Thursday morning buffet

Here are a few tempting morsels to whet your college football appetite.

  • Aron White plays the “woulda, shoulda” card regarding the Florida game:  “My hat’s off to them because they’re a great team, but I don’t feel that they’re unbeatable by any means. I feel like if we’d have come and had a little more focus, we could have came out with a ‘W.’ ” Oy.
  • The Locksley punch-out story gets stranger and stranger.
  • So does the Slick-Rick-gets-ripped-on-Facebook story.
  • What happens if Diddy picks Chuck Amato to succeed Mickey Andrews as the FSU defensive coordinator?  ‘Cause I’m betting that the Chest ain’t Jimbo’s first choice.  Or his fifty-third, for that matter.
  • If this is accurate, shame on every D-1 school that’s turned Boise State down.
  • If you haven’t seen this yet, take a minute and watch.   It’s pretty damned cool.
  • Oh, puhleeze.
  • Mark Richt channels his inner Vince Dooley with this classic quote about Tennessee Tech:  “Just looking at the film throughout the year, they might be the best-coached kick return team we’ve played…”
  • Speaking of Mark Richt, Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog has some advice for him regarding strength and conditioning.


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36 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. NebraskaDawg

    If we “woulda/shoulda” then why didn’t we? We are starting to look like South Cackalacky with all the excuses and preseaon delusions of grandeur.

  2. Joe B.

    The scary thing about CMR’s thoughts on TT’s KOR game is that they could very easily exploit us there.

    What happens if we give up 350+ yards and 17+ points to this outfit?

    • a22griff

      What do you mean “if”? I havent seen any reason to think we wont give up 350 and 17. I’m sure we will come out and play really vanilla, be leading 17-7 at halftime with 6 penalties and 2 turnovers.
      Man I was hoping I would never be one of those negative guys.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    FSU isn’t competition for Georgia in the defensive coordinator market. It might be Chuck the Chest but has to be an internal hire. Who will take a job knowing there’ll be a new head coach within two years?

    As the years go by Chuck the Chest looks more and more like Chuck the Gut.

  4. Paul

    RE: Boise

    Why are they trying to schedule a 13th game anyways? I thought you could only have 12 and the a conference champ game.

    • The Realist

      If you play @ Hawai’i, then you can schedule an extra regular season game. I suppose to defray the cost, but I don’t know the exact reasoning behind this loophole.

      • ArchDawg

        That’s exactly why you can schedule a 13th game when you play @ Hawaii, to recoup your costs for the flight out there.

  5. SCDawg

    I have heard this Strength and conditioning thing a couple of times the past two years. I thought we had an excellent S&C coach, and that mat drills and S&C were the new focus when Richt took over and brought in Van Hallenger (sp?).

    I also heard there were S&C problems under Goff and Donnan. Specifically, that Goff believed lineman should run more than lift, and that Donnan let his guys skip workouts or some such nonesense.

    Is this just something you hear when a program is struggling or is there some merit to this claim? Anyone care to enlighten me on this?

    • 69Dawg

      Some years ago in one of the preseason football mags they would interview an anonymous pro football scout. This unnamed scout said the same thing. UGA players were not tough enough. He said it was a matter of looking at UGA’s guys and seeing the potential and ignoring what they were doing in college. We do tend to get bitch slapped by the Ala’s, UF’s and UT’s of this league.

      • Dog in Fla

        There could be any number of reasons that they’re getting bitch-slapped but one of them isn’t because of the Sling Blade diet they’re all on because that’s certainly nutricious enough to make them all into big strong boys…

  6. Macallanlover

    Boise should contact Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State and go public when they are turned down. It is time Big 11 teams began earning their automatic BCS spot, not enough strength in-conference, and bad OOC scheduling for decades. Boise is better than any Big 11 team this year, probably better than any Big East and ACC team as well. They have already dusted the PAC10’s leader. Everyone has a legit case about BCS busters needing to step it up with scheduling, but the BCS elite cannot then duck Boise, Utah, TCU, etc.

    • Rbubp

      Boise needs to get into the Mountain West. I don’t know the politics there, but you would think the conference and the school would be excited to have each other.

      Regarding who BCS teams schedule and don’t, why would BCS teams ever play anybody outside the BCS that wasn’t a cupcake? This is a by-product of the corrupt little club that they started however many years ago. It’s much more than a playoff: some teams may or may not get preferential treatment from officials, there’s no real oversight of officials, the old bowl matchups have to be preserved so that the Pac 10 winner can destroy the Big 10 opponent every year, and now good non-BCS schools have a very difficult time getting any games at all with BCS schools.
      it’s all intertwined.

      It shows you even more why Orrin Hatch feels he has to get involved– because no one else has any power to do anything about it. It’s called a MONOPOLY, people.

  7. Dawg N Suds

    I have no idea if the intensity of the Mat Drill workouts have changed since 2001.

    What I do know is in the last four years, we have sustained more injuries, committed more penalties, made fewer sacks, made more turnovers, and have forced fewer turnovers than our competition. In each of the last two years, we have dropped to the bottom of the nation in most of these categories.

    I have also seen more players take themselves out of games than I have ever seen at Georgia.

    Strength and Conditioning is part of the larger problem at Georgia. Coach Richt is running a country club, where starting positions are too often based on seniority, coaches are not being held accountable, and no one fears for their job. Innovation and crtiticism is stifled in a desire to maintain a “family atmosphere”.

    We are still recruiting players, but many are drawn here because of Georgia’s country club atmosphere instead of the opportunity to compete.

    The only way to change this culture is to clean house from the head coach on down.

    Anything short of this only delays the inevitable.

  8. Dog in Fla

    “[I]f Diddy picks Chuck Amato to succeed Mickey Andrews as the FSU defensive coordinator”

    Magic 8 Ball says the grass is not always greener, things could be worse believe it or not. No kidding. As a demonstration of that, its all becoming clearer now with the planets finally completing their four year plan of alignment to make Mark do something about his coaching staff, that alignment having started after the first quarter beatdown given by West Virginia to UGA in the Sugar Bowl following the 2005 season:

    WM after having a epiphany big-time finally goes to somewhere like UAB or home to spend more time, respectively, with Neil Callaway or his – WM’s, not Callaway’s – family. WM is stoked a big bonus check out the door for his singular accomplishment of allowing the most 40+ point per game attacks against us in such a short period of time. Mark gives WM a strong letter of reference as do Nick, Urban, CPJ, Rich Rod, The Hat, Lane and Monte.

    A search committee consisting of Mark then lures Mickey Andrews out of Mickey’s brief retirement/exile as FSU DC pointing to Mickey’s fine defensive work at FSU this year to show the UGA fan base that there will be continuity at the DC position and no drop off going from WM to Mickey.

    Chuck The Chest Amato who narrowly misses out being named by Bobby as Jimbo’s new DC because Jimbo threatens to cut someone’s head off joins Mickey on Mark’s staff and is assigned as the part-time special teams coach and full-time chest bumper and Oakley wearer specifically to compete with the threat of Trooper Taylor at whatever school Trooper happens to be at the moment. To do that The Chest will have to learn to adjust to wearing his hat on backwards. At first The Chest was reluctant because it would mess with his his hair but Mark got around that by telling him he was going to be the catcher on the assistant coach softball team.

    Bobo is shifted to QB coach and part-time special teams coach and tailback blocking instructor. Mark brings in Jeff Bowden as the new OC at Georgia with Bobby being named emeritus head coach at Georgia just as soon as FSU can figure out a way to finally push the 80 year old whose dadgum grip is so strong off his Conestoga wagon that constantly circles the stadium named after Bobby in Tallahassee. Bobby thinks they are going to take his stadium away from him, put his statue in a nursing home and him in storage.

    Tommy Bowden who now wishes he had never quit Tulane for Clemson so he could be fired is named assistant coach in charge of crying. Tator Tot is hired away from University of Directional Alabammer Old Yeller Hammer and named assistant coach in charge or arranging Samsonite folding metal chairs on the Georgia sidelines. The horse and the indian replace UGA XXXVIII as team mascot. As a throw-in, Mike Dubose is hired as the new HR guy and put in charge of hiring better looking women in the athletic department and in-house training them. Mike will be assisted by Tator, of course. Bobby Lowder does not recommend Tator for the UGA job telling Mark that if he thought the Colonial Bank program went down fast, Mark hasn’t seen anything yet about a program going down fast.

    Of course, if some or all of that doesn’t happen, things will remain just like they are for the Georgia coaching staff. Whichever way the fork goes, for those who up to now didn’t believe that we got FSU North Bobby Bowden Business Model of college football coaching staffs in Athens when Mark was hired, we got it now.

    • 69Dawg

      What do you expect when you hire a life long assistant who worships his ex-boss and models not only his team but his life after him. We are the FSU of the SEC and that is not a good thing.

  9. D.N. Nation

    The problem with Georgia’s strength and conditioning can be summed up in the person of Thomas Brown. Dude was jacked up all over, but still went down at the slightest touch.

    There’s too much of a concern about getting buff; less so about durability.

    • drunk dawg

      Thomas Brown went down at the slightest touch?

      Some of you make me feel like I watch a different team. Thomas Brown was one of the toughest running little men I’ve seen. Dude ran harder than Danny Ware who had 50 pounds on him.

      • D.N. Nation

        Don’t get me wrong, I loved Thomas Brown.

        We’ll just call him awfully tacklable. I’ve watched games with objective fans and they’ve agreed.

        • Will Q

          Before Knowshon started sharing playing time with him, I thought the same thing about Thomas (heck, about Danny and Kregg, too). When he and Knowshon were sharing time, Thomas looked better than he ever had before. Think that might have had something to do with having to compete with an underclassman for carries?

  10. 69Dawg

    Ever wonder why these mat drills are so terrible. If the players are in shape they should be a piece of cake. Bits and pieces of the Mat Drills have come out over the years and it seems they are more a team building exercise than a Marine Corp punishment tour. There are many exemptions for you guessed it seniors. UGA has not had a stud OL or DL in years. We’ve had good lines but not great lines.

    I have said for years that our DLineman aren’t taught any techniques. Our DT’s bull rush, we don’t stunt and once engaged with the OL we tend to dance with them rather than get away from them. The DE’s have always played piss poor contain. Any misdirection is gold against our DE’s, they are the suckers of the SEC. Just watch this week if TT can run a reverse without broadcasting it it will go. Our DE’s are taught to rush the passer and they always take the shortest distance to get to him which guarantees no backside contain. Heck if they hadn’t outlawed the fumblerooski we would be the poster boys for it. GT’s CPJ must wake up at night having wet dreams about our DL’s.

    The we get to the LB’s we might as well play a 4-1-6. Except for Rennie our LB’s are clueless. Even Rennie struggles in pass coverage. TE’s all around the country want to play UGA. We choose to ignore the TE and for that matter the RB’s coming out of the backfield. There is just so much wrong with our D it can’t be fixed during the season and if all you do is get rid of CWM you are not going to get a better D. Clean house.

    • Rbubp

      We choose to ignore the TE because we play a cover 2 base defense. The TE lines up in a seam.
      It’s been known for years that the weaknesses of the cover 2 are, guess what, the TE, misdirection, and play-action, the last two of which are designed to slow the DL and give the QB time to find receivers in the seams.

      But your point is taken. Our DL is nowhere near good enough to be playing a cover 2.

  11. NRBQ

    Were those SEC refs in that Yale game?

    ‘Cause I think I saw them miss a couple of calls.

  12. jferg

    It’s so sad. How can the football players/team not be 100% focused for UF? How is that even possible?

  13. Turd Ferguson

    Speaking of SEC refs … has Urban Meyer been fined or suspended yet for publicly calling SEC officiating into question?

    And by the way, if you haven’t read Lane Kiffin’s reaction to this, you should.

    I’ll never really have any respect for Kiffin, but that’s good stuff.

    • Dog in Fla

      “I’ll never really have any respect for Kiffin, but that’s good stuff.”

      Not me! Lane is the Washaun Ealey of The SEC football coaches, not afraid to stand up to any man or beast! Lane is to Slive/Urban as Ealey is to Spikes. And the very best part is that Lane knows that whatever Slive/Urban says means nothing. Lane wants to make sure that Slive/Urban knows Lane is disrespecting them. Lane must have picked that up from his combat tour of duty in Oakland with old man Al Davis or maybe he picked it up from tender moments with Monte.

      After all, in addition to moral victories over #1 and #2, he and his Daddy whipped the living dogsh!t out of us for a real victory, he kicked Spurrier’s ass too but not as badly as he kicked ours and he’s got street cred from Little Wayne to top it all off. Mark should only wish he was having as good a year as Lane.

      But that’s okay because our program is stable and is heading in some direction other than flatlining at least according to Mark and Damon. That’s a relief to hear because I thought we were free-falling or 3-17 or something like that.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      As of this writing I know of no fine or suspension directed to Urban Meyer by Slive. That worthless empty suit POS Slive is too chickensh*t to do anything to his favorite cashcow. (Please try to suspend me for this comment Slive. I dare ya!)

      • Dog in Fla

        Slive fines Mayor of Dawgtown $30,001 for not having faith in the there will be blood and milkshakes punishment for violating a gag order.

  14. Hobnail_Boot

    Suck on it, Boise. You play in a shit conference and you’ve gotta go on the road (AND WIN) against legit, upper-level D1 programs.

    Your track record this decade vs. BCS competition:
    2000 @ Arkansas – Loss
    2000 @ Washington State – Loss
    2001 @ South Carolina – Loss
    2001 vs. Washington State – Loss
    2002 @ Arkansas – Loss
    2002 vs. Iowa State – Win (Humanitarian Bowl)
    2003 @ Oregon State – Loss
    2004 vs. Oregon State – Win
    2005 @ Georgia – Loss
    2005 @ Oregon State – Loss
    2005 vs. Boston College – Loss (MPC Bowl, in Boise)
    2006 vs. Oregon State – Win
    2006 vs. Oklahoma – Win (Fiesta Bowl)
    2007 @ Washington – Loss
    2008 @ Oregon – Win
    2009 vs. Oregon – Win

    So let’s add it up:
    Home/Neutral: 5-2
    Road: 1-8

    • Rbubp

      But, of course, you realize that the record is 4-1 since 20006, right? And that the article is about how they can’t get anyone to play them anywhere at all?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Looks like they are doing pretty well against BCS schools lately to me.

      • Hobnail_Boot

        And I don’t buy it for one minute. You’re telling me that teams are willing to play BYU and TCU but not Boise State?

        Michelle Beadle on SportsNation summed it up pretty well today when she said that Boise State is like the hot girl who shows up at the bar without money and expects everyone to buy her drinks.

        They have one single road win over a BCS team during last decade. Gotta do better than that if you want to truly be included in MNC talks.

  15. hodgie

    How do you lift to get durable? Does that mean you can’t be buff too? Reggie bush doesn’t go down with theslightest touch. He’s pretty buff but not durable. This is the latest inalong line of “the skyis falling” type comments. We are ok people. Justbad talent this year. However, some of the decisions on who to play do baffle me. But, I’m not at practice