Out of the mouths of Gators

From the ESPN recap: “That’s a bunch of fake juice, coaches trying to get their players going because it was a pretty close game,” (Ryan) Stamper said.

This is what the Georgia program has come to: gimmickry instead of fundamental football.

I wasn’t expecting too much today, so I didn’t think I could be embarrassed watching this team play, but I guess I underestimated them.

It’s probably because I’ve never been in the arena.


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  1. Again, it’s a bad team in a rebuilding year.

    Time to deal with that and quit crying over it. It happens.

    New DC and the Murray era start next year. Georgia will be back very soon.

    • Stephen Hawking

      Just curious as to who you think Georgia will go after @ DC? Does Richt have the ability to think outside the box and get some fresh blood in Athens?

      The thing that bothers me the most is having a complacent, non-challenging attitude on defense. I want somebody in there that preaches smashmouth football, not this soft crap that they have been playing the past few seasons.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The new DC needs to be someone from the NFL. Several should be available after the season. There is always a shake-up in the NFL as owners fire head coaches and the new guy brings in a new staff. I know it sounds crazy but if Dick Lebeau wanted to end his career teaching young people he would be just what the doctor ordered to out-Kiffin Monte. He is the original defensive genius. He would also make everyone on the staff a better coach, including Mark Richt. That’s probably not realistic, though. John Marshall of the Raiders or Dom Capers of the Redskins are more of a possibility. They are excellent coaches on bad teams. But they will cost a lot–7 figures for sure. All 3 of these guys coach hard-nosed smash mouth defensive football.

        • mwo

          How about Sly Croome? Is he working anywhere? I know it might be a step back for him but, he has a defensive mindset and is old school as far as discipline goes. We could certainly use some help in that area.

          • dudetheplayer

            We already went over this over at T. Kyle’s site.

            The guy wasn’t a good recruiter, he wasn’t a particularly good head coach, he hasn’t coached on the defensive side of the ball in over 20 years, he has never been a DC, and he has spent the majority of both his playing and coaching career on the coaching offense.

            Why people assume he’d magically become a great DC is beyond me.

        • The new DC needs to be someone from the NFL.

          No, it definitely does not need to be someone from the NFL.

      • JasonC

        They should take a swing at Dick Bumpas from TCU. He has one of the top defenses and can compete against BCS schools.

        Also, anyone not returning next year, shouldn’t play more than 30% of the snaps against Tenn Tech. We need to get Gray or Murray and the other some playing time.

    • Rob

      Anyone who thinks that there will definitely be a change at DC is kidding themselves. Richt will not fire Willie. I wish he would, but he won’t. And i don’t think Damon will do it for him either.

      Besides, with as close as Damon is to Rodney Garner, if Willie were to leave Garner will be his replacement for sure.

      • You don’t know any of that, of course.

        • Rbubp

          Is there any chance WM will go back to being secondary coach? He was competent at that.

        • Rob

          Neither do you know that Willie will be fired.

          And talking about hiring an NFL DC was the biggest laugh i had all day. Thanks man. Keep dreamin.

          • Um, read it again, genius. I was responding to the person who said such a hire needed to be made and rejecting that idea.

            And no, I don’t know that Martinez will be fired. I also know it’s really stupid to insist that Richt will not fire him because you have zero examples of times when Richt did not fire coaches that clearly would have been fired at other programs.

      • ScooBoo

        If there is an opening at DC and Garner is not offered the job, he will be gone before the ink dries on the next guy’s contract.

  2. DallasDawg

    Is it my imagination but did Logan Gray look just as bad (maybe worse) than Cox? Where the heck is Murray? If he’s as good as he’s supposed to be he’s only going to play 3 years anyway. Why don’t we start him in the TN Tech game?

    • Macallanlover

      If Murray’s tendonitus is behind him, I expect we will see him next week. No need to continue this year with a senor when our goals are no longer obtainable. Play him at against a cupcake in a comfortable, home environment and let’s see what he has. Cox might could get us through the next four with 3-4 wins, but it will make little difference as to what bowl we could get anyway as 8-4, 7-5, 0r 6-6 will not be a bowl UGA will be satisfied with. I admit Gray was put in with impossible circumstances, but it was pretty obvious why we haven’t seen him before now.

      I am not happy with our defense either, but I believe we are more serious problems on offense with this team, and they start with the OL and the overall scheme. Watching CFB the past few years has convinced me we are behind the curve offensively. Plays are slow to develop, very predictable and thus, easy to defend. But even a new scheme will not be successful if we cannot block anyone, and I mean anyone. Add to that a minus 2+ turnovers per game and you would lose if you had Bama’s defense.

    • SCDawg

      Murray is not an NFL guy. He is a smaller, dual threat type QB. I think he’s only 6 feet.

      Also, I said this in 2006, Richt knows QB’s, he’s coached two Heisman winners and the all time winningest QB in NCAA history. If he says someone isn’t ready to play QB, he’s not ready.

      • DallasDawg

        OK. If Richt knows QBs why don’t we have one?

        • SCDawg

          As for QB’s, one was just taken as the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and was the No. 1 or No.2 QB prospect coming out of HS, three were Elite 11 QB’s in HS (Cox, Murray and the other RS FR Zach Mettzenberger?) and there’s Logan Gray. I think it’s pretty clear why we haven’t seen the Gray-hound wildcat formation much this year. He might be better suited to moving to slot receiver next year.

          I think Richt is playing the best QB we have right now. And that statement does not make me happy.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The one we had left school early, was the No. 1 pick in the draft and is a starter in the NFL.

          • Rbubp

            Which we had to expect might happen even when he started.

            But you can’t predict recruiting classes, either, or how players will mature within a system.

        • We’ve been as strong at QB this decade as all but a few CFB programs, fwiw. Sometimes you end up with weak senior QBs until the new guy is ready though. It happens.

  3. Gray had a rough go. You’re inside your own 10, it’s 41-17, no reason for the D not to blitz. I feel bad for him, and frankly for every kid who has suffered under this staff’s tutelage since 2006.

    Just an awful day for Georgia football.

  4. Russ

    I’m sick of the “black helmets, black pants, black jerseys”. We’ve been reduced to gimmicks to get up for games. Our gimmick used to be winning.

    – Cox shouldn’t play anymore. He makes too many mistakes and he’s gone after this year. Even if the others are actually worse, at least they have a chance to get better. Why suck this year only to suck again next year because we have to break in another QB that never played?

    – The next player that commits a stupid penalty should be immediately benched. I don’t care if it’s Rennie Curran, our last healthy lineman, whatever. Richt HAS to instill some discipline in this and future teams, and apparently that will only come from strong consequences for screwing up. The same goes for the assistant coaches.

    – Same rule as above for the next player that turns the ball over.

    – Richt will have next year to fix this mess or he’ll be dangerously close to being gone himself.

    I guess we’ll have to wear Batman underwear to get up for Tennessee Tech, and purple pants to have a chance against Kentucky. Auburn and Tech will absolutey smoke us. No chance.

  5. Jason


    In the future can I designate that my GEEF fund money not go toward that shit. Those uni’s were an embarrassment and the play on the field made it worse.

    We’re worse than losers now. Face it, we’re fucked.

  6. 69Dawg

    It is sad the state of UGA football. If Mark had a clue he would have done something by now but he is truly clueless. Sad really.

    • What’s great is you probably don’t even realize the irony of someone making such an unbelievably stupid comment claiming Mark Richt is “clueless.”

      Funny stuff.

  7. bean

    it has come to this–


    it’s gotten so bad that some gators don’t even hate georgia anymore. luckily, i still do. i will enjoy your program’s irrelevance.

  8. Aligator

    I hope that Richt does fix somethings and stops this mr. nice guy approach towards a great and esteemed program at the UGA.

  9. pup

    What happened to all our top recuiting classes? COACHING, COACHING, COACHING !!! GATA DAMON we are a LAUGHING PIECE OF S__T NOW!!!

  10. Brandon

    Our main problem is a crappy defense, I think Bobo is fine, we obviously have had huge drop offs in talent at both QB and RB and that really hurts. If we had an SEC caliber defense every game we have lost this year would have at least been tight and odds are we would have won a couple of them. As it stands we are very lucky to be 4-4 with our swiss cheese defense. Sometimes when the offense turns the ball over the defense needs to bow its neck and stop the other team in its tracks or at least force a FG, but yesterday I had no doubt that when we turned the ball over to start the second half that Florida would quickly cash in for 6 and they did, it is hard to watch. I am no defensive genius but we were conceding 8 and 9 yard passes yesterday in the first half, you just can’t do that. Willie’s defensive scheme seems centered around hoping you are going against a QB like Vandy’s Larry Smith who just can’t hit wide open recievers. This IS NOT just a this year problem with the defense either, there has been a slow but steady decline since Van Gorder left in 04′. The true disaster of a DC that CWM is has been masked by the fact that we have had generally better offenses (particularly in 05′, 07′, and 08′) since Willie took over the defense. Willie has to go, I don’t have anything against him personally, if I felt confident the guy could swallow his pride and go back to coaching DB’s under a new DC without causing any problems I’d be glad for him to stay, its just I don’t think I can be confident he could do that and if he could I am not sure we can find a good DC who would be confident enough that Willie can do that to actually come to UGA. We don’t need to promote Garner either he is an unproven quantity at DC and that is not what we need, we need someone with experience at DC who we can feel assured will get us back to playing Georgia defense as quickly as possible. We also don’t need anyone who wants the improvements in defense to focus on getting more turnovers, Donnan had a guy like that and he was a disaster, we need someone who wants to focus on tackling and getting pressure/penetration and swarming to the football. I say we go after Kirby Smart with whatever it takes, he is doing a heck of a job this year under Saban, and is trained in Saban’s defensive philosophy of not conceding anything and making opposing offenses work for every yard which will be a welcome relief from bend but don’t win, also if he proves to be the kind of DC at UGA he is showing that he is at Bama, we can lock him in for a long time by making him the coach in waiting, I am sure that would be something he would be interested in. If we can’t get him we need to break the bank to get Van Gorder back, whoever it is that he has issues with on our staff needs to be gone. I realize Van Gorder has essentially the same scheme as Willie but he calls better games because he realizes getting pressure is not optional and gets a heck of a lot more out of the players. I love Richt and am glad to have him as our coach but if he does not have the stones to get rid of CWM quickly and without regret then we need to fire him to because he is not head coach material, he has to realize this is not personal it is strictly business and have no doubt college football is a business. With that said, I love my Dawgs and will be pulling for them hard in every game for the rest of the year but even if we win all four games and the bowl Willie still needs to go, otherwise we are just postponing the inevitable because as long as he is here what you have seen this year is the “new normal” of Georgia defense.

  11. Never been more obvious that Richt is getting schooled. Blaming coordinators is a cop out. Right now Richt is about the 10th best coach in his own conference and it shows.

    • Brandon

      The main difference between now and the early Richt years is the deteriorated defense, everything else is pretty much the same as it always has been (obviously we miss guys like Stafford and Moreno but that is to be expected). If you want to take the position that Richt has always been a crummy coach, fine, but I assume you have been calling for his head since day one, and if so I applaud you for your consistency. With that said, Richt’s main weakness may be exactly what Bobby Bowden told Vince Dooley it was before we hired him, i.e. that he was not tough enough to make the tough decisions. To be a good head coach or a good head of anything you have to be able to cut subordinates loose when it is clear that they are failing, even if you like them, it has to be done for the good of the organization. We will soon find out if Richt can make these kind of decisions, if he can’t and Willy Mo comes back next year then the object of the fans ire will properly shift to Richt at that time. Finally, I heard that the announcers on CBS yesterday said we only had 9 players on the field when UF kicked that field goal to go up 34-17, I haven’t been able to bring myself to go back and look at the play to see for myself yet but if that is true then Fabris needs to gone as well, that is inexcusable and it must be laid at the coaches feet. In saying this I’m not being a “hater” and I’m sure you aren’t either, I love the Dawgs but these are the facts as I see it, I hope Richt isn’t too blinded by being in the arena to see what I am seeing. In the course of my life and my particular profession (which is the same one as the Senator’s) I have seen people who are too close to certain situations to view them objectively let’s hope all this talk from Richt about staying together (which is a correct attitude to have) is just about finishing the season off as best we can and that he does not develop a bunker mentality which prevents him from stepping back once the season is over and doing what needs to be done.

  12. JaxDawg

    The Bianchi article above is interesting. His hate for UGa is obvious, and that’s fine, but there are underlying positives in his words.

    Many times I’ve commented on this rivalry by saying that all things, good and bad, eventually come to an end. UGa’s past 20 years vs. Florida has been extremely frustrating (I started at UGa in 1990, back when we never lost to Florida) but I realize that this streak has now, completely and utterly, jumped the shark.

    Florida has been blessed with arguably the best player in SEC history and GA has suffered through it, with the worst culminating last night. I want you guys to think of it this way – changes are coming for both of these teams.

    For GA – we ARE going to have coaching changes. We will have a new DC and we will improve. Our problems are not talent and can be corrected. We will get past this ugly Joe Cox experiment and move onto a new QB that will likely start for 3-4 years giving us the stability we need. The genesis of any strong team is experience and our frosh and sophs comprise the strength of our team. We are young and extremely talented. A new era of GA football is coming and it’s positive.

    For FL – they are losing their boy god. They are losing their remaining receivers, LB’ers, DB’s, safetys, etc. All primary components are gone. Sure, they have talented guys to back them up, but they don’t have another Tebow or Spikes. And Percy will still be gone. And with some luck, Charlie Strong will finally get the HC job that’s alluded him for years. A new era is emerging for Florida and I don’t see many positives from it.

    We’ve witnessed the best of the best years for Florida and we’re still breathing. The past 20 years have been BRUTAL. But nothing lasts forever.

    It’s our turn now Mike Bianchi. Let’s see how you and the rest of the Gators handle it.

    • Aligator

      ah our receivers next year will be better, all of our running backs, linemen on both sides, db’s will be back and our new qb will be a better passer. dream big!

      • WillieDAWG

        No dreaming big here, Aligator. JaxDawg has said it all, I have been saying it all year- All good things must come to an end, and Florida’s time is up. Without the Boy Wonder, Florida is shit. Everyone knows it… Hopefully he does get drafted to the Jags, then you Florida idiots will see him get knocked on his ass, play after play (to stupify it for you, he will NEVER make it in the NFL)…

        • Max

          I can’t imagine what Ray Lewis will do to him on that run up the middle.

          • WillieDAWG

            It’ll be a bit more than a bump on the head, that sends him whining to the sidelines, that’s for sure…

        • Seriously

          Without the Boy Wonder, Florida is shit.

          Let’s see, since 1990, UF managed to defeat UGA 13 times without “the Boy Wonder”, losing only 2. Going forward, John Brantley is – in fact – a better passer than Tebow and the Gators have Trey Burton (Like Tebow, a dual threat QB) arriving in the Fall. Next years Gator offense will look a great deal like the 2006 National Championship offense with Leak and Tebow.

          I suspect UGA will improve in 2010, but not enought to overtake UF.

          • Aligator

            exactly, chris leak beat your rear ends, doug johnson, rex grossman, and on and on … good lord, come back to the reality of today, not 1954.

      • JaxDawg

        receivers – who exactly will be better than you currently have? If they are so great then why are we not seeing them? Cooper and Hernandez are gone so there will be a dropoff, just as there was with Murphy and Harvin.

        RB’s – you’re correct

        Lineman – you mean Cunningham and Dunlap return? No. Your entire LBing corp is gone and your best returning lineman is Omar Hunter. Florida will not be the same without these guys.

        DB and safeties – Haden, Hill, Jenkins, Wright, et al – attrition will happen for sure. Certainly Haden, perhaps all of them.

        QB – you are a nut if you think John Brantley from Ocala is going to be as effective as Tim Tebow. Completely nuts.

        As usual, the Gator arrogance blinds you from reality. Florida will take a big step back next year. Georgia, with the necessary changes, should take a leap forward.

        • Sparrow

          I know we’re all pissed off about the loss, but let’s take a step back… Aligator posts on here frequently, is respectful, and isn’t out to be a jerk. I do think that when you lose a player as important as TT has been for UF, you lose a bit. That said, I don’t think it’s any surprise that a Gator fan sees things a little differently. If I recall correctly, we were wearing some rose colored glasses ourselves after losing KM and Stafford. Will Florida be as good or better next year? I don’t think so, but don’t hate on Ali for being positive about his program. He makes up for jackasses like Bean who post on here, we should appreciate that.

          • JaxDawg

            No disrespect intended. I am simply pointing out the error(s) in his statements.

            Florida loses their entire leadership next year. Let’s see how they “reload”.

            • Sparrow

              My post wasn’t only directed at you, but everyone who was jumping on Ali & I should have made that clearer from the get-go.

              All the same, after all of talking ourselves up that we did after losing Stafford and KM, it rings a little hollow to hate on a fan of another team for doing the same thing. Though it might be worth pointing out, Ali, that things don’t always work out as planned…

              • dudetheplayer

                Seems to me like Aligator is coming across as just as big a douche as the rest of the UF clowns on this blog.

                You remind me of the people in the UGA section at Jax last year who kept telling me to “quiet down” and “not encourage” the Florida dickhead in our section last year who kept repeatedly yelling out how badly “Florida had always owned Georgia’s asses”.

                If some UF clown is going come in our section (or our blog) and try to sling shit around, he deserves everything that comes at him.

                • Sparrow

                  Having just read the new comments that Ali posted, I agree with you. I was giving him credit for past postings and he hadn’t said anything too inflammatory earlier, but I take it back.

                  Don’t lump me in with some idiot you saw at a game. That wasn’t me and that’s not my attitude or approach.

        • Aligator

          we have several young recievers who will be much better than cooper as brantley is a much better passing qu, better than stafford for sure, we have 8 defensive lineman that play in practically every game, so we will lose a couple. the only one that really might leave is haden, so all of the others will be back, we do have a few lb’s who have played a lot this year coming back. oh yeah genius, the whole OL is coming back too! what a dumbass!!

          • dudetheplayer

            How do you know Brantley is a better passer than Stafford? Has the guy played any meaningful minutes thus far? No, he hasn’t… he’s played in garbage time in games that had already gotten out of hand. How this confirms he’s better than Stafford is just homer speculation on your part.

            It’s also great you can foresee who and who isn’t going to declare for the draft on your team this year. You got lucky with Spikes deciding to come back last year… the defense this year has a number of upperclassmen and draft eligible players that will definitely think long and hard about playing in the NFL. I’d guess that Dunlap, Haden, and Hernandez are almost certainly gone (they have nothing really left to prove in college and most likely will be high round picks).

            Returning your entire two deep on defense and having a QB with no real chance for success at the next level was hugely fortunate for Florida, but it doesn’t guarantee they won’t have some problems next season. Attrition happens in college football. It’s the nature of the beast.

            • Aligator

              your right, let’s just hope we can all just have good seasons next year and do well on the filed and may the better team win in Jax. I do really hope the Dawgs do well.

              • aristoggle

                I appreciate your perspective and demeanor, Ali. I have a good friend at church who actually played for Florida circa 1954, and while it’s tough to take his ribbing, I have to let him have his day.

                I wonder what the blogs would have looked like if we’d had them back in the late 70’s and early ’80’s (my day, by the way)?

                I imagine I would have been quite an asshole … thanks for taking the high road.

                Woof, dammit, woof!

  13. Joe B.

    Well, I think there will be about 80,000 at the Tennessee Tech game.

    The athletic department is about to see a huge hit in its finances as people simply are not going to fork out money for this pathetic product that we are getting, especially in this economy.

    If we lose to Gtu, CMR is going to really, really start getting heat. I never could have imagined it coming to this, but if he loses that game, the only unpardonable sin for a UGA coach, there will really start to be talk about his firing.

    He has got to reinvent this coaching staff and program. He has failed, but has a chance to get it going again.

    Very depressing all the way round.

  14. Section Z alum

    first – ouch.

    i turned on the tube just after the teams came onto the field, and i swear to god i thought i had stumbled onto a grambling game.

  15. baltimore dawg

    my god: if richt can’t see the ridiculous folly and embarrassment that is uga football’s disproportionate concern with its wardrobe, how in the hell is he capable of pulling the right levers to reverse course and compete in the sec?

    as far as the rest of this year goes, it’s a one-game season now: we have to find a way to beat tech. not even our overall record at the end means more than this.

    • Brandon

      Man, Tech is probably going to kill us, we have to hope we play our best game and they beat themselves, so try not to get your hopes up much there, Auburn and Kentucky are 50/50 propositions at best, at this point I hope we can take at least one of them (preferably Auburn) out and prevent a losing season, I hope I’m wrong but I’m trying to deal purely in reality now.

      • baltimore dawg

        sure, you’re right: i’d hate to see what tech could do to us right now. i’m just saying that most of our preparation has to be geared toward trying to win that game because i think a second loss in a row to tech would be more damaging to the program’s long-run prospects than going 0-2 against uk and au.

        but, yeah–i concede the point. there’s absolutely no reason to believe that we can beat tech this year. i still think we should, you know, try real hard. . . .

        • Brandon

          I’m with you.

        • Macallanlover

          I think we match up better with GT than with Kentucky and Auburn. If we have any semblance of QB play (equal to Joe Cox’s average in the first five games), we will beat Tech. GT has a terrible defense, and we are much more capable of defending the run than the pass. I see a high scoring shootout which we may very well win. The Vandy and FSU games should give you great confidence about our ability to move the ball against them.

          We end up 8-4, or 7-5. Disappointing, and it hurts for those of us that spend a lot of time for 13-14 days a year, but the sky isn’t falling. Having a “fallback year” isn’t unusual for programs, but it is never pleasant. UGA fans are handling it much worse than others, and it is very embarrassing and hurtful. The severe public over reaction may cause it to last longer than necessary. It could cost us some recruiting momentum beginning this year.

          • Tenn_Dawg

            You are right….every team has a fall back year when they lose more than usual and even the most unreasonable fans under stand this..but Georgia is not just losing…they are getting imbarressed. Do you realize that Georgia is near the bottom of the NCAA in defense, turnover margin, penalties and probably several other categories. That is a total team meltdown and not just some typical down year.

            What happened to Richt’s promise last December when he said he will look at everything from top to bottom and they will improve? Go back and read that BS and tell me how you feel.

            • What’s really embarrassing is people claiming UGA spelling “embarrassed” with an “i” as the first letter in the word.

              Richt doesn’t need to be fired. You need to be fired.

          • Brandon

            We are decent at stopping a traditional running game but that is just because everyone realizes they can pick up yards in chunks by passing against us, so why run? The triple option is a wholly different matter, stopping it depends on tackling and staying in position, something I have seen no evidence to suggest that we will be able to do on a consistent enough basis to stop Tech enough times to have a realistic shot at beating them. I hope I am wrong and we can play our best game against them on defense and get some turnovers, then maybe we can beat them, however I am not expecting us to do so. The problem with the defense is chronic and has been coming on ever since BVG left, we now have no players who were ever coached by BVG at all as I said in a previous post, this is the new normal, we are real lucky not to be 2-6 or 1-7, but for all those who keep defending Willie rest assured we’ll see those kind of records if we don’t get rid of him and THAT will really hurt recruiting.

          • dudetheplayer

            We got absolutely crushed by Tech’s option last year, and I don’t see any reason why that should change this year.

            When was the last time the defense came out and surprised us and performed well above expectations? Especially against a spread/option based attack? The 2007(8) Sugar Bowl?

            Maybe we can win a shoot out in that one, but who knows really…. the only thing consistent about this team is that we’re going to shoot ourselves in the foot.

          • mdr

            We aren’t having a “fall back year”. We have been “falling back” since the Sugar Bowl game against WV. This is our 3rd “fall back year” in the last four years.

            The reality of this program is that it is in a state of rapid decline and at this point there is no sign of it stopping.

            Tell me this, what can you point to from this team that makes you the least bit optimistic about next year?

      • SCDawg

        I wish I didn’t agree with you. 6-6 looks like the best thing we can hope for right now.

  16. NebraskaDawg

    How’d we get ahold of Grambling’s road uniforms?

  17. WillieDAWG

    My idea of unis for the rest of the year. Solid white no marking, no G, no dog bones, and no names. And they wear the damn things until they start playing like the dawgs are suppose to play and then they may deserve the right to wear the red helment with the G. And that goes for the coaches as well.

    • Rocketdawg

      I whole heartedly agree with this. No one on that team has earned the right to wear the G so far this year. We should start every year out with plain uni’s and add to them as the players earn it.

      • jpt

        AJ Green, Blair Walsh, Rennie Curran, and Drew Butler would disagree.

        But there’s 80 more guys who don’t get to wear the G.

        • WillieDAWG

          Then AJ, Walsh, Currian, and Butler should be getting the other 80 in line because we sure are not able to win games with those 4 it takes a team.

  18. Seriously

    I sure hope CMR pulls out the black helmets and pants for the GT game. Also, lots of sideline celebrations would be much appreciated.

  19. Prov

    It seems that Oregon will remain UF’s bitch for the foreseeable future. I thought the tide was changing, but I guess not.

  20. Aligator

    bottom line is this, it is a good rivalry, with some intense fan love on both sides. we both want to win. i honestly root for the dogs each game but this one and pray for them to win the rest. i grew up a dawg fanb and herschel was my hero. so i feel the pain in what is going on more than you know. I think CMR is a great coach, there just needs to be some work on the coaches. i think the team has great talent, but they are not getting used as they should be. do disrespect to anyone on this site. Ienjoy the senator and the rest of the bloggers. i have been pissed about our play all season long, until this past week, we looked lost as a goose!

    • Tenn_Dawg

      Thanks…Aligator but this is no longer a good rivalry…..still intense but I’m sure you Gators look at this game much like the way Georgia looks at or use to look at the GT series. One day maybe the Dawgs can make it competitive for you.

  21. Aligator

    It will be, things are cyclical in this game and I do believe CMR will do what he has to do to get them on top again. I do not see him as a coach donnan or goff type that is for sure.

  22. saildawg

    Some perspective please!!
    I am 26 years old and a life long dawg. Growing up I remember being ecstatic to win 7-8 games a year. Donnan perfected 8 wins a year. When richt came 2 years in he changed the culture, now winning 10 is the bare minimum. Richt is the reason we have been so successful in the last 10 years, why we continue to have top 5 recruiting classes year in and year out. The program is in fine shape, this is a bad season.
    As far as wardrobe, who cares what we play in. This is done for the players themselves. They like it, recruits like it, so who cares. And for people to say these players dont deserve the G should shut up. These guys bust their but day in and day out. I would like to see any one posting this nonsense survive a day of mat drills on the off season. These kids love UGA as much as you or I, they play hard, but they play undisciplined and unintelligent football. This comes down to the coaching, I am sure Richt will make the necessary changes in the offseason. But for now cant we all just support the team, and remain optimistic that we will improve and finish out the season on a positive note and develop some of the younger players.
    Go Dawgs

    • D.N. Nation

      This is a bad season, yes, but just a minute modicum of coaching would be very much appreciated. If I wasn’t so sure that yesterday’s game was 60 minutes of our players just dicking around, I wouldn’t be so concerned.

      Additionally, when the coaches are getting out-thought by the fanbase, well…

    • Some perspective please!!

      Are you kidding? Perspective? On an internet blog?

      Yeah. Right.

    • We play an extra game now. So that’ makes it 8-9 wins for Donnan, compared to 8-10 for Richt. You realize its looking like 6-7 wins this year, right?

      That’s not much of a gain considering the insane money being laid out.

      This is now the 4th year in a row we will have failed to win the SEC East. We should win the east at least once every 2-3 years with the money being spent and the recruiting classes being brought in.

      UGA has been in a downward spiral since the 2005 Sugar Bowl. This is not just “a bad year.”

      • saildawg

        What insane money are you referring to? If memory serves me correctly we do not pay our assistant coaches as much as most SEC schools. Richt’s contract is far from the most lucrative, and I believe we have the most profitable athletic department in the nation. Really money is not the issue.
        Look I think it is easy to say we need to fire this coach and that coach, and you may be right. But, one of the cornerstones of Richt’s tenure here is loyalty to his coaches. The need to make changes at the end of the season has got to be left up to Richt. He can not have his hand forced, otherwise it will just be undermining him as the head coach and that will be the beginning of the end. I think he will make the necessary changes.

        • We pay them a lot more than we paid them under Donnan.

          And I’m sorry but $300k+ to multiple assistants is insane money.

          If they earn it, its worth it. If we are just running a charity for Mark Richt’s wedding party, then 300k is insane money.

    • WillieDAWG

      Yes I can blame the players and the coaches and no I will not shut up. I have been pulling for the DAWGS since the 70s and I have no problems with losses along as the players and the coaches leave everything on the field. Saturday performance was not even close. These players do not have any respect or understand the tradition of being a DAWG! I agree that some do have an understanding of the meaning but most do not. It has to do with team and leaving all that you have on the field. Do a research on bulldogs and find out there nature. They never give up no matter what odds they are facing. They should have never allowed FL to march down the field and score on it opening drive. Brian Evans should not be even allowed on the field. You say that you are 26 years old I ask for you to go back and research the old junk yard DAWG d under Erik. Those d did not even have close to the talent that we have now but no one dared to come out on the field and want to fight with them. They never gave up! And to put in terms that you can understand go back and look our D back when David P played. At least they made it a game and gave us a chance to win.

  23. Turd Ferguson

    The more I think about the following comparison, the more convinced I become of its aptness.

    Lloyd Carr, former head coach at Michigan, was a very nice, respectable man. He could be relied upon for 9-10 wins per season. He could be relied upon to recruit well, and to produce NFL talent. He could be relied upon to lead his team to bowl games.

    But …

    He simply could not be relied upon to win the games that mattered most to fans. While he was able to dominate in-state rival Michigan State, he was basically 50/50 against Notre Dame, and of course, he won only 1 of his last 7 games against Ohio State. And what’s more, his teams would consistently crap their pants against one or two lower-tier conference opponents each year despite going into the games as the clear favorite.

    It began to seem as if, under the leadership of Lloyd Carr and his staff, the program had hit a ceiling. And it just wasn’t going to get any better until serious changes were made.

    Kinda sounds like the current state of the Georgia program. Richt’s been dominant against in-state rival Georgia Tech (until recently, that is), but he’ll drop to 5-4 against Auburn this year, and he’s now 2-7 against Florida. And you can count on another game or two each season in which his team will just absolutely forget to even show up and compete.

    Now, here are two important differences between Richt and Carr:

    1. As a head coach, Carr won a national championship; Richt has not.

    2. Carr has since been fired for failing to coach up to the program’s expectations; Richt has not.

    Now, I’m as big a supporter of Mark Richt as anyone else. But my support of him is neither unconditional nor blind. Has he accomplished some great things while at Georgia? Absolutely. But so did Lloyd Carr while at Michigan. More than Richt, in fact.

    And he’s gone.

    • D.N. Nation

      but he’ll drop to 5-4 against Auburn this year

      Are we sure? The Barn’s lousy just like we are.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Auburn may not be great, but they’re already bowl eligible. We, on the other hand, are still left hoping for bowl eligibility.

        I expect Auburn to be favored against us. And I expect them to win.

        Here are two things we know about our defense:

        1. They can stop the run up the middle

        2. They can’t stop anything else.

        Tate and McCalebb will get around our corners and run for days on us, which should open things up for yet another mediocre QB to have yet another career day.

        I may be overly pessimistic, but at this point, there are more reasons for pessimism than there are for optimism.

    • LMAO.

      So, so stupid.

      Now, I’m as big a supporter of Mark Richt as anyone else.

      No, you’re really not.

  24. Turd Ferguson

    As I said, my support for Richt is neither blind nor unconditional. If that’s what it takes to be as good a fan as Texas Dawg, then I’m (thankfully) not as good a fan as Texas Dawg.

    And if anyone of you, at this point, actually expects us to beat Auburn, … I want some of whatever it is that you’re smoking.

    • dudetheplayer

      I’m pretty damn confident we should be favored in and most likely will win our next 3 games.

      The Yech game I’m not so sure about just because I have no faith in our defense whatsoever.

      We’ve won four games this year people. Three of which were against teams that at the very least should be considered competitive, average teams (like AU and UK).

      Some of you act like we’re 0-8 and never winning again.

      • If we beat Tech, it would be a gigantic upset.

        Aside from that, we only have one “sure” win.

        The other 2 are even at best.

        Best case scenario we end the season 7-5. That’s a disgusting failure of a season.

        • And worse than the record is how horribly we have played, how many times we have given up 30+ points, and how uncompetitive we have been in so many games.