Mumme Poll, Week 9

Rank Team Votes (top five)
1 Alabama 363     (354)
2 Florida 363     (352)
3 Oregon 363     (118)
4 Texas 362     (358)
5 Cincinnati 359     (210)
6 Iowa 359     (188)
7 TCU 353
8 LSU 349
9 Georgia Tech 345
10 Boise State 344
11 Penn State 300
12 Pittsburgh 129
13 Southern Cal 127
14 Houston 88
15 Ohio State 36
16 Miami 35
16 Utah 35
18 Oklahoma 9
19 Virginia Tech 8
20 Oklahoma State 7
21 Tennessee 5
21 Wisconsin 5
23 Auburn 4
23 Arizona 4
25 South Florida 3


  • How ’bout them Ducks!  Oregon jumps up five slots from last week after taking it to Southern Cal.
  • Total number of voters this week climbed to 364, up from 305 the previous week.  Good job, gang.
  • Yep, that means that no single school appeared on every ballot this week.
  • Pittsburgh was the highest ranked team without a top five nod;  #23 Auburn was the lowest ranked team to get top five consideration.
  • Again, you can see a steady consolidation on the part of the voting pool.  There’s a clear consensus on the top 10-11 teams and then things drop off considerably.
  • Bias Watch #1:  None of those Tennessee votes came from the UT voting bloc.
  • Bias Watch #2:  We Georgia folks continue to show the love for our rivals on the Flats.  As a group, we voted Georgia Tech seventh, two slots higher than they finished in the overall rankings.


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20 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 9

  1. Senator, I got a notice in email that I hadn’t voted, but I definitely submitted my poll yesterday around 5:00 EST. Can you let me know if this week is counting as my one missed week? Thanks.

    • Mumme Militia

      We have temporarily seized control of the polling place(s) from the Senator(s) and the 3SIB(s).

      To answer your question:
      Yes, of course you lose your vote.
      Plus as an additional penalty for not making sure your vote went through and causing us to have to spam you, you shall forfeit the daylight savings thing and move all of your time-pieces ahead one hour so you will have less time to think about these things. You are welcome.

  2. Ausdawg85

    364 voters, and a few think that either Florida, Bama or Texas belong in the top 12 (I’m assuming the 4 “missing” votes are from 4 different voters…that may be wrong too). That would seem to mean that they are replacing one of those with 1 loss teams like Penn St., Houston, Utah or a 2 loss team like USC, Ohio St., etc. For pure reading enjoyment, I would love some insight as to their rationale.

    • Ausdawg85

      …a few DON’T think they belong in the top 12…. I meant to point-out, but you “get the picture”. (That pun is funny, I don’t care who you are.)

      • Lawrence the Laying Cable Guy

        You will be hearing from Cease and Desist, my intellectual property law team soon.

  3. Jbird

    Senator…I’m an Aub, go to all the games, and for the life of me I cannot understand how ANYONE could possibly rank Auburn in the Top 5…no consideration from me at all, even as a top 25 team if we had that many voting spaces. That voter needs an email from the mods.

  4. Are there seriously people voting that Florida, Alabama, and Texas are not even in the top 12?

    What’s their excuse for that asinine vote?

  5. anonymous

    An Auburn vote in the top 5? Did I read that correctly? That voter should be stripped of voting privileges for the rest of the year.

  6. That’s pretty cool that UT has received votes, none of which have come from us.

  7. JasonC

    The person who didn’t vote for Bama, Texas or Florida was OHatch. Here is his ballot:
    Boise State
    Utah State
    Central Michigan

  8. Macallanlover

    Given the ground rules supplied at the beginning, does this mean the “powers that be” consider a voter who left one, or all, of Bama, Texas, and Florida off their Top 12 to be legit? That is, this person, or people, are not making a mockery of the poll, or trying to manipulate teams they support? With recognition that opinions vary and lattitude has to be given, this seems a little much to me. If they aren’t credible, aren’t they undermining the intent of conducting a legit poll by continuing to exist as a voter?

    • Dog in Fla

      I think those non-votes are outliers which the Mumme Poll has a built-in wide point-spread for and accomodates because it realizes that in the blogospheres of voter fraud there are always known unknowns, one of which is that after the votes are counted there is always going to be a given number of voters who are out-and-out liars.

  9. Mark

    Don’t you think it is a problem that the difference between Texas being #1 or #4 is one person who doesn’t think Texas belongs in the top 12?

    I don’ know if that person (a) is trying to manipulate the poll, (b) hates Texas, (c) just forgot to include Texas, or (d) doesn’t know much about college football. But, I so know that is not the person you want determining who plays for the championship.

    There is a problem with the system when the poll gives that much weight to one quirky ballot.

  10. Hobnail_Boot

    I still feel dirty for voting for TCU.

    • Dog in Fla

      But as long as you still feel Christian for voting for TCU, as they say in Ft. Worth, it’s always okay to feel dirty.

  11. Toom

    seems to me if you don’t have Bama, Texas, or Florida in your top 12, that constitutes a look to see if the voter should be removed.

  12. reipar

    Some one pls explain how Oregon is ranked ahead of Boise State after BSU destroyed them on the smurf turf.

    I know it was the first game of the season, but Oregon did not make this big jump until they beat USC. I do not see why beating a USC team that already had 1 loss is that impressive of a win. Especially when you consider USC barely beat Notre Dame and tOSU. Either everyone is seriously underestimating ND and tOSU or USC is seriously over ranked.