Is Tater Tot hot? Call in and let the media know what you think.

You want to see how stupid rumors get started?  Here’s a textbook example.

Terry Bowden’s return to coaching has helped North Alabama to a 9-0 start, a No. 1 ranking and at least a share of the Gulf South Conference football championship.

It also has made Bowden a popular name on sports talk radio shows and the Internet when potential coaching vacancies are discussed.

Bowden has been linked with potential coaching openings at several schools, including Virginia, Memphis and Central Florida.

None of the schools has announced coaching changes, but many sports Web sites are speculating that openings will come at the end of the season. And Bowden’s name has already been mentioned as one of the possible candidates.

That’s right.  Idle, half-assed speculation equals substantive opportunity for Bowden.  His agent’s got to be thrilled, at least.  And this crap has already been picked up by the Orlando Sentinel as something worth pondering seriously!

If this is what passes for sports reporting these days, no wonder the print media is withering before our eyes.


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4 responses to “Is Tater Tot hot? Call in and let the media know what you think.

  1. The reason why the Sentinel specifically picked it up in their blog section (which doesn’t go to print) is probably because Terry did a talk show on Orlando’s ESPN Radio affiliate for years before he took the UNA job. It would be of interest to their readers because he was on their sports radio channel in the afternoon for a good part of this decade.


  2. JasonC

    Screw the midget and hire Charlie Strong.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Who, other than those guys at Auburn who were fired shortly after him, would not love to see Tator ‘Sit Your Ass Down’ Tot sponsored by Samsonite folding metal chairs back on the big-time sidelines?

    Credit goes to Blutarsky for his 10 September 2009, question, “Do you think Tater Tot’s lining them up numerically or alphabetically?”

    I can’t wait and neither can Bobby Lowder.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Tater Tot hot? I know not.

    I know not if Tot is hot.

    Hop on Pop. Tater Tot hot.