Friday morning buffet

Hopefully, you can find something here that you like.

  • When Junior’s right, he’s right.  Every drop of sarcasm in this article is justified.
  • And here’s one way the SEC can keep the light from shining on missed calls. (h/t The Wiz)
  • It sounds like the end is near for Al Groh – the Virginia AD has skipped right past the vote of confidence to evaluating the “full body of work”.  That can’t be good.
  • This isn’t about football, but, damn, losing a $3 million dollar shoe contract so Michael Jordan’s son can wear shoes with his dad’s name?  Interesting set of priorities you’ve got there, Central Florida.
  • The reason Georgia Tech’s triple option offense isn’t catching on elsewhere?  Passing is fun!
  • If Georgia ever goes ahead with building an indoor practice facility, I know whom the school shouldn’t hire.
  • When’s the last time John Feinstein’s had an original argument about the BCS?  He’s the sports opinion version of Groundhog Day.
  • In somewhat related news, the Mountain West conference may have trouble filling its bowl agreements.
  • Want to know why I remain less than impressed with Arkansas this year?  Matt Melton spells it out:

Outside of the game against Auburn, Arkansas has been very underwhelming in SEC play. Their 5 SEC opponents have averaged 455 yards per game against the Hog defense, and quarterback Ryan Mallet has completed only 47% of his passes against SEC defenses.


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10 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Dawg N Suds

    You’re right about Arkansas. In scoring defense, they rank above only one SEC team.

    Pos. Team Games Points Avg.

    1 Florida 8 88 11.00
    2 Alabama 8 91 11.38
    3 LSU 8 97 12.13
    4 Mississippi 8 128 16.00
    5 Tennessee 8 142 17.75
    6 South Carolina 9 171 19.00
    7 Vanderbilt 9 198 22.00
    8 Kentucky 8 192 24.00
    9 Mississippi St. 9 221 24.56
    10 Auburn 9 235 26.11
    11 Arkansas 8 219 27.38
    12 Georgia 8 235 29.38


  2. Rbubp

    I have to believe that a big reason the triple option will not make a comeback is because you can’t recruit QBs and WRs for it.

    As long as it remains a novelty that teams only see once a year, Paul Johnson will continue to look like a genius.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    This is sort of a general comment about youth and losing and so forth.

    Back in the dim mists of my storied football career I sort of have this memory of playing on a team with lots of underclassmen. We were not very good at winning.

    We got a lot better at it the next year, and the next year we played for the state title.

    Looking at the earlier post about young players and starting and so forth, I wonder how much of our incompetence is related to youth? (One senior on the O-line…and he has only been at Georgia two years.)

    And at the total defense numbers above…with Arkansas and Georgia being the two youngest teams after Vandy.

    Granted the coaching may very well have gotten a little stale (in comparison with say Bama or Florida, or even UT), but does anybody have an idea about how much of the screwing up is related to being kids?

    Maybe this is just me having that most dangerous of all human emotions…hope.


    • Ben Rockwell

      I’m with you. I saw some numbers recently that said the Dawgs are getting something like 80% of their offensive production from freshman and sophomores. That’s insane in terms of returning talent in the coming years.

      Defensively, I think we’re all agreed there has to be a change there. However, if Martinez’s systems is predicated on pressure, and we’re not getting pressure from the front four, whose problem is that? Is that coaching or is that playing, or is that a little bit of both?

      I don’t have answers, but I hope the coaches do this off season. It’d suck to be right back here next fall…


      • Rbubp

        Doesn’t the DL have three seniors in the middle? Or three upperclassmen, anyway?



        • Ben Rockwell

          Right, it does; and that’s why I’m wondering if it’s players or coaching. They’ve been relatively underwhelming this year except for a brief spell at the start of the second half of the LSU game (wasn’t it LSU? I admit my brain is foggy since we’ve got two little ones at home), but since then no one has really blown past any blockers, right?

          If they are seniors (or upperclassmen), can’t we make the assumption that it’s a little of both?


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Poor Texas A&M. First they have that fatal log pile collapse, now their practice facility. Doesn’t inspire confidence in their engineering program.


  5. Dawg N Suds

    We have 5 seniors, 4 juniors, and 2 sophomores starting on defense.

    Youth is certainly not the problem.

    2 Brandon Boykin, So.
    35 Rennie Curran, Jr.
    52 Darius Dewberry, Sr.
    58 Demarcus Dobbs, Jr.
    3 Bryan Evans, Sr.
    50 Darryl Gamble, Jr.
    42 Justin Houston, RSo.
    9 Reshad Jones, Jr.
    23 Prince Miller, Sr.
    95 Jeff Owens, Sr.
    91 Kade Weston, Sr.


  6. Will (the other one)

    While that AJC article had all sorts of pithy Paul Johnson-isms about how the offense answers questions “coming back fast, late in a game down multiple scores” hasn’t really been answered. See the Miami game this year.