SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Nine

The separation between the top three and the rest grows larger every week.

  1. Florida. Tebow and the boys got untracked against Georgia.  We’ll see if that’s all the Gators needed to jump start their offense for the rest of the year.
  2. Alabama. No bye week bounce, but still looking good.  McElroy needs to do a little jump starting himself, though.
  3. LSU. Solid beatdown of a cupcake.  But this is the week that’ll tell us what we need to know about the Tigers.
  4. Tennessee. Somebody has to go in this slot.  If you count moral victories, the Vols are 4-1 in conference play.  That’s gotta be worth something.
  5. South Carolina. Has the slide started?  It’s too early to tell, perhaps, but a narrow win over Vandy and a sloppy loss to Tennessee don’t bode well for Spurrier’s team.
  6. Ole Miss. When Snead plays well, the Rebels look like the fourth-best team in the conference.  When he doesn’t, they’re eighth-best.  Average that out…
  7. Georgia. Know who Lee Sweeney is?  If you answered (a) the most excited player in Division 1-AA this week or (b) Tennessee Tech’s starting quarterback, you’re correct.
  8. Auburn. Jevan Snead was just what the doctor ordered for these guys.  Furman this week doesn’t hurt, either.
  9. Arkansas. They beat Eastern Michigan handily.  That and five bucks gets you taken care of at Starbucks.
  10. Mississippi State. It’s hard to believe I’m doing it, but I’m moving these Dogs up one more slot.  Dan Mullen’s done a fine job, considering what he’s got to work with this season.
  11. Kentucky. Poor ol’ Rich Brooks is running out of bodies.
  12. Vanderbilt. You knew that lead against Georgia Tech was never going to hold up, right?


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10 responses to “SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Nine

  1. joe

    Looks like a homer vote.


  2. Brandon

    I would have to rank Auburn ahead of Georgia at this point.


    • Right now, it’s all a crap shoot from 4-11, when you get down to it.

      As for Auburn, look at how the Tigers played in the three games before Ole Miss. Maybe they’re back on track. Maybe they’re not.

      Every team after LSU is significantly flawed in one form or fashion.

      One thing that’s safe to say is that I have no doubt that my final ballot will look different from this week’s.


      • Brandon

        I hear what you’re saying it really is a crap shoot but I have to go back to the fact that Auburn beat Tennessee up there, and since Tennessee has waxed both us and S.Carolina up there that is more impressive than anything we have done so far. Granted, Arkansas whipped Auburn pretty good but we are really reminding me of a bad Hal Mumme Kentucky team, we can run up some points on the also rans but can’t stop and get blown out by the SEC’s haves. Who knows, I hope we can take Auburn down, I’d like to have at least one of our rivals that we don’t have to take any lip off of this year.


  3. Turd Ferguson

    Not just Auburn. I’d rank Arkansas ahead of Georgia too. Unlike us, they actually seem to be making improvements on defense as the season goes on. I don’t have any doubt that they’d handle us fairly easily in a rematch. I think we’re on the same level as Mississippi State and Kentucky at this point.


  4. UFTimmy

    Tennessee is only 4-1 in moral victories? Who beat them?


    • DawgBiscuit

      Auburn beat them 26-22, which may have seemed like a moral victory at the time given that Auburn was 5-0, but the Tigers losing their next 3 games by a combined 49 points made losing to Aubie at home lose a little luster.


  5. ArchDawg

    Well, this SEC sure looks tough doesn’t it? I thought the conference was down this year, but it’s taken two steps back this year. Then again, no conference seems to be up this year, so…

    I’d probably put Auburn ahead of us as well. I’d consider Arkansas, too: they do seem to have shown some improvement, unlike us who have regressed/shown some new problem every single week of the season.