Home field advantage? There’s a stat for that, too.

Here’s one reason I love the internets.  Ever wonder how much the atmosphere and crowd noise affects play?  Over at cfbstats.com, there’s a post up exploring that very question.

… So I decided to consider delay-of-game penalties plus all penalties that fall under the category of “illegal procedure”: false start, illegal formation, encroachment offense, and illegal procedure itself.   These penalties are signaled by the referee using official signal number 19.

Here are the top teams whose home opponents average the highest number of illegal procedure and delay-of-game penalties per game.

It’s an interesting list he’s compiled.  The one team on there that doesn’t fit in is Miami, which hasn’t exactly had the noisiest setting in the past few years.  His your-mileage-may-vary conclusion is worth noting in that context.


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2 responses to “Home field advantage? There’s a stat for that, too.

  1. HVL Dawg

    If you will permit an indulgence Senator…

    Anybody got a linky to the hand signals the refs use while a play is lining up? Like one linesman holds his fist straight out to the side and another holds his fist strainght up?

    I’m sure it has to do with counting players or signaling legal formations or something.


  2. Dawg N Suds

    I would like to see the top stadiums seeing the most false starts, illegal formations, encroachment offenses, and illegal procedures committed by the home team.

    On second thought, maybe not.