbacks coach?

    At least Urban didn’t whip our ass as badly as Lane did. Almost did but didn’t. Moral victory.

    We didn’t beat the spread. Moral loss. What was I thinking.

    The dazzling costume designer outfits did not work for us. Again.

    Fire the costume designer.

    Damon (played by Batman) interviews Richt (played by The Joker) following the second slaughter in three weeks and fourth loss in eight games this season…

  4. Stephen Hawking

    I hope next year we come out in all pink uni’s – might as well own up to the fact that we are Florida’s bitch. At least all the Georgia fans who made the trip got to have their “fall break” full of beaches and booze.

  5. keith

    Bobo looks good at times but 3rd and 1 at midfield and we pass and get an INT after the way we had been running the ball, just not smart football. That was 2 down territory at that point. We score there and we were back in it. We can’t have any lapses against a team like that.

    • fisheriesdawg

      I didn’t have too much of a problem with the playcall; you get two downs to convert the first in that situation. Trying to dump one over the top isn’t a terrible idea when a very good defense with possibly the best MLB in the country figures you’re going to try to stuff it up the gut out of a jumbo set.

      The problem was that Cox failed to realize that he had another down to convert and tried to force a pass while falling away from pressure that was as dumb as any I’ve seen from him this season (and he’s made some really dumb throws).

      Just throw that ball away because it clearly isn’t open and try again on 4th down. Don’t lob up a jump ball with two very good defenders in the area. Absolutely retarded of him. Unfortunately Logan showed us that he’s even worse than Cox is at that kind of stuff with his nice 4-yard touchdown pass directly to Brandon Spikes. After we got through the JTIII debacle, I didn’t think I’d ever see us in such a piss-poor QB situation as a program.

  6. Black pants looked cool.

    Black helmed looked cool.

    Red face masks looked bad.

    Can I pretend that’s all there is to talk about?

    • Dekalb County high schooler

      I agree. They looked awesome.

        • Russ

          Just another gimmick so we have an excuse to get excited about a game. Our gimmick used to be winning.

        • Macallanlover

          It’s Halloween guys, not April’s Fool. Surely you are just kidding about those hideous unis. I get the Black Jersey’s as an every 3-4 year thing, but we looked like a combination of Grambling and Texas Tech today (and played liked the former.) You don’t mess with our helmets, you just don’t.

          • Will Q

            I agree with Macallanlover. I own a black jersey, but those didn’t even look like UGA uniforms to me.

            That, plus as soon as they came out in them, I knew we were getting our asses kicked.

            • Ben

              I have no problem with the black jerseys. I think I’m probably part of the small group that actually wants to wear black at least once, if only for a little change. The black pants weren’t bad, not a big fan of black helmets (+1 on the grambling reference). I agree, I just don’t think you need to mess with our red helmets. The minute we ran out I knew we were gonna lose; not that the uni’s make or break a team, but because it was an obvious weak attempt to fire our guys up, and that wasn’t going to do it.

  7. bean

    i never thought i’d be saying this, but i actually have gained some respect for you georgia fans. i mean, let’s face it, you were outmanned today, and outcoached, you lost to a better team, and a better school. but at least you guys have perspective. at least you guys have learned your place. herschel who? sorry, you have to remember, i am still a classless gator who simply despises you. i take it back, the respect comment. god, i hate you hilljacks. today was pure joy. thank you for participating in the 2009 college football season.

    • Jason

      Please hit a telephone pole on the way home this weekend.

      • rbubp

        No, Jason, no…we want bean around for that day in 2020 or 2030 or 3001 when we finally get it together and smash the holy hell of the Jortsians. He needs to live to see it.

        Because, bean, enjoy today. Do enjoy it…and stick around. It might not be us, but next year Touchdown Jesus is off to the CFL, and you guys are gonna get it right in the vagina more than once. We’ll be here waiting for you to check in.

        • bean

          victory is a beautiful thing. i’m drunk and i haven’t had a bit of booze. honor. glory. florida.

          • Aligator

            it will be a while before we lose more than two games during the season ….

            • rbubp

              I know, like next year.

              • Aligator

                are you serious? next year our whol offensive line is coming back, the recievers we have will be way better than this year, all of our running backs will be back and our qb is scary good at passing, better than your boy stafford. our d line will have plenty of guys back from this year, so will the lb’s all of our db’s will be back too? are you serious?

                • WillieDAWG

                  Has anyone else on here noticed that nobody from Florida can spell?

                  We shouldn’t let Junior High drop outs bother us…


                  Tebow, meth, and moving to the new trailer park is all they have to live for…

                • Rbubp

                  Yes, I’m serious. If you think you can continue to win all of your games forever regardless of personnel and coaches than you’re nuts.

                  Not only that, Golden Child will be gone and you won’t be getting protection from the league-wide SEC mafia–which has certainly kept you from losing at least one game this year.

                  Besides, One-L Gator, you lost once last year, what, four times in 2007, once in 2006 and three times in 2005.

                  The odds are stacked against YOU, numb****.

    • mwo

      Herschel = 33 games for 49 tds

      Tebow = 49 games for 49 tds

      Nuff Said

      • hudlb

        Herschel = 994 carries for 49 tds

        Tebow = 614 carries for 51 tds

        Nuff Said.

        • Aligator

          exactly, and it wasn’t like tebow was doing anything else along the way?

        • Russ

          Tebow = 90% of his carries inside the 5 yard line.

          • Aligator

            you guys are right … i was arrogant to say that we would only lose two games a year, sorry. I just hope we can stay competitive and compete for the SEC east. yes losing coaches and key players will hurt.

            • Rbubp

              You’re not arrogant about figuring out how to use the reply function, though, I guess, since you don’t know how to select which comments to reply to.

              What is real arrogance is coming around on another team’s board and gloating. ‘Cause, you know, I’m sure you have nothing better to do with your life than poke sticks at another team’s fans on their fan blog.

              Is that what you’re getting at, One-L Gator? This is a high point in your life right now?

  8. WillieDAWG

    I am at a complete lost for words. I wish someone that is smarter than me can give me a reason why we are as bad as we are. We have had the best recruiting class for the past eight years and not a DAMN thing to show for it. Senator please post your opinion of what the hell is wrong with our DAWGS? It makes it very diffcult to be a loyal fan. And I have followed my DAWGS for a long time.

    • ActuaryDawg

      I have a good friend who is a loyal Kentucky fan. I once asked him how hard it was to be loyal to a team that traditionally is not very good. He said that it was actually easy. Once you’re used to losing, individual losses don’t bother you very much. The sad thing is, I’m afraid I’m getting to that point with Georgia. Since about 2005, I’ve accepted that we would never win a National Championship because we blow a game or two a year and don’t have the prestige to get into the BCS game with a blemish. This year the losses are and total ineptitude are getting laughable. You can pretty much predict when a crucial penalty or turnover will occur. It ought to be some kind of drinking game. Once you get past the denial stage and come to accept that our team’s standard is two notches above mediocrity and in down years we downright suck, then the acceptance stage allows you to release the anger and remain a loyal fan.

      You just have to overlook the poor play, poor discipline, and poor outcomes. The million dollar coaches do, so why should a fan sitting on his rear with a remote in hand get bent out of shape about it. College football is entertaining. It would be great to root our team to victory, but since that is apparently not going to happen, you should get used to seeing the humor in our keystone cop incompentency.

      We suck this year. Maybe next year we can fight our way back to a two loss season with a prayer of a chance for an at large BCS bowl bid.

    • Aligator

      martinez! that is why you guys are having a hard time right now!

      • rbubp

        Wow…I hadn’t thought of that. The defense isn’t good? Maybe the DC is the…

        Creepers! Aligator, you’re the man! Here all along many of us thought it was really our inability to run the ball or perhaps our QB throwing INTs.

        I wish I had being paying attention as closely as you, but I guess that’s why you’re a Gator.

        • Aligator

          i am not trying to be a jerk, just saying what so many others have said, i will keep my mouth shut!

          • Rbubp

            You’re not going to be able to really say anything. You own the series and have kicked our rears the last two years. If you think you can come here innocently and chat with us about our issues, well, it would be nice to have a conversation, but we’re a little sensitive, especially to UF fans coming around with whatever they have to say.

            And assuming that somehow we don’t know what our own issues are is another matter altogether.

            In short, if you’d like to have a friendly chat you’ll probably have more success at a different time of year.

  9. WillieDAWG

    Hey Bean head why don’t you take your redneck jorts wearing ass back to where you come from. And Herschel is a 100 % better than your winning QB.

  10. Ausdawg85

    Word is Grambling is pissed we used their unis. With a bad trend from last year, failure to correct during spring & fall, and clear signs of trouble right away vs OSU that has continued all season, there is too much to correct in one season. The rest of the conference, especially the East, is improving. We are off the rails and CMR does not see it.

  11. heyberto

    I didn’t expect to win, but I also didn’t expect to see crap like this. Brandon Spikes is a thug, and I would absoulutely say the same thing about a Georgia player doing anything like this.

    • FisheriesDawg

      He’ll be sharing a room (cell) with his incarcerated brother soon enough.

    • UFTimmy

      What he did was despicable. I hope he gets some kind of punishment.

      I also hope your guy gets the same for his gouge on Tebow:

      This game was very chippy. It’s obvious the players don’t like each other much. There were several times where players seemed to go after Spikes after plays, including ripping his helmet off. No doubt because he tends to run his mouth, but just as the actions taken by your players don’t excuse his gouge, his mouth doesn’t excuse your actions.

      Here’s to hoping the series cleans up the chipiness while still keeping the rivalry.

      • Ben

        I can’t see the video you posted, but I’m assuming it’s the eye gouge. I saw it live and jumped off the couch screaming (I actually wasn’t my usual pacing self, doing my best impersonation of being on the sideline!) We rewound it, and honestly when you watch it, it turns your stomach. Spikes is that fool in middle school who took pleasure out of hurting animals and all that crap. If you’re an NFL team, you shouldn’t touch him because he is jail time and a lawsuit waiting to happen. If he is like that in Gainesville, FL and in college, think of all the shenanigans he’s gonna be involved in somewhere in a big city with millions of dollars in his pocket. Disgusting.

      • ActuaryDawg

        I agree. I can’t tell from your picture who it is trying to gouge Tebow’s eye, but I hope he’s kicked off the team. I honestly hate a significant number of players on our team. We are full of undisciplined thugs. Their behavior is especially embarrassing given that they are terrible football players. They seem to spend most of their time on and off the field focusing on cheap shots, sideline dances, trash talk, and stupid celebrations. Somebody needs to let them know how foolish they look acting like that while losing games.

        I feel sorry for class players like AJ Green and Rennie Curran. They would have been much more successful if they had gone elsewhere. Our coaches are doing guys like this a disservice when they let the future inmates run the team.

      • a former redcoat

        that’s not an eye gouge on tebow. probably a facemask, but not an eye gouge.

        being close to someone’s eye isn’t the same as sticking your fingers in them.

  12. Ausdawg85

    Ah Bean. It’s so nice that your mommy let’s you play on the “magic box thingy” after getting all hyped-up on crack-laced pixie sticks from your trick or treat adventures in the trailerpark tonite. We hope you study hard and make it all the way to 6th grade next year…third times a charm you know!

  13. benjamin

    Worse shit than that happens in the pile. Everyone does it; guess you didn’t play footbal ,eh?

  14. DallasDawg

    It’s not the uniforms, whether you liked them or not. There is no excuse for our defensive “effort”.

  15. ActuaryDawg

    Pull Willie’s string and hear:

    Just have to get back to work and focus on next week. Have to work harder and be more physical. We need to execute better and focus on being physical every play as we work hard at executing and being even more physical with an extreme level of focus on physicality and execution and working harder on our focus.

  16. ActuaryDawg

    Grambling isn’t pissed that we borrowed they’re uniforms, just that we returned them after crapping in our pants for 60 minutes.

  17. ActuaryDawg

    ‘Their uniforms’. Bourbon led to one of my one posting pet peeves.

  18. Jim

    Okay, Get rid of the DC and watch our offense be as bad as it ever was. Bobo is at least 1/2 the problem. In order to solve the entire problem, get rid of Richt and Bobo. Other wise enjoy the show and watch us suck.

    • Hackerdog

      I don’t know that Bobo is the problem. While some play calling this year has been suspect, Bobo is handicapped by a horrendous run game and a QB that is regressing.

      Martinez is the obvious weak link. From his taking 6 games to figure out that Rambo should be playing ahead of Evans to refusing to put players in coverage of tight ends, our defense is weak.

  19. psdawg

    An embarassing effort. Lots of problems to fix, but at least I will wake up in the morning a Georgia Bulldog and not the classless gator fan who sat behind me. Gators were the better team today, but SEC officiating continues to give them breaks.

  20. 69Dawg

    A team that uses uniforms to motivate it’s players is beaten before the kickoff. CMR is grasping at straws, he truly does not have a clue how to fix the problems with this team or they would be fixed. He can’t tell the fans what is wrong because he does not know. He has never had a team go south on him. He has never had coaches that can’t fix it. This is a learning experience and not a good one. We are in a word screwed.

  21. I can’t believe Richt rewarded this underperforming team with a uniform gimmick. I really like the idea of doing something fun with the unis every year – but only if it is earned by the players as a reward.

    This struck me as a last, desperate attempt to save his incompetent friend.

    At this point, Martinez, Fabris, and Bobo MUST be fired. And if not, then perhaps Richt.

    • heyberto


      But this occurred to me, and I don’t think it was a motivational tool exactly. The Black Jersey’s got a stigma after the ‘Bama game. Almost had the opposite effect that it did after the Auburn game in 07 This year, there was no fanfare about it, it was just done, and that’s key. No one called for a blackout. This made the uniform not so special of an ‘event’, so in the future, when the Black unis and stuff are brought in, it’s just not as big a deal anymore. I think the coaches are looking at it like the seal has been broken on those uniforms, the players have been pushing for this (side note: I went to the Gala in 07, and sat with Kiante Tripp. When we brought up the black jerseys, he said the team was pushing for all Black the next year already) so it either helps motivate them, or if they don’t play well with them, it makes them less special so the team doesn’t get themselves in the emotional rut when they come out. If it becomes a regular feature, it won’t mess with their heads too much.

      So, I don’t really care… if the players like them, I don’t mind it any given year. I just hope they don’t abandon the traditional unis.

      I didn’t see a lock of motivation yesterday, but I did see the same lack of discipline that plagues us. This year and last year’s team haven’t been able to channel their emotion very well. Emotion is great, but its bad when it sways either way.

      I thought Tennessees Black unis yesterday looked odd. To me, that’s a gimmick.. to incorporate a color that’s not part of your school. Halloween I guess. Tennessee Organge is ugly enough. lol.

      • heyberto

        Ok.. correction. I just read on AJC where they came out with red helmets at warm up. So now it really doesn’t look so smart.

      • rbubp

        I agree. It’s just doing something for the fun of it, not pulling out the green jerseys every 10 years like Notre Dame does. Should not be seen as a big deal.

  22. Jim donnan woke up this morning laughing his ass off that Richt no longer has his players, bvg, a down conference, and a down tech to make hay. Richt is overmatched and it’s going to be an ugly 4 or 5 years until everyone else realizes it too.

    • Farsider

      There’s some truth in that. But the most galling thing is that even during the three years of the Zooker—years that some Florida fans refuse to even acknowledge—Richt was 1-2 against Florida. Tech is on the march and Tennessee is on the move. There should have been more of a sense of urgency YEARS ago. Complacency is killing this program.

  23. pup

    Just face it our program sucks. Changes need to be made!!! Damon GATA!!!

  24. Mick Hubert

    Willie spent the entire off week on vacation in Jacksonville, designing uniforms.

    We looked like a team out of Any Given Sunday.


  25. pLANEolG8rB8

    ugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugaugauga……popeye on crack……it must really suck to be a dog……..c u boyz neckst yare

    • pLANEolG8rB8

      quit blaming your DC for your offensive offense. UF’s defense was our best offense. i think spikes just returned another int for a TD