Nobody loves you when you’re down and out.

“The players and coaches are very close, even though we’re going through as much adversity as a program probably can,” he said. “But the world is a tough place and everybody is going through adversity right now. It’s through adversity that your character is tested, and I see a lot of character on this team.”

Sound familiar?  Maybe so, but it’s not Mark Richt.  It’s the head coach of the currently 2-6 Hawaii Warriors, Greg McMackin.

That’s what a disappointing season sounds like.  It’s a universal language.


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  1. 69Dawg

    Well that is what college is supposed to be about isn’t it. However, character building like English Lit. does not fill a 95,000 seat stadium.


  2. It’s a shame our defense isn’t at least competent… because we have a punter currently having one of the greatest seasons (by average yards/punt at least) in CFB history:

    Absolutely insane numbers. GATA, Drew.


    • Throw in what Walsh has done, and they’ve gotten remarkable seasons out of both kickers. Wasted, but remarkable.


      • Fortunately they’ll be around for 2 more years.

        Fwiw, time to put away the worries about this season. It’s a bad team, and Richt and his staff did a bad job preparing for it.

        But Richt has proven he’s one of the best coaches in the game over the past 20 years. He’ll get a new DC, make some other changes, and we’ll be ready for a strong run through the Murray years.

        All this crying and despair and fretting about Richt from UGA fans is really just lame, imho.


        • What makes you so sure we’ll get a new DC?

          And we need more than that.

          We need a new DC, OC, strength and conditioning coach, special teams, and probably most of the other positions as well.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Why do bad things happen to good teams that dance?


  4. cookinandsmilin

    I have a friend of a friend that had an interesting perspective. He PLAYED for UGA under Dooley. He was at a practice late summer/early fall. He said that the team came into the locker room all pumped up about “how tough” that practice had been… He said that his opinion of that practice was that it was, “soft as a marshmallow”…

    I know that tough games are won/lost in the weight room and in those two a days and other “conditioning” types of “events” that happen in the off season…

    Has anyone investigated this angle? Could it be something more than weekly planning??? Should strength/conditioning be on equal footing with scheme/planning???



    • Hackerdog

      I have a friend that swears he walked uphill both ways to school. I don’t put much stock in it.

      Conditioning may have been a problem several years back when all our offensive linemen went down with shoulder injuries, but I don’t think it’s much of an issue now.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I think your friend may be on to something. When Mark Richt showed up I noticed a more physical style of play, particularly on defense, than before he arrived. I don’t see that anymore from the Dawgs. I think a lot of that came from BVG. Hitting hard makes up for a lot of other deficiencies. As much as I hate to give them any props, UT hit so hard as a team in the UT-USC game they caused multiple fumbles which went a long way toward helping UT win the game. That also might explain why the this current version of the Dawgs are -16 (or whatever it is) and 119 out of 120 in D-1 in turnover margin.


    • sbdawg

      IMO you are on to something here…I have seen comments from former players expressing there concerns about the fundementals, as well as, strength and conditioning. However, they weren’t Dooley players they were Richt’s, mostly BVG’s. I also have heard there is a concern that VanHalenger has slacked off a good bit due to his heart problems. It is obvious from time to time that the scheme, preparation and planning lack what it takes to get it done. You add in strength and conditioning with the 3 above and it is starting to look like some loyalty to another assistant may need to be questioned.


  5. drunk dawg

    This year still comes down to one thing. Joe Cox is the starting QB. He is terrible. It’s quite funny that some of the same blogs (not necessarily this one) that were piling one with the BS about his senior leadership and intangibles are now silent about how terrible he is.

    It’s also funny that some of the same fans who were saying losing Stafford was “addition by subtraction” are strangely silent on that issue. Oh, right, they’ve moved onto arena jokes and calling for Richt’s head.


  6. Jon Deal

    My only question at this point is who will be our next DC next season?


  7. Urban Meyer

    The fact is, I have video proof that Georgia players were spitting and poking our guys the whole game. I just, um, can’t show it to you.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Brandon Spikes’ eye gouge got lots of hits this morning. There’s a writeup by a “Florida Fan” at Team Speed Kills saying he got off easy.

    Apparently there were equivalent things on both sides Saturday. Talking smack, pinching, poking, and gouging when you’re a 16 point underdog tells me a lot about Georgia’s focus and discipline, but that’s not the main point here.

    I did not play football, but to a man the decent high school football players I know; the ones who really relished hitting somebody, are saying ‘so what’. A comment in another thread here Sunday said things like that happen in pileups all the time. A friend who played at Auburn in the late 60’s said if there was an opponent face down in a puddle, the pileup wouldn’t move. Ted Hendricks said one secret to his long career was staying out of pileups.

    There wouldn’t be any sore losers out there calling for Brandon’s head, would there?


    • anonymous

      Yep, everybody was tougher “way back when.” They also used to not let black people into school.

      A-holes are a-holes no matter what year it is.


  9. ryan

    We will see what cmr does at seasons end! I personally don’t think he will do a damn thing, unless he is told too!